Posted by: Jo | January 21, 2012

YFCz – V-Rock Festival 2011.10.23

This WOWOW broadcast only shows 2 performances from YFCz out of their entire setlist. They performed the following songs:
Nine Spiral
Speed Master
Mata, Koko de Aimasho

Mata, Koko de Aimasho will also be the band’s newest upcoming single ;3

And for those curious, yes – that is indeed a REAL tattoo on the back of GACKT’s neck. He’s mentioned it a few times on Twitter, but he got it to commemorate the tsunami and earthquakes on March 11th and what he must do from now on.
The tattoo seems to be a combination of the sun, moon, and other motifs, but it’s still not very clear at the moment.
GACKT also said he might blog about it someday, but we’re still waiting on that ^^;;…



  1. mata kokode aimashou sounds like an upbeat football chant at the beginning 😀 it is a really catchy song!
    with the other two singles YFC are showing great diversity, rock – ballad – pop/rock ! i hope they become very successful ^_^

    • I don’t know why but the image of football just made me laugh XDD;
      I love this song, it’s so uplifting ^^~!

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