Posted by: Jo | January 21, 2012

YFCz – Makuhari Messe Final on WOWOW 2011.01.15

Comparing the band’s overall chemistry and sound from Berlin to Makuhari, they have come a LONG way and sound and look even more like a cohesive unit than when they first started out. Congrats boyz, you’re doing such an amazing job!

The boys talk a little bit about eye contact during the interview section before it moves onto Vanilla. Also, it seems that some of the fan service between GACKT and Jon was cut out for the broadcast… too hot for audiences I guess ;P



  1. vanilla is the best song ever!!! the crowd control is exciting to, Jon looks angry that G gets more cheers đŸ˜› it is such a contrast to all my love, this song is so touching and the performance here makes me wanna cry it is beautiful. Jon’s voice fits so well to G’s and the instruments here sound brilliant, YFC members are all truly very skilful performers they make a great team!!!

    i love YFC!!!!!

  2. Please, please please if someone has the full live recorded/original source Upload it!

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