Posted by: Jo | August 22, 2011

YFC Blog 2011.08.21 – 2011.08.23

Busy as always! GACKT preps up for the Kenshin Festival~
Hope he gets some rest too…
GACKT 2011.08.21
Blog Translation (by amaiakuyume)

YOU is having a hard time keeping up with Jon during training xD; and he mentions how awesome Europe was~
YOU 2011.08.21

Takumi prepares for the Japan tour and like U:ZO in his last blog entry, helps GACKT clean out his closet
Takumi 2011.08.22

U:ZO posts up a previous picture of him and a staff member… who’s trying to be the guy from V For Vendetta @__@;
U:ZO 2011.08.22

Chacha’s being filmed for something (DVD perhaps? *so want*) and there’s something about Jon being a stoic and determined person..? Cha also had a cold at the beginning of the tour, hope he’s feeling better!
Chachamaru 2011.08.23



  1. I really hope they bring out a DVD of this years Europe tour. And an album. I’d love it if they released All My Love as a single. Watched the NicoNico broadcast of the Berlin live and when the boys performed that I had a few tears lol. So beautiful :’-)

    • Ugh I fail so hard, I’ve only watched up until after Vanilla XD; You can thank Tempest for distracting me from the rest of the live.
      Hopefully I can get back to it sometime this week…
      But I hope they just release a whole new album really soon, preferably around the time the N. and S. American tours start (that way I don’t have to pay extra for shipping =DD; )

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