Posted by: Jo | January 16, 2012

GACKT – MOON SAGA Press Conference 2011.12.05

A press conference was held for the MOON SAGA project. As previously reported, the project is a collaboration between GACKT and CLAMP to bring the next part of GACKT’s MOON SAGA concept to audiences through various forms of media, starting with a stage production.
GACKT will be playing the lead role of Minamoto no Yoshitsune, a general of the Minamoto clan during the late Heian/early Kamakura periods of Japan. The play’s version of Yoshitsune will have some sort of supernatual powers.

Here is a short clip from the press con:

Press Con Summary by excused_early

Two of the cast members introduced were Saotome Taichi and Yamato Yuuga. Saotome is best known for his career as an onnagata performer (a man that plays female roles), while Yamato is known for being an otokoyaku (a woman that plays male roles) Takarazuka performer.
Interestingly enough, Yamato will take on the role of Tomoe Gozen while Saotome will be an original male character.

Check out the links for more info and pictures~!
Mantan Web


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