Posted by: Jo | July 15, 2011

GACKT – Once Records Interview 2011.07.13

Just a short (and I mean short xP) interview with the radio station. Included is a pic of GACKT with the radio host~
Once Records Blog + Interview 2011.07.13

Thanks to amaiakuyume for translating!
Interview Translation


  1. That was an eye-opener when G replied that he might be bad at relationships with women. But even though he says this, he did say in another interview that he is unwilliing to compromise when it comes to his mate. It is one thing to not compromise your own integrity, and quite another in relation to compromising with people. Since everyone is different, each of us has to compromise with people else we won’t make any friends or get along with each other. GACKT absolutely has to compromise with women else none will never accept him. As he gets older (assuming he is still single), he may begin to realize this. Surely hope so.

    • I think it was really neat to see him admit that, like he’s matured even more you know?

      Yeah I agree, you can’t be in control ALL the time Gackt, you have to make some exceptions once in a while I think.
      Well, he did say recently he wouldn’t mind getting married again, and seeing as he knows he has faults in relationships.. who knows, maybe he’s slowly realizing this too? One can hope at least lol

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