Posted by: Jo | August 8, 2011


And now we start the LOVE section, oh boy ^^;;;…

[The concept of] “being in love with each other” is just an assumption.
Nobody knows the truth about the feeling of the other person.

There are many girls who are always worried while in love, aren’t there? Girls who can’t have successful relationships or maintain one. These girls often use the question “Does my partner love me?” as a barometer of romance. It’s tough if you start thinking about the degree of your partner’s love for you. That’s why they are always worried.
Why worried? That’s because they are measuring the depth of their romance based not on their own degree of love but on the degree of their partner’s love for them.
In reality, you can’t really know how much your partner loves you, can you? It’s like, they say “I love you”, and you go “You sure?”. If you use this as a barometer of romance, [the relationship] is bound to fail. And thinking too much about it might drive you nuts. Your worries will never go away. If your partner acts even a little bit strange or acts indifferent to you, you’ll immediately worry and go “What’ll I do?!”. This is a never-ending cycle of worries. Totally uncool.
But there is only one thing in romance that you know for certain, and that’s your own feelings. You should be able to know your own depth of love for your partner right now. If you live your life by using this as a barometer, romance becomes a lot of fun.
Everybody tries to feel satisfied or secure by making sure you and your partner are really in love with each other, but being in love with each other is just an illusion. It’s like megalomania talking to itself. I think that the ultimate, true form of romance can be experienced when each of the two partners has the greatest crush on the other.
What’s important is not the feelings of your partner for you, but how much feeling you have for your partner. Be more selfish in romance, it’ll make you happy and empowered.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. He is correct here. No one can know 100% if their partner loves them equally (unless you’re a psychic); you just hope to god that they do love you deeply. And if anyone has lingering doubts about it or sees signs of the contrary, then get out of the relationship. If you stay in such a relationship, you’ll obsess over it to no end, which can’t be healthy for you psychologically or emotionally. You may even go as far as following them, spying on them, and other such tactics. If in doubt, get out. It’s not worth the worry.

  2. Every time my partner acts weird and I get worried, I’m right though, they’re either cheating or dump me for no reason =(

  3. I AGREE .DONE >3

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