Posted by: Jo | July 20, 2011

YFC – 2011 Europe Tour Reports

I will be updating this post after every live as soon as I find a new report, so make sure to check back here m’kay?
Please be aware that these reports may have spoilers in them, so if you do not want to be spoiled for future lives I would suggest avoiding these.
Also, if you do not have a blog site just send me an email at and I will be more than happy to post up your report for you in my LiveJournal =]

July 20th: Paris @ LA BATACLAN
lucielukes’ Report
tenshin26100’s Report
ryuik’s Photo Report

July 21st: Paris @ LA BATACLAN
tenshin26100’s Report

July 23rd: Cologne @ E-Werk
seigan-aurora’s Report
mun-chairudo’s Report
darkness-kai’s Report
noalani’s Report
mktetsujin’s Report
darkfenixrising’s Report
aimichani’s Report

July 26th: Amsterdam @ Melkweg
noalani’s Report
seigan-aurora’s Report Pt.1
seigan-aurora’s Report Pt.2

July 27th: London @ Forum
Ann’s Report
Nicola’s Report
wongkk’s Report
sildil’s Report
acqua0’s Report
leifang666’s Report
leifang666’s Report (shirt fight)
mirien’s Report
shmilly-desu’s Report

July 30th: Barcelona @ RAZZMATAZZ 1
camuigackt’s Report (Spanish)

August 1st: Munich @ Backstage Werk
nexuz-akayuki’s Report
marlene-novalis’ Report
maryjanesandpinfires’ Report

August 3rd: Berlin @ Huxleys
mktetsujin’s Report
maryjanesandpinfires’ Report

August 4th: Budapest @ Syma B
koshitsu-karima’s Report
hyogalover’s Report

August 6th: Warsaw @ Stodola
anireh’s Report
xselfishlovex’s Report
blackines’ Report

August 7th: Leizpeig @ Haus Auensee
marlene-novalis’ Report
schwarzfluegel’s Report

August 9th: Stockholm @ Arenan
silk-puppet’s Report
kurrren’s Report
carola-chan’s Report



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