Posted by: Jo | July 25, 2011


There are people who underestimate things without even doing a thing about it and then become defeated by the slightest pain.
That’s nothing but half-assed. Too naive.

There are people like this, right? There are many of them. Actually, I think these are the people that let the word “professional” exist, and that we are able to gain “success” because of the many existences of these people.
If everybody were disciplined, there’d be more competitors, and success would become scarce. It’d be difficult to become successful, and it’ll be a battle for only a few tiles [Val: as in the game of mah-jong]. From this perspective, the current situation is a blessing to those who want to win success.
It’s easy to keep underestimating things, and not doing anything also ultimately leads to an easy life. If you ask me if those people are no good, of course I don’t think that. I think this is a latent defensive instinct that people have. But some of these people have an overwhelmingly weak defensive mechanism. Perhaps there are more people like that [than those with a strong defensive mechanism]. Their defensive mechanism is weak, so they become hurt easily. The easiest way to keep yourself from getting hurt is to live an easy life. It’s sometimes for your own good to not know/experience a whole lot of things.
It’s fine to not want to know/experience things. Happiness is defined differently for everybody, and I’m not telling people to do this or that. All I’m saying is that people shouldn’t bug the ones who are doing their best. That’s it. It’s like, None of your business [since you’re not doing anything yourself]. Don’t get mad when told you’re “naive”, because that’s what you are (laugh).

Translator’s Note: The words I translated as “soft” and “softy” in this chapter are 甘い and 甘ちゃん. I thought they were appropriate enough when translating it (obviously ^^;), but reading everybody’s comment made me rethink them. But since there’s no English word that expresses exactly what 甘ちゃん means on its own, let me just explain it. 甘ちゃん is someone who is inexperienced, amateurish, and too optimistic in general or about certain things. When you consider that, “softy” doesn’t quite cut it, does it? Sorry!! XD
So…., I’ve changed “soft” and “softy” to “naive”. : D;;; (If you have any other suggestion, let me know. : P)
Also, just to clarify, the last two sentences go together, you know? He’s saying “If I’m doing my best at something, don’t just stand there and bug me, don’t try to sabotage my efforts. And if I say something back to you to point out how inexperienced/amateurish you are, don’t get mad, because you’re the one that asked for it.” Kinda thing… Get it? I hope? XD;;;

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
Do not re-post without permission!


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