Posted by: Jo | February 13, 2012

GACKT – Until the Last Day PV

GACKT’s latest PV has finally been released!

You can definitely hear GACKT’s influence throughout the song. It’s very rough, raw, and dramatic yet still full of emotion and a story only GACKT could convey.
As for the video, it’s also very GACKT-esque (though I wish there were more of just him in it, a la Returner-style~). Fans of GACKT’s portrayal of the cannibal Takegami Teijirou (from the drama series MR. BRAIN) will surely be pleased ;3

So, what did you guys think of the new song & PV?



  1. NYUUUUUUU I can’t see it yet T.T

    • Oh no, is it not available or something for you D:?
      I’ll edit the post with the vid from Vimeo instead (plus it’s in better quality lol), try again and tell me if it works okay?

  2. While the pv is very gacktish I don’t really like it and the song…..that’s a first….maybe this is one of those songs I need to listen to a couple of times.

    • Honestly I was a bit confused over the way the song is structured as well, but after I listened a few more times I started to enjoy it haha.

  3. I really liked this song better than his previous single release. This is perhaps I like more rock-ish songs. Though not going to lie… he kinda creeps me out with all the close-ups,the wide eyes, and his “dying” scene though it is kinda like the theme of the video. It’s kind of like Returner.

    • whoops. I just saw that you mentioned it was Returner-esque XD

      • Haha yup, definitely Returner-like, but more in the aspect of him dying in armor. Dying in general, you can include other PVs like Metamorphoze, Episode.0, Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume, Another World, etc. etc. xDD

        I like it better than Graffiti too, but the former is also fun to dance and sing along to lol. This song definitely has GACKT’s influence all over it, so I’m quite pleased ^^~

  4. i cant seem to load the video love >3

    • It keeps getting taken down >.<;;; Grrrr…

  5. I love the song!!! much more than Graffiti somehow…^^” haha I kinda like his ‘I am a creepy serial killer’ look he also has in the show Mr.Brain XD
    But I’m not very fond of “gaming” so….I want more G than Dragons and the protagonists… XD ;D
    Thank you sooo much for uploading ♥ :3

    • He’s totally channeling Takegami haha XD
      Oh same here, this PV could use waaaay more G in armor >3~
      I didn’t upload it per say, but you’re welcome anyway xD

      • But you uploaded it here, so that counts! ;D ♥

  6. i agree with CA-CHAN , there needs to be more G, however the song is just like pre-2009 GACKT it is great 😛
    G + vampire = yum 😛

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