Posted by: Jo | September 23, 2011

BUNRAKU Site from JRock Revolution

I’m quite surprised I didn’t share this site with you all like, a month ago. *headdesks*
Anyway, this is an exclusive site for BUNRAKU from JRock Revolution. Along with press releases, trailers/clips and theater release dates, there are also pictures from the various cons BUNRAKU premiered in.
Make sure to check back on it as there may be updates to the site the closer we get to the film’s release (1 more week~!)
BUNRAKU from JRock Revolution



  1. this site has got so much Bunraku/ GACKT stuff on it, i don’t know where to begin looking! i supose from left to right 😛 than you for sharing it with us ❤ ❤

  2. On my to-do list! Gahh, I’m so excited for all these amazing things!

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