Posted by: Jo | September 12, 2011

GACKT – Graffiti 2011.11.30

Graffiti will be GACKT’s 40th single and is a continued collaboration with the anime Sket Dance. The character Dante, a young and aspiring VK vocalist of a band named JardiN, was modeled after GACKT, and he voiced the character as well as performed a song as Dante called Iki Toshi Ikeru Subete ni Tsugu. This song will be the B-Side to the single while Graffiti will be the anime’s newest opening song.

Limited Edition (CD + DVD)

Regular Edition (CD)

Covers will be added to this post as soon as they are revealed.
Also the tracklist has not been revealed but I’m assuming it will go like this:

1. Graffiti
2. Iki Toshi Ikeru Subete ni Tsugu
3. Graffiti (Instrumental)
4. Iki Toshi Ikeru Subete ni Tsugu (Instrumental)

If you can’t remember what Iki Toshi… sounds like, here’s a refresher :3

You can pre-order the single from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



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  2. Full PV is out

  3. nice men… hahaha lols gackt is doin a voice act again nice heheh

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