Posted by: Jo | July 15, 2011

GACKT – Happy Music 2011.07.16



  1. Did I… just.. did I just see a Gackt-fro?

    • Yes, yes you did. XDDDD
      He says it was from 4-5 years ago, which makes sense because in Arittake no Ai de his hair is permed like WOAH xD

      • aaaah xD makes sense then..but still kekekeke~~~
        I was like… moves like G.. but.. naaaaw…couldn’t be xD~~~ itsaso poofy~!

  2. Gacckt-fro ❤ he should wear one again as a wig for a joke ❤

    the end of Episode.0 was…..h.o.t…. he is too amazing as gakupoid!

  3. Just awesome video! But, Gackt and “fro” just don’t mix. But, okay, as a joke only.

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