Posted by: Jo | August 20, 2011

Site Update 2011.08.20

Hi guys! Long time no see, sort of xD;..
Hope everyone who had the chance to go had fun at the YFC lives – send them all of your kiai for the Japan tour!

* I’m in the middle of fixing up the right-hand sidebar. I’ve changed the title of two categories (GACKT -> ARTIST: GACKT, GACKTJOB -> BAND: GACKTJOB) and added a new section (BAND: YFC). The reason for the “artist” and “band” beforehand is more of a layout issue… I originally named the new section YFC but because the sidebar’s set to alphabetical order, it gets pushed down to the bottom. And this bothers me because the bands are then separated and it looks awkward and you end up jumping around lol. So this will just keep things more organized.

Anyway, under the new YFC category is the link to the band’s OHP as well as links to each of the members’ individual blogs and Twitter accounts. YOU and Chachamaru will remain in the GACKTJOB section because they are the only remaining original members of the support band… and I don’t want to post their information twice in the same general area lol.

It seems that the Categories on the bottom of the page have also changed to reflect these new name titles. I’m trying to change this but I dunno if it will allow me >.<;;…

* More reports have been added here and professional pictures from the lives have also been added over here. They make me wonder what crazy things Japan or the Americas will pull off next year… xDD;

* I’m sorry it’s taking me so long to update the pages. I promise they’re being worked on, just give me some time m(_ _)m

I think that’s all I have for you today…?
As always, feel free to leave any compliments, complaints or suggestions for the site or anything in general and I shall get back to you A.S.A.P.

Thank you for reading!
♥ Jo



  1. “feel free to leave any complaints or suggestions for the site”
    Complaits? About this site? Is your head doing okay, Jo? xD
    This site is amazeling! šŸ˜€

    • LOL well thank you!
      It’s just a habit of mine, I like feedback – positive or negative ^.^~
      Though I guess I forgot the compliments part… xD Maybe I’m just real tired ahahaah
      But again, thanks ā¤

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