Posted by: Jo | September 12, 2011


Sorry for not posting this last Monday ^^;

When I have someone beside me who smiles for me,
that is enough to make me happy.

There are many pretty girls in the world. There are also many girls who always look prim. But I’ll dare say to these girls. “Smile!”
Personally, I get tired of a pretty face after 3 minutes. Generally speaking, it’s all over once we ‘do’ it one time. (*LOL) If a girl is just pretty, she’ll be nothing more than a sex friend. She’ll only be treated that way. That’s not good.
What’s important is this. Beauty is something that keeps changing in form. As opposed to this, cuteness is something that keeps expanding. So, aging can never take away cuteness. That’s the difference. The more you polish it, the larger it becomes; so large that you can barely contain it. But beauty will inevitably wither away no matter how hard you try to keep it, and it will always change its form. Getting stuck on [retaining beauty] or realizing [the inevitable fall of beauty] and gaining cuteness instead; [these two options] are completely different in terms of directionality. The important thing is that you make efforts to cause people to think “I want to keep looking at her smile”.
This is what I always think. There are two types of women-the pretty kind and the cute kind, you know? I feel sorry for pretty girls, I think they have a disadvantage. So, the most powerful kind is girls who are both pretty and cute. This type of girls…., no one can beat them. It’s their asset, their talent, because that alone is enough to make a living out of.

*My Note: Just as a general FYI, the LOL indicates that GACKT was laughing in the text, not that the translator was laughing at this point n.n;

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
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  1. I have to say… Gackt does have an exelent point beauty does fade but cuteness is hardly an issue with some. But the girls that have both cuteness and beauty is nearly unbeatable.

  2. Appears that G has had nothing but failed relationships, but I do not just fault the girls. I feel that G has been attracted to the wrong women over and over again. And you know how men (especially) have a weakness and a hard time resisting beautiful women…haha. So, now he has wisened up and has a better eye when dating women, I guess.

  3. This is titled “LOVE” right? Yet he talks mainly about attraction – different from beauty, yet still different from love. But I have already heard the way he speaks about smiles, and how they bring happiness…so love is alluded to in a gentle way.

  4. I guess Gacky wants that fuzzy sweet feeling when he or she see the person she/he love? :3 well i guess that’s just me but he have a point bout beauty >3 and this why we keep falling for him more heeeeeee

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