Posted by: Jo | October 17, 2011

YFC Blog 2011.10.02 – 2011.10.08

GACKT reflects on the meaning of YFC and what they set out to accomplish after the earthquake/tsunami on March 11th. He also says that when you’re feeling down, look at the picture he took with Jon and laugh/smile ❤
GACKT 2011.10.02
Blog Translation (by amaiakuyume)

YOU and Chacha make a visit to some of the affected areas and do their best to give hope and smiles.
YOU 2011.10.02

Backstage moment with YFC, preparing to go out on stage.
U:ZO 2011.10.04

Chacha sends out kiai to Sendai and holds up a YFC plush with autographs from members and staff.
Chachamaru 2011.10.05

Takumi reflects on the damage done from the tsunami, how he met GACKT shortly after, and his goals with YFC to help encourage and give hope to those who need it.
Takumi 2011.10.05

It seems that Shinya has gotten a bruise somehow D: Hope it clears up soon!
Shinya 2011.10.06

Jon is grateful for the opportunity to travel to Hokkaido and share his feelings with those in Sendai and Yokohama and thanks everyone for their support.
Btw, GACKT is the one who drew all over Jon’s bruise in the photo XD; The katakana says “Baby” and “It hurts…”
Jon 2011.10.08



  1. The more I see the picture of Jon’s bruise, the more I get a sympathy pain in my stomach >.<

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