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This is Camui Love: a fan site dedicated to the Japanese musician, actor, and all-around entertainer, Gackt Camui (a.k.a. GACKT). From the latest news, biography and discography to pastΒ and future projects, concerts and random facts – you can find everything you need to know about this incredibly talented individual.

Here is a brief summary of what you can find on this site:
Pages (a.k.a links at the top)

– A summary of GACKT’s life up until now, written by yours truly. (Work in Progress)

Discography – A list of all the singles, albums, concert DVDs, Platinum Boxes, and other media that GACKT has created throughout his solo career. This section is updated as fast as possible to give you an up-to-date list of his current works. (Work in Progress)

GACKTJob – A section dedicated to the men who make up both GACKT’s support band and are part of his precious family; both former and current members.

FACKTS – A list of random facts about GACKT, from things like pets and food to training and relationships.

FAQ – This section is for the most common questions about GACKT like his age, real name, international fanclubs, etc. and my personal answers to them. There are also common questions pertaining to this site such as why links or videos do not work properly. If you have any questions about GACKT in general (or this site), you can leave a comment there and I will answer them to the best of my ability.

The Dear Behind Camui Love – Just a little information about yours truly for those who were curious. and thought I might be an alien robot

Extras (a.k.a. the links and other stuff on the right side)

CALENDAR – A calendar that shows what day something has been posted on this site. It should be helpful when searching for older posts that don’t appear on the main page. There is also a search bar under this category which should be helpful in finding specific things that you’re looking for.

ARTIST: GACKT – The links posted under here deal directly with the man, i.e. his MySpace, Official Blog, Official Site, etc.

BAND: GACKTJOB – Links to official sites and blogs of the GACKTJob members, both current and former.

BAND: YFC – Links to the official site and blogs of the members of YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz.

Fan Projects – Here you can find links which lead to different on-going fan projects, set up by fellow Dears around the world ❀

Fan Sites – This section contains links that lead to other fan sites dedicated to GACKT. There are also lyric sites here for those who’ve always wanted to sing along with GACKT or find out the meaning behind a particular song.

Related Sites – The sites under here lead to links that have been posted on the Official Site. They usually deal with merchandise, new singles, and projects that GACKT is currently participating in. Also located here are sites that deal with Japanese music in general and of course, GACKT is a part of their databases =].

Shopping Sites – Links to sites where you can purchase official GACKT CDs, DVDs, magazines, etc.

Sources – Here you can find the sites and journals/blogs that provide the majority of the translations and news that are featured on this site. Much love goes out to them ❀

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Acting – This category is dedicated to all projects and news concerning GACKT and his acting career, whether it’s a big movie like BUNRAKU, a voice role in anime like Shiki, or a stage production like Nemuri Kyoshiro.

Blogs – Here is where you will find all posts regarding blogs. This includes GACKT’s, GACKTJob’s, YFCz’ and staff blogs. All linked blogs also contain an English translation or summary so you can enjoy and understand them.

Featured – The posts located here are detailed with information about the various links found on this site. If you’ve ever wondered what exactly is Eien no Yume or what exactly you can buy from CD Japan, you can find the answers in this category. It’s an on-going process, but eventually there will be a file on everything on this site.

GACKT – All posts related to GACKT can be found here, i.e. the majority of this site’s posts go here xD

GACKTJob – These posts are all about GACKTJob~!! It mostly revolves around each of the members’ respected sites and blogs.

Lyrics/Translations – Here you can find posts that link to the lyrics of GACKT’s latest songs, both in Romanji and the translated English. Also found here are links to translations to GACKT’s interviews, songs, and other miscellaneous tidbits.

Magazines/Scans – The posts about new magazines featuring GACKT go here as well as magazine previews, which give you a glimpse into what the photo shoots will be like, and scans that can be used for graphics.

Miscellaneous – Anything not GACKT-related goes here (which is quite rare). I do, however, place the site updates here so you can keep up with any new changes on the site.

Media – All posts pertaining to media can be found here. This includes new singles/albums, music videos, performances, interviews, dramas, etc. TV and radio updates are also placed here. If a video is not working properly, please tell me so that I can go and fix this for you (but also understand that due to copyright infringements, this may be a constant occurrence @.@…)

Reviews – My personal reviews on CDs, DVDs, books, etc. can be found here. There will eventually be a review for all of his works.

YFC – All posts concerning YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz, including articles, pictures, blogs, videos, and other media, can be found here.

