Posted by: Jo | August 1, 2011


Last one of the THINK section, and next is onto LOVE =D;;;;;

I always trust my intuitions.

I wouldn’t be an artist if I didn’t, because I’m more or less living on intuition alone (laugh). All successful people must have superior intuitions, or they wouldn’t have been successful.
Some people say “Intuition is something you’re born with”, right? This is a big misunderstanding. Intuition depends on your experiences, knowledge, and the degree of your understanding of the valuable [lessons] in failures made by your predecessors. These are the things that heighten your sense of intuition. Your brain pieces them together and computes them, and the result is what we call an intuition.
The intuition you are thinking of is just a random guess, nothing but a hunch, right? Intuition is different from a hunch. Intuition is the feeling that is built upon, and supported by, a large foundation. This shouldn’t be misunderstood.
So, even intuition requires a lot of learning. Or rather, intuition is a generic term for the summation of all the lessons one has learned from living in the society or through creating things. That’s what intuition is. When you think like this, anybody can attain superb intuition with more conscious efforts.

Translator’s Note: I chose the English words, intuition and hunch, for 直感 and 勘, respectively, and I will tell you that 直感 and 勘 are usually used interchangeably in Japanese, too. If you’d like to substitute these words with other similar words you think better fit their descriptions, go right ahead. XD

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
Do not re-post without permission!


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