Posted by: Jo | July 29, 2011

Discussions: Feeling YFC?

Now that the EU tour has successfully started, what are your thoughts on the tour so far?

For those who have already rocked out with the boys, what did you think? Are your opinions of the band different now than they were before?
For those going to the lives, what are you looking forward to the most?
And for the rest of us, what’s your opinion so far about YFC based on the excitement in Europe?

…I’m seriously running out of topics here guys. XDDD;
But I figure this will get everyone chatting and fangirling as much as they want, so yaaay~
Well, I’ve been a supporter from the start after listening to Jon’s work in fade, so I’m just really happy to see that the new YFC is receiving a warm welcome from the fans in Europe. I love the new members and it’s great to see others warming up to them too~
All I know for sure right now is that I hope some U.S. dates are released soon and that the Berlin broadcast can’t come soon enough!!!

Suggestions for future Discussions are always welcomed and appreciated =]



  1. I will let you know… soon as I get back from Barcelona tonight X3


    • *waits patiently*

  2. after attending the London yfc i feel that i seriously underestimated the new members, especially Jon, they were all brilliant, no less skillful than the previous members and just as lovable ❤
    GACKT looked a lot more healthy than i expected so this made me feel happy too, it was probably because the strain of being the only vocalist was relieved a bit.

    YFC is deffinately as good/ maybe even better thatn last year, anyone hoping to see them soon should be very excited!

    • Awwww great to hear!!! I’m glad you enjoyed them too ^___^~!

  3. I also went to London and it was AMAZING! INCREDIBLE! Actually beyond words. Yes it did have a different feel to last year, but it was just as good. I went with an open mind and pretty excited anyway coz I trust GACKTS judgement and knew he wouldn’t disappoint. And he certainly didn’t. He was as sexy and wonderful as ever and Jon had great stage presence. There was definitely a good connection between them. All the members had fun and interacted with the audience. The music was great. The end song was touching. The atmosphere was electric. Some fan service took place. What more could you want?

    • Oh my god, I want to BE there DDDDx!!!!
      Glad you had a great time though x3

  4. I also went to London and It was even more amazing than last year. Gackt and Jon were awesome together. The whole thing was just so much fun. The songs, the dancing, the fanservice. I love the song “Show your heart”, it was beautiful. Omg it was just… Wow. G really did look fit and healthy and how sexy was his hair? XD

    I made friends too. I met a girl called Olivia and we screamed ourselves horse, laughing and clapping together. We then met another girl called Hayley and we rocked out with her during the live too. The crew were filming us jumping, clapping and laughing during I Want You lol! Gackt and Jon dancing was brilliant ^_^ Made my night so much more fun having someone to rock with.

    I had even more fun than last year. I didn’t think it was possible to be even more amazing. Getting to see Gackt again and I made friends who I’ve been keeping in touch with. Cost of the evening: priceless XD

  5. For discussion topic how about: From the tour which song should YFC release as a single? I’m aware they’re bringing one out in September, but which other one 🙂

    • Oooh good one~! *writes it down*

  6. I was at the conzert in calogne and it was perfekt!
    I will see the conzerts in Berlin and Leipzig too. *can’t wait …*
    Last year it was really really great and amazing, but this year it is perfekt. I love the new members (Even so I miss Yun-ji and Chyrolin), and Jon a lot. Lons Voice sounds so good with Gackts. First i was a little afraid of him and the fact that he is a Vocal, but now i’m absolutely assured.
    Hoping for a 3. tour!!! 🙂

    • Oh really cool, glad you enjoyed them!
      And have fun at the next two concerts, I guess we might see you in Berlin :D~!

  7. I went to the live in Cologne and we had planed to go to Leipzig, too. After the live in Cologne we decided also to go to Berlin!!

    Cologne was so awesome!! It was even better than last year and I just can’t get enough of these guys. Espeacilly I can’t wait to see Chacha again ♥

    When I heard about the new YFC I was kind of skeptical. For sure I miss Jun-Ji…. I like Shinya from Luna Sea (I went to the Bochum concert last year), but Jun-ji is really wonderful and I’m sad that he isn’t with YFC anymore…
    And I thought: “Why the hell does Gackt need a secound vocal?!?!” So at first I really didn’t liked Jon. But my opinion totally changed while the concert in Cologne. Gackt & Jon harmonize perfectly! And somehow I started to like Jon ^^

    Highlight of the Cologne show: Chacha catching my present at the end of the show and helding it in his hands the whole time ♥

    Can’t wait for Berlin & Leipzig anymore ~(>////<)~

    • Cool, rock out at all those lives >O<~!

      Haha Jun-ji is my favorite too, but you know I was surprisingly okay to let him go. I mean it's not like I won't ever see him around again, he's working with other people I like lol. And yeah Shinya is awesome XD
      Oh I'm glad your opinion changed!! Jon's a really great vocalist and a sweetheart, so it's nice to see him getting fans ^__^~

      Omg what did you give him?? So cool 8D!!

  8. I’ve started listening to fade after the YFC live cos I liked Jon and thought he was pretty cool. Their new album King of Dawn is awesome. I love the fact that I’ve found a new band I like through Gackt ^_^

    Oh and I’m so impressed Jon is fluent in Japanese. I didn’t know until someone pointed it out. I was like ‘whaaaat?’ O.O So cool XD

    • me too ❤ the Japanese song 'comicalism' from that album is the best in my opinion 🙂 i have definitely gained a lot of respect for Jon he is great 😛

      • Yes, that song is awesome XD I really like Kings of Dawn too. That’s on repeat on my iPod atm lol ^_^ I think the band has a sort of 30 Seconds to Mars feel, but with a more punk rock sound. Very cool 🙂

    • Haha I think his Japanese is cute too, it’s really great for a foreigner and he only has an accent occasionally xP

      I started listening to fade as soon as I found out who Jon was XD I love their style and Jon’s voice is really great – I’m quite confident that he would have no problem making it big in America, so it always amuses me to know that he decided to enter the Japanese music scene~

      • I like Jon’s voice too. And it seemed to meld really well with G’s.

        I was surprised he was an American musician in a Japanese band lol. I don’t see why he wouldn’t do well in America, esp considering the Western sound ^_^ But if he hadn’t entered the Japanese music scene we never would have had Jon in YFC.

        Me votes that Jon should have s Wikipedia page dedicated to him and fade XD

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