Posted by: Jo | July 18, 2011

GACKT is Officially the #1 Best-Selling Male Solo Artist in Japan!

Since GACKT’s solo debut back in 1999 with the single Mizerable, every single that he has released has debuted within the Top 10 of the Oricon weekly charts. GACKT’s 39th single, Episode.0, debuted at the #2 position and settled into the #3 spot, and caused GACKT to break records as he firmly cemented his place as the #1 Best-Selling Male Solo Artist in Japan!!!!
Anime News Network
BiGlobe Music
TV Asahi

I leave you with a quick translation and note from excused_early:
“This record actually is even more incredibly impressive if you know the fact that all the other artists in the ranking are very famous old-timers (see below).

1.GACKT- 39 (38 years old)

2.Toshihiko Tahara -38 (50 years old)

3.Hiromi Go - 34 (55 years old)
(GACKT has sung his song “Aitakute Shikatanai” on Nico Nico live before.)

4.Hideki Saijo – 33 (55 years old)
(He is the original singer of “Kizudarake no Lola”.)

5.Kenji Sawada - 30 (62 years old)

As you can see, the others are considerably older than GACKT. The reason for this is that it used to be so much easier for top artists to dish out No.1 consecutive hits in Japan in their time, and it’s not so easy now.
When you take this into account, GACKT’s accomplishment here is indeed spectacular.”

I’m so proud of him.
Omedetou GACKT!!! ♥ ♥ ♥



  1. Oh wow, this is exciting ^_^ Way to go Gackt-san. I’m so proud :’D What an amazing feat. Haha, next time my dad thinks I’m nuts for going to see YFC I’m gonna tell him this XD

  2. I’m really proud. But next, I want to find the highest record of consecutive top 10 singles is for female solo artists, and groups/bands. It’s about time GACKT can fight for the top rank of ALL Japan, and not just males. He already had that in the bag since debut.

  3. this is great, we all knew GACKT deserves some sort of reward like this and his winning this makes be very happy for him ❤ i hope he continues his work for a while yet…. so that maybe in the near future we see G as no one of Japan!!! (and the world :P)

  4. So proud of him. This is like a punch in the face to those who trash him! Way to go, GACKTO!!!

  5. Gackto is the Best ! I hope he conquers the World with his Music !

  6. Congratulations, Gackt! ^^

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