Posted by: Jo | October 3, 2011

YFC Blog 2011.09.25 – 2011.09.30

Takumi shows off his new hair color~
Takumi 2011.09.25

Due to the typhoon, the live at Studio Coast has been pushed back a few minutes.
Staff 2011.09.25

YOU is ready for tonight’s live, and poses for the camera in his purple Aloha shirt~
YOU 2011.09.25

U:ZO’s enjoying a meal out in Korean Town!
U:ZO 2011.09.26

Chacha hopes the Swimsuit Live was fun for everyone and prepares for Sapporo’s lives. Pink Aloha shirt~!
Chachamaru 2011.09.27

After breezing through the Sapporo lives, GACKT reflects on how fast time has gone by and how he’s accomplished what he’s set out to do so far. Also, Pokemon planes heal his heart. XD
GACKT 2011.09.28
Blog Translation (by amaiakuyume)

Shinya admires his drum kit while reflecting on Sapporo and the meal after the live xD;
Shinya 2011.09.29

Jon thanks everyone who came to the Sapporo lives and also to the radio and TV stations that have supported YFC so far.
Jon 2011.09.30


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