Posted by: Jo | July 16, 2011

GACKT – Arashi ni Shiyagare 2011.07.16

GACKT and Arashi… what hilarity shall ensue this time? XDD
Thanks to yarukizero for translating!
Arashi ni Shiyagare Translation

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:



  1. Thanks for share this… I love GACKT and Jun Matsumoto!

  2. someone can say me how can i wacht it???

    • Ack sorry, looks like the user made the videos private Dx;
      If I find another link I’ll make sure to post it up A.S.A.P., sorry for the inconvenience! m(_ _)m

  3. Everything about these videos makes me happy~~!

    • I haven’t smiled for so long in a long time XDDDD

  4. I’ve just watched this recently on YouTube. its hilarious, absolutely brilliant. I’m never gonna look at a cream puff the same way again XD I love his playful funny side ❤

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