Before you go any further into this site, you should understand how it all works. All of the translated articles and information you find here are not translated by moi. I have only taken a year of Japanese, so I can only translate choice words and phrases (clearly not enough to tell you what is going on in GACKT-land). So, I post links to all the translations and information I find instead, giving credit where it is due. I do this for various reasons:
1. The fans who have taken the time to translate all of these lyrics, interviews, and news do an amazing job at conveying GACKT’s words to his Overseas Dears, which keeps us informed about what is going on in his life and with up-and-coming events that he is involved with. Crediting them is kind of like a little way of saying “Hey, I read your translation, and I thank you for it.” I don’t like to copy and paste their translations directly onto this site because it’s just more convenient for me to hotlink. There’s also an issue of piracy in some cases, so this is the safest, non-drama route ^^;

2. I like to share information I find about GACKT with other Dears. I know how frustrating it can be to not have anyone to talk to about him, or to want to get to know him more but due to language barriers or lack of information, that’s not possible. That being said, I hope that this site can bring his fans closer together and close the distance between him and us.

3. Posting the links where I find information ensures you, dear reader, that what I’m informing you about is accurate and that I am not trying to BS something for the hell of it. You can’t trust much on the net these days, so hopefully that makes people feel more at ease knowing that there are trusted sources posted on here.

Please understand that if there is any problem with posting the links to any of the translations found here, I will take them down out of respect for the translators.

Also, this website is managed by me and me alone. I don’t have an awesome, hard-working team behind my back or anything, so please don’t feed me to the sharks if I am slow on updating stuff n.n;;

Don’t be afraid to share your thoughts on an article, song, or someone else’s thoughts. I’d like this site to be as interactive as possible so please don’t be shy! I also respond as quickly as I can to all comments, which makes for great conversation and fun between all of us GACKT fans. The only thing I ask is that you phrase your words in a polite manner and be courteous to other fans’ opinions. The last thing I want to see are flamers or an all-out war via comments =\

This site is still a work in progress, but please keep looking in on it as it continues to grow!

Banner picture by: Me
Picture used from the BUNRAKU article on Collider.com



  1. Hi,

    I’m really sorry for being bad and picky… But is there anyway that there will be a whole list of past posts at the side of the page itself?
    It seems like I can only view some recent posts… Whenever, I feel like browsing through your old posts, I have to keep clicking previous, which is not a very convienent way…
    Thank you!!!


    PS: I still love this site a lot… Just a little suggestion, hope you dun mind πŸ˜›

    • Oh don’t worry dear, you’re not being bad and picky xD It’s actually a good point, me thinks

      I’m not sure if I can put up a page of links on the side that has all my previous posts on it, only because I’d have to constantly change it and I wouldn’t be sure when to cut out a link or keep it up there.. it’s a little complicated o.e;

      However, I do think that there’s a calendar-type of application that I can put up which should tell you when I posted something on what day… so I hope that could help you out more with viewing older posts =D

  2. Wow!!! You are simply efficient… Hahaz… Let me see… In less than 12 hours, you get this web a calender…. That’s amazing…


    • lol It was no biggy, I try my best to be efficient >D!!

  3. Hello Camuilove ! πŸ™‚

    If it’s not bother you and because I’ve seen many of my Lj friends in this category, can I be added as a “source” for Gackt media into your blog ?

    Hope you don’t think that I want to promote my LJ or something else, I just want to spread the love with Gackt videos ! ^^

    Best regards,

    • Tenshin26100: Hello Tenshin!
      Oh of course, no problem! I actually meant to do this a little while ago but I forgot ^^;;
      Oh don’t worry I know, it’s all for the love of Gackt! And that’s what we’re all here to do, so it’s fine lol
      See you around!

  4. I don’t know if this is where I’m supposed to ask this question or not, but could someone please clear up my ignorance and tell me who Chirolyn and Minami are? Did Gackto change band members again and not tell me?

    • bree4845: Personally I’d like questions to be asked on the FAQ page, but I’ll answer questions wherever you ask them lol

      Chirolyn is the bassist for GacktJOB at the moment. He came onto the band when Ju-ken wasn’t available during the arena portion of the Requiem et Reminiscence II Tour because he was playing with VAMPS. Whether he is an official member now or not is sort of hard to tell, but I think it’s safe to assume he is (though that makes me sad if he is official because I love Ju-ken to death ;__; ).

      Minami is a support drummer. Whenever the main drummer for GacktJOB is unable to perform, Minami usually fills in. Like Ju-ken, Jun-ji is a very active drummer and is very popular, so he performs with other acts as well. He was on tour with Acid Black Cherry during the Asia Song Festival so Minami filled in for him.

      Just as an FYI, Nell is the support bassist when the main bassist in GacktJOB is unable to perform.
      I hope this helped!

  5. Thank you very much! Next time I’ll asked the questions in the right area, lol.

    • bree4845: You’re welcome and thanks! x]

  6. hi, i’m a slightly older Gackt fan who discovered him through my 18 year old daughter, and fell in love with his voice, his looks, his moves, his everything! We live in the Uk and would like to find out how to order Gackt merchandise from reputable firms that ship to the UK. We shop at Yes Asia but they have limited Gackt stock. My daughter is learning Japanese at the moment, but i dont understand a word. might have to start learning just to understand his interviews., though listening to his voice is wonderful enough.

