Posted by: Jo | March 4, 2012

YFCz – Album CM + Samples on OHP

The front page of the YFCz site has been updated!
A CM for the album now plays automatically on the page, showing short clips from the PVs for THE END OF THE DAY, ALL MY LOVE, and Mata, Koko de Aimasho.
In case it doesn’t work for you for whatever reason, here’s the CM from YouTube =]

The track lists for each of the albums are also now available, and Type C (Regular Version) will come with a bonus track: UNTIL THE LAST DAY [.eu].
And just an extra note: [.eu] = English lyrics, [.jp] = Japanese lyrics, and [.com] = a mix of the two.
There are also short samples of each of the new songs on the album, so make sure to check them out!

One of the new songs, 恋愛DRIVER 〜Fooさんの歌〜 (Renai DRIVER ~Foo-san no Uta~) was played in full on Nico Nico Radio. Foo-san is the Nico Nico Radio host, and the song uses his name as well as samples of his voice.



  1. this new video is AMAZING. i enjoy most of the music but have some of his music im not a fan of (think he sells out on some of the songs but im still a fan). but this video for mata! oh my stars is it powerful! it starts off similiar to the video from his mizer days – ya know the one called le ciel but this one delivers so much more. i really hope it gets promoted – especially overseas.

    • Oh I didn’t think about that, you’re right in how they open somewhat similarly lol
      But I definitely agree, the video for Mata Koko is so much more powerful and beautiful, there’s no way to describe it other than perfection imo, such a great tribute.
      I hope more people get to see it too ^^

      • i showed all three of my daughters and they liked it (except the part where they didnt understand japanese). they all agreed shinya opening the door was awesome and they liked the goofy dance gackt was doing in the band scenes. my youngest said she liked it when they all bowed their heads to pray (she’s 11).

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