Posted by: Jo | September 1, 2011

Bunraku Stills+ VOD & iTunes Today!

New stills of the cast (and of course, GACKT) are springing up everywhere as well as a few articles on the movie and interviews from Josh Hartnett and Kevin McKidd (yes, they mention G xD)
JRock Revolution
About: Josh Hartnett
IAmRogue: Josh Hartnett
Collider: Josh Hartnett
MovieWeb: Kevin McKidd Kevin McKidd

Also, BUNRAKU is officially available on VOD in the U.S. as of today. I know that Comcast is offering the movie, so please check your local cable provider to see if you can order it or not.
Even better news is that BUNRAKU is also available for rent on iTunes in the U.S.!!! So if you just can’t wait for the theatrical release, why not spend a few bucks to see it in the comfort of your home ;3?
Keith Calder Twitter
BUNRAKU on iTunes


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