Posted by: Jo | September 19, 2011


Oh G, way to make the girlies swoon~ xDD

I love kissing!
From light kisses to deep kisses, I always kiss people I want to kiss, guys or girls.

I can’t help it. Kissing, that is. I love it. It’s no exaggeration to call me a kissing bandit. My attitude toward it is probably somewhat different from everyone else’s. What bowing means to others is what hugging means to me, and handshakes to others are kisses to me. I guess this is not ‘somewhat’ different (*LOL), maybe it’s drastically different….
My staff always hug when they say “Good morning” and “Good work/Good night“. But this apparently looks very strange to other people, like “This is Japan, right?” I think I’ve got a great family.
Deep kisses are good, too. I can tell what kind of romance a girl has been in by kissing her. For example, “Hmm, this girl doesn’t trust guys” or “She’s a very sweet and thoughtful girl” or “She’s lazy. I bet she doesn’t last very long with a guy“.
Your personality shows in the way you kiss. I can even ‘read kisses’. I can tell what kind of place a girl lives in, like “This girl’s place is definitely messy, she doesn’t clean up”.
It’s strange, I feel them on my lips. I see images when I kiss. So, I want all the girls in the world to pay proper attention to kissing.

*My Note: Just as a general FYI, the LOL indicates that GACKT was laughing in the text, not that the translator was laughing at this point n.n;

Translated by excused_early
Originally posted at the G Says Community LJ
Do not re-post without permission!



  1. This is surely a piece of GACKTy words tt is rather GACKTable… Haha… I will pay to work for him and work my ass out to earn his hugs and kisses… But wait a min, I can’t stand the fact tt his lips are opened to guys too…. Sorreh..

  2. I had to giggle at “Kissing bandit” hehe, bless him.

  3. …. gackto….that is kinnda weird, being able to read kisses so well….
    never mind we all still love him 😛

  4. This is GREAT. I totally understand him because I am a super affectionate person! (More kisses on the cheek and hugging though ^ – ^;;)

    I am the type of person that can’t live without hugs, so I think we would get along well. XD

  5. Mmm…I’m opposite of G when it comes to this subject. I’m very choosy with whom I will be affectionate. Good thing, though, because it likely cuts down on catching “bugs” from other people and becoming sick–haha. I do think that G is greatly influenced by Europeans or the French, in this way. But, goodness, I wish he wouldn’t intellectualize every single human act (haha). Imagine, just by your kiss he’s got you all figured out, so to speak. So, if he doesn’t like the way you do it, you haven’t a chance with him. It’ll be bye-bye! Oh G….

    • Me too, I haven’t even been kissed yet so I mean, I can’t imagine just kissing people all willy-nilly xD;
      Aside from that, I’m not a very affectionate person either, so it’s hard to express how I feel unless the other person is more open and touchy than I am :3

      Haha well that’s G for you, always over thinking ;P

  6. I’ve never really been kissed before except when i was
    very young and i never saw the boy again.T•T tears

  7. Haha!! He never falls to make me laugh. I’ve never heard of a person who can read kisses. Hm…I wonder what my kiss reading would be. It actually makes me happy to know that some Japanese people do not mind being hugged. Because I always hug people when I first meet them, when they are leaving, or when I help them or they help me. 😀 I hugged my friend and she said they do not do that in Japan.

  8. It’s hard for me to initiate, or even accept, simple things like hugs, unless the action or person really mean something to me. It’s hard, because here, hugs are like greetings between simple acquaintances. Same with kisses, when I go back to Europe. You can’t decline either without being rude. So much casual attention, from casual people makes me feel strange…I can’t say I’m not used to it, but…it makes hugs and kisses seem less special.

    And the deep kisses Gackt talks about o//o (<- A face I learned from Jo)
    I’ve never been kissed that way either, and could get nervous just thinking about something like that, and now he tells me you can read personality and life by a kiss!

    Dear Gackt, why must you complicate life for me, and add another dimension of worry? And why are you able, within me, to fuel a deep desire to clean my room, whereas years of threats from family have gone to waste?

  9. 0w0 He can sense things! hmmmmm this just add how does if feel to able to kiss him……. damm you Gackt >3

    • geez, get a grip, too much emphasis…life is simple,people are humans,touching takes on many forms, intimacy is another thing that you don`t share with a multitude of people, respect others and certainly don`t judge people by how they kiss, you have to know someone really well to engage in that sort of thing, i don`t agree that kissing someone tells you all about them or even part of them, whatever happened to courtship and taking your time, well, be well all, and remain yourselves, there is only one of you..

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