Posted by: Jo | August 15, 2011


A relaxing place for me is a girl’s lap, hizamakura.

I love hizamakura. I feel most peaceful there. I’m terrible when it comes to asking girls to be sweet to me, and I can’t act all lovey-dovey. What I’m talking about is the common act of asking [a girlfriend/boyfriend] for tenderness, but this is a rather difficult feat for me. But if you ask me if I don’t ask for tenderness, that’s not true, either. I do sometimes. It’s just that I do it differently. And to me, the best I can do is to say “Can I borrow your lap?”.
My guess is that this stems from my memory from long time ago. My memory of my father cleaning my ears [with an earpick], and this was somehow relaxing to me…., that’s the memory I have. And this is why i love this position [i.e. lying down with my head on someone’s lap].
The form might be different, but I bet everybody has this “place” in your memory where you feel peaceful. So, the act of lying down with my head on a girl’s lap is, to me personally, the greatest way to feel the affection [from the girl]. It’s one of my expressions. Part of that is due to my clumsiness, but to be honest, I don’t even want to ask for any more than that.
I occasionally see guys who talk like babies to girls in an attempt to be spoiled, and this makes me go “Amazing” in awe. They’re clever. I think it’s a type of skill. I don’t have skills like that, so it’s hard for me to establish good balance with girls in my heart.

That’s all the more reason why I want girls to share this knowledge with me and know: “Saying ‘Can I borrow your lap?’ is the best he can do to ask me for my tenderness.” Instead of wondering “Why won’t he act like he wants my affection?”, I want them to understand that [asking for her hizamakura] is the best I can do, and to go “Hizamakura, he finally asked for it!”.
If I say “Can I borrow your lap?” and am then told “Just a minute”, it’s all ruined in that instance. I’m all clumsy to begin with, so being rejected like that is just… I understand that the girl simply wants me to wait for a little while, but to me, “Can I borrow your lap?” are words I finally worked up my courage to say. (laugh)

Translator’s Note: [hizamakura 膝枕: lap+pillow = someone’s lap borrowed as a pillow].

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. lovely

  2. This is so cute!
    Gaku you are amazing **

  3. This is really sweet of him (T_T)

  4. He can borrow my lap anytime XD

  5. even Gackt gets nervous, how cute >3<

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