Posted by: Jo | September 8, 2011

BUNRAKU – Theatre List!

ARC ENTERTAINMENT has released the list of theaters that will be showing BUNRAKU across the U.S.!
As an independent film, BUNRAKU will be having a limited release so if you are not near any of the listed cities and theaters, you can always rent it on iTunes or wait until the DVD release on November 1st (October 3rd for the UK).

Click on the “Get Tickets” button next to the venue closest to you to receive an email notification when tickets become available!
BUNRAKU in Theaters



  1. Aww, I thought Bunraku was a commercial film. I was hoping to see it in theaters but I’m nowhere near any of these listed cities.
    Ah well, just have to wait for the DVD release 🙂

  2. I’m excited cos I pre-ordered it two months ago (live in the UK)

  3. i saw it on demand, i was like, OMG it started, and my sister tried to kill me. She isn’t really a fan of Gackt. I forced her to watch it tho.

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