Posted by: Jo | July 19, 2011

To those going to the Europe lives….

I’m just reposting this from my LiveJournal lol:

There’s a lot of feelings and emotions flowing though me right now.
And all just from seeing him waiting for the plane…

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, GACKT went off on his first tour overseas.
And in-between that time so many events and feelings came and went.
It’s really amazing, right?

…. I don’t know why I’m crying right now.
It’s got nothing to do with the fact that he won’t be in America this year. I could wait forever for him.
I just….
I love him.
I love this man that inspires me everyday.
Who makes me laugh, smile, roll my eyes, headdesk, confused, surprised, proud, and so much more.
I don’t care if anyone thinks my “obsession” with him is weird and pointless. I don’t really need them to understand anyway.
All that matters is how I feel, how I know that there are others like me around the world, and this incredible, unfathomable bond we all share.
I will support him through everything until the day I die.

I want so much for him.
I want so much for the whole band.
I want this tour to be an utter success.
To hear the sounds of cheers and applause and shouts of love, to have it thunder across the globe as loudly as possible.
I want the band to feel content and proud of the work that they’ve accomplished and know that they did touch everyone in the venue every. single. night.
I want the world to know about the power one man can hold over millions of people.
I want this tour to rise and smack all those negative comments out the window and into the next universe.
I want people to feel him and the band. To connect to their hearts and for just 2-ish hours, just be one big room of love… and know that there are others screaming out their hearts as well.
I just want him and the band to feel us.
Kiai kiai kiai….

Of course, I have my share of worries.
But I have to push those aside and focus all my positive energy and love towards them.
Can you feel me?
Does my heart reach you?

It is my sincere wish that everyone going to one of the venues has an amazing night, one that they will never forget.
Europe, I hope your hearts are burning with kiai for us all.
YFC – knock ’em out.




  1. awww that is really pretty ❤ i also hope the best, GACKT and the band are going to be incredible (as usual :P) !!!

    i understand how you feel, there are lots of people who think i am silly for liking someone so much older than me…but G is so inspirational, he is everything to so many people! let us all show our support and send our strength to him and the team throughout this tour and the rest of his career ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you n//n;
      From some of the reaction on Twitter, it sounds like it was amazing! (the first live just ended)
      Hai! ❤

  2. Thankyou! I don’t know, maybe this is the first time I reply to your posts, but I always follow you…. Thankyou for this entry, you express exactly my feelings! You really touch my heart… in a few days i will attend to shows in Cologne and, after, in Amsterdam, I promise: I will make my heart burn whit kiai for you too! And I’m sure you will do the samr when you will be finally able to see him in America!! ^-^

    • Oh, well hooray for your first comment then XD
      Ah, well it was how I was feeling, I just had to write it n//n;;
      Oh good, and I promise to do the same for you guys!!!

  3. Awww that was lovely 🙂 It’s like you say, as long as we love him, it doesn’t matter who understands or not. His music does something to me on another level that no artist/musician has done before. And I love him for it XD I really hope that YFC is a success and knocks ’em dead. I just know it’s gonna be amazing ^_^

    For a discussion question, I thought: What are you planning for the build up of the YFC tour? I thought of this when I was thinking what I’m going to do the day before he comes to London.

    • Exactly~~~~

      Hmmm, I think I’ll re-word it to “What are your plans before the concert” or something like that, since the entire tour already started lol
      But thanks for that, if you didn’t notice I was running out of relevant questions. XDDD

      • That sounds better ^_^

  4. AMEN!!!
    You reached my heart! That was so beautiful written! ;_;

    • Ooooooh~~ I’m glad then, thank you n//n;

  5. (Yay ~ First time ever commenting here) I really do agree on everything you said.. And you really inspire me to be more proud of my “Gackt obsession” too. ^^’ I have people around me that don’t really understand my love for him, and sometimes even criticize me for it. But as long as I know that I’m not alone, it really gives me strenght. ^^ Unfortunately I won’t be going to his concert. And I was really sad a little while ago, but apparently he said that he will come back to Europe again.. I’ll just hold on to that. No matter how many years it will take. And I believe he’ll come to America too some day.. 🙂 He’s got so many Dears waiting for him after all. Until then, we’ll show him our support! ❤ (sorry for the long post, it seems I can't stop talking when it comes to Gackt .__.)

    • Oh, well thank you for deciding to comment on my personal little ramble XD~~!
      You should be proud! Gackt is an amazing person to follow after all, show your heart proudly >D!!
      It’s the same for me too. I don’t talk about him as much as I’d like to around some people around here, mainly because I know they don’t care and don’t take the time to really want to understand why he is important to me lol but like you said, there are other Dears around the world and that’s enough ^^~
      Haha I know he’ll come here soon, he’s always working to reach his fans after all ❤
      No problem, that's why this site is here – talk about G as much as you want 😀

  6. Ah, but it seems he’s already made plans for coming to America. Next year it seems. –>

    • Yeah, their plan is to come around February (as stated in the YFC Press Con a month ago) but there’s no official confirmation as of yet. We just have to sit tight and wait for now ^.^~

  7. I’ll be going to the live in Stockholm 🙂 Im trying to keep this calm, because your text made me cry!

    I’ll bring all your feelings there, in my singing, and in my shouting!
    I sincerely hope GACKT will come to America soon.

    Be safe~


    • Omg I’m so sorry, I really didn’t mean to make so many people emotional like myself xDDDD!!!
      Thank you! Have a blast too!!

  8. Jo, you mustn’t feel sorry for provoking such emotions…it’s hard for me sometimes, to feel. To truly feel…and these words like poetry written two months ago, for a passed event…they touched me…isn’t that a good thing?

    Here’s what I want you to do for me…instead of saying ‘sorry’ say ‘you’re welcome’. Say ‘I’m happy’ or ‘I’m proud’. Most of all, feel it inside yourself…feel that your words touched more than one person, more than one band.

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