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Oh….. I had forgotten about this entry. GACKT sure has a strange way of phrasing things, lol @___@;;…

Tears are not women’s weapon.
Women’s weapon is their heartfelt smiles.

There are girls who cry very easily, aren’t there? They’ve got the wrong idea there. They actually need to save it for much more critical situations, but they shed tears rather easily. That’s too easy. The tears are their trump cards, so they need to save them until the very end [of the game], but some girls make me want to say “[You cried already?] You’ve got no more strategy left after this, do you?”
They’re all bad at playing this game. It’s the same as penetration without foreplay (laugh). Tears don’t work unless the guys know the girls very well already, but these girls shed them without being understood first. Tears are like precum for girls; they come out at the first chance, despite the girls’ intentions to hold them in. Once out, they’ll keep coming out often. Once they are shed, the game is over. If the girls really think their tears are their weapon, they need to value/conserve them more.
I often talk about the story of The North Wind and the Sun, in which the North Wind blows so hard in an attempt to get a man to take off his clothes but fails no matter how hard he tries. It’s just like that. Guys try so hard to button up their inner clothes of heart. We have a strong tendency to resist being unclothed. This tendency is particularly strong in guys, and also in girls with servile attitude. So, if you want someone to open up his heart to you, and if you want to unclothe him, the important thing is to get him to take his own clothes off with your smiles that are warm like the sun. You need to make him feel good, or he’ll never take off his clothes for you.
Girls’ tears are demanding; they try to get their way in an instant. They try to draw a conclusion right away. But it actually doesn’t work. When a girl does that, the guy actually closes up his heart and leaves the game. It’s game-over after being force-quit. Tears are not women’s weapon. The weapon of women is their smiles like the sun.

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. I kind of understand what hes talking about. I actually wrote this quote on a piece of paper and put it on my wall and this kind of tells me “Hey! Stop crying over such trivial things!” In my opinion crying for every little thing can make us spoiled and sometimes we need to learn to be a bit tougher and smile when we feel down. We should save our tears for when we need them most.

    I think GACKT must encounter a lot of girls in his profession that would try to sway him with tears because of his fame and I honestly don’t blame him for wanting to see a girl smile instead of whine or cry. I don’t know if I’m making sense but I just thought I would weigh in. ^ – ^

  2. No kidding: G has a strange way of phrasing things. The way he related a girl’s tears with a girl’s you-know-what made me embarrassed to be a female. Geez. Anyway, I’ve never been an overly emotional woman, so I guess I’d get a good mark from him, huh?

  3. I’ve been lurking for ages here…
    But I understand what he means. I know a load of girls that will just cry over everything. It irks other girls, so it must really annoy guys.

  4. Oh Gackt lol ^_^

  5. I can’t remember the last time I’ve cried properly…I rarely cry from personal problems, or need. Put me in front of a sad novel or movie on the otherhand, and all thirst in the world shall be quenched. (Though I hear salt water isn’t good for you)

  6. He lost me awhile on the precum, other than that i understood what his saying >3

    • LOL Gackt’s metaphors are…. interesting, to say the least. But effective. XD

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