Posted by: Jo | September 8, 2011


Oooooohhh… I love this so much ♥



  1. Oh that’s fantastic. I love it. X3 Can’t wait for it to come out!!!

    • To add, I wish G and the others would use iTunes a bit more often haha. It would just be so nice to download with the click of a button as opposed to waiting for the CD to be shipped.

      Though I do love having that damn CD in my hand X3

      • Well most of Gackt’s works up until I think Flower? are on iTunes. He just isn’t that great at updating his catalogue xDDD Maybe we should tell him that lol

        But yeah, I love having the CD in my hands too. So iTunes may be easier but I loooove holding his works more ❤

  2. oooooooooooooo………..GACKT looks amazing (as usual :P) but Jon looks fierce, both singers showing they work very well togeher. my only problem is there is deffinately not enough close-ups of the other memebers,
    however i cannot wait to buy this!!!!!!! YFC is great!

  3. Catchy new song!

  4. This is going to sound like a weird question – but why is Gackt’s voice so good in this song? It’s like an octave higher than usual or maybe I’m just imagining it . . .

    Jon sounds good too. Been a while since I’ve seen some not-so-inconspicuous fan service in Gackt’s vids, lol.

    The chorus is still a little meh to me, but their vocal harmonies sound amazing and there are cool guitar solos. Can’t wait to see what else they’ll put together.

    • Because he’s Gackt? XD
      You mean throughout the entire song right? Yeah it kinda does sound like he’s singing in a slightly higher octave. But it could also be because I think Jon’s voice is just a tad bit deeper than Gackt’s @.@ Who knows really~
      Ahahaha right? I thought Gackt was going to bite Jon’s ear off towards the end, or at least wanted to (cue Takegami) xP

      I think what I’m most surprised about Jon is that his voice is able to keep up with Gackt’s and harmonize with him, it’s amazing really.
      Me too ❤

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  6. WHHHOOOAAAAAAA *nosebleed*

    …can’t say anything else 😀

  7. Why can’t I see this ;-;
    My silly, silly computer!

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