Posted by: Jo | October 17, 2011

Takumi Blog 2011.10.09 – 2011.10.18

Takumi’s ready for the night’s show and asks everyone to give it their all!
Takumi Blog 2011.10.09

Part of the show was broadcasted on TV along with a interview with GACKT, Jon, and Takumi – did you catch it?
Takumi Blog 2011.10.10

How cute~ ! Brushing his teeth before the show…
Takumi Blog 2011.10.16 Pt.1

Takumi reads through all of the fan comments, presents, emails, and thanks everyone for their support!
Takumi Blog 2011.10.16 Pt.2

It looks like Takumi got an injurty from his guitar, but will be back in action in no time~
Takumi Blog 2011.10.17

Though the injury to his head looks kind of bad, Takumi assures there’s no pain and it’ll heal by next week’s broadcasting.
Takumi Blog 2011.10.18


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