Posted by: Jo | March 4, 2012

GACKT – Nemuri Kyoshiro Burai Hikae 2012.03.13

Sorry I haven’t posted about this release sooner ^^; (but to be fair, the release date kept changing for a while…)

Anyway, this is the DVD release for the Nemuri Kyoshiro Burai Hikae stage play, of which GACKT starred in as the titular character. Th DVD comes with a bonus DVD that features an interview with GACKT and backstage footage, as well as a booklet.
DEARS members have already received their orders, but there’s still time to buy and watch Nemuri in your own home~!
The DVDs may or may not be Region 2, so please take that into consideration ^^;
I will edit the post when the cover art for the DVD is released (for now, here’s the full photobook cover picture =D)

You can purchase the DVD from one of the links under the Shopping Sites section =]



  1. Thank you so much for this information, I really want to watch this DVD, but I couldn’t find it on amazon and hvm. I hope it isn’t already sold out?

    • Check CDJapan, I think it’s available there?

  2. Thank you, just found it … Yeah 🙂

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