Posted by: Jo | July 15, 2011

YFC Blog 2011.07.09 – 2011.07.15

And this is why I have resorted to updating YFC blogs at least weekly LOL
Takumi shows off his headphones and guitar pick while working hard on recording.
Takumi 2011.07.09

YOU.. as always, is eating. XD
YOU 2011.07.10

U:ZO shines an… eggplant. I think he carved a face into it too.. god I love how weird he is XD
U:ZO 2011.07.11

Chacha looks ready to go!
Chachamaru 2011.07.13

Jon got a Macbook Air from GACKT for his birthday!
Jon 2011.07.13

Looks like the band got to enjoy some nice soba (at least I think it’s soba, I can’t really tell XD; )
Staff 2011.07.14

Shinya’s in the middle of recording, cool~~
Shinya 2011.07.15

And finally, GACKT poses for the camera before heading off to the M-Sta performance.
GACKT 2011.07.15


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