Posted by: Jo | July 20, 2011

YFC – Paris 2011.07.20 – 2011.07.21

I will be making these video posts with every country the band tours in (it’s easier for me this way lol)
This also just a note of common courtesy, but when the staff and/or artists ask that you do not take photos or video recording during the show, please respect their wishes!
As I want to respect the artists’/staff’s wishes, no fancams will be posted on here, only video footage of before and/or after the show.

July 20th:

July 21th:



  1. Lol, I love the long dramatic wait before Gackt gets off the bus ^_^

  2. I always laugh a lot when I hear what people says during that wait XD, in Spain last year there was a girl that tried to be greeting at least from the staff XDDDDD

  3. Lol Jon walks out…ooohhhh?
    GACKT walks out…..ARGGGHHHH OMFG!!!!

  4. I think I’m deaf now. @____@

    YAY YFCz!!!

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