Posted by: Jo | March 4, 2012

GACKT – Graduation Ceremony in Sendai 2012.03.01

On March 1st, GACKT surprised a group of graduating students at Tohoku High School Komatsushima Campus in Sendai by performing his song “No ni Saku Hana no You ni” at their graduation ceremony. The teachers at the school has asked GACKT to sing for the students, as they thought it would give them the power to move forward.

GACKT called out to the 247 graduates, “As you leave this place, I want you to become a person who will be able to push the backs of other people. With these feelings, I will gift my song.”

After the performance, GACKT expressed, “Dreams aren’t something you see. Dreams are something you fulfill. I am looking forward to your futures! Congratulations on graduating!”

OGYD!, TokyoHive, Excite, Daily



  1. i like how every year he surprises a graduating class. i just think that is classy of him.

    • ps you can always see how his words affect the students (which i think is so great)

  2. I’d cry, squeal and faint…
    and then after regaining consciousness, I’d just stare at him in amazement…♥
    that word looks weird, I hope it exists XD

  3. I like how all those girls became so excited! Funny to see!
    This is a really good tradition of his, hope he continues with it!

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