Posted by: Jo | September 23, 2011

Camui Love Official Twitter

Yes yes, Camui Love now has an official Twitter account (wohooo~!)
I’ve been debating on this idea for a while now and I figured I might as well make one instead of thinking about it some more (as G would most likely say, just do it!).

Anyway this account will mostly be used to inform the Twitterverse whenever there is a new post or update on the site as well as RT important info and whatnot. And even if you don’t have Twitter you can see my tweets on the right-hand sidebar 8D
Follow me if you wish and feel free to ask me questions on there as well or just say hi =D~
CamuiLove on Twitter



  1. following!!! ❤

  2. my twitter name is @SummerShoujo (just thought i’d share that info ^_^)

  3. And this is an account I will follow on Twitter. Which will make a grand total of…a number under 5?

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