    • shaz: Welcome to my site! I hope that it’s been helpful to you and your daughter n.n
      Don’t take this in the wrong way, but you remind me of my mom and dad because I’m 18 and they love Gackt too (though not as strong as me haha!), so I find that really cool~

      Yes Asia is a pretty good site, but as for myself I shop at CD Japan – they are usually up-to-date in Gackt’s new releases. There shouldn’t be any problems with shipping to the UK from that site. HMV is also a good site – also updates and so is Amazon JP. You could also do eBay, but please be careful as there tend to be bootlegs on that site, especially when it comes to CDs and DVDs. The sites I mentioned above – CD Japan, HMV, Amazon JP – the links can be found under the Related Sites section, which is to the right of my site (you may have to scroll down to see it). The links are in alphabetical order just so you know. Also, if you know of an authentic Japanese market near where you live, they might sell his stuff there too.

      I’m learning Japanese myself, though I’ve taken a little break since college has started n.n; Amazing how one man prompts you to learn his native language am I right? If there’s any translation to a particular interview or song that you are looking for, feel free to ask me. I have links to a lot of translations and subtitled videos; I’ll help out as much as possible n.n

  7. I am so happy that I’ve found this site, thank you so much for being awesome like this x3 I’ll make sure to check everyday~<3

    • Tetsu: Aww you’re very welcome! And thank you for finding my site and liking it~ *huggles* =D

  8. A random image. I made this banner like a couple of years ago, for a friend’s blog, among other banners. I don’t know if you know spanish (maybe a llitle bit) but basically, it’s imitating a a bullfight banner with GACKT & Co hehe “El niΓ±o de…” is a common phrase that is part of many torero names El niΓ±o de la Palma, for example.

    so well, enjoy πŸ˜‰

    • e-hime: I actually took 3 years of Spanish in high school – I just stopped practicing >>; I can’t speak it that fast or well, but I can understand and write it better~
      Hahaha that is amazing though!! Thank you so much for that… can’t look at bullfighters the same way now xDD;

  9. i really love ur website~~~very useful indeedXD
    can i ask something,wats a platinum box?(i feel pretty stupid to not knw that eventhough im a dearXP) i’ve seen some previews on youtube n people talking about it on myspace so i must now wat it is!lol,feel pretty left out when ppl r talkin about something i dont knw about…ehe..thanks~

    • t!ff4: Welcome to my site 8D! I’m glad it’s been useful n.n
      The Platinum Box is a special DVD for Gackt’s fans. Sadly, unless you have a Region 2 DVD player or an All-Region DVD player, it’s impossible to watch it in your home v.v
      Anyways, Platinum Boxes I-VI all have PV clips, making of documentaries, behind the scenes of concerts, random get-togethers, fanclub trips, and pictures of Gackt to keep. Each one varies from one to the next, and Eien no Yume has a pretty extensive list of what is in what Platinum Box (they only go up to PB VIII though).
      Platinum Boxes VII-X have differed in that the whole video is about Gackt and GacktJOB hanging out together. The things they do are quite hilarious, and these last few PB’s have become quick favorites. PB VII is cowboy-themed, PBVIII is more like that of a tour around a city, and PB IX and X are school-boy themed. You can find clips of these videos on YouTube or any other video site, unless Gordie took them down by now n.n;
      I hope that helped!

  10. Hey you… who are you? I need to know you more. Write me some time.

    • Suki M. S.: Well on “The Dear Behind Camui Love” page I talk about myself a bit, just to give you an idea of who I am =]
      You’re not a stalker are you? Lol, jk xp

  11. Happy Merry Christmas Camuilove!

    I am, like Shaz, an older fan thanks to my teenage daughter who also discovered your wonderful website. I think you’ve done a great job here and we appreciate all the work you are doing to spread the Gackt-love. πŸ™‚ I don’t have a question but I wanted to encourage you to keep up the good work!

    • tmissis: Oooh, hooray for mama Gackt fans~!
      Well thank you for the kind words, and I promise to keep on going x]

      Also, welcome to my site and Happy Merry X-mas 8D!

  12. hey there~i just wanna say thanks for all ur hard work putting stuff about Gackt n such for dears like meXD im so glad i found this awesome site n i appreciate all ur hard work!

    im just here to wish u a HAPPY NEW YEAR(maybe its not new year there yet,but it is here)~~~i hope exciting things gonna be coming ur way this 2010=^_^=)><(=^_^=<)*hugs*

    • T!ffa: It’s nice to be appreciated x3
      But thank you really, and all the Dears out there! I’m just happy to share the love and new info on Gackt with