Posted by: Jo | September 3, 2011

YFC – King’s Brunch 2011.09.03

There was a re-cap of a-nation on King’s Brunch today and this is the first time YFC is being interviewed as a band. They are so freaking cute, oh goodness xD
YFC starts at 7:58



  1. Oh my god, so adorable. They’re like little boys!! XD

  2. this is really cute!!!!!!!!! it is really good to see the members of YFC having fun and sharing the spotlight. it is not usual that G takes such a back-seat, but it works really well in this interview ❤

    it is funny to see them do something wrong, and laugh it off, they are so enjoyable to watch. This has definitely made my day, thank you for sharing the video with us 😛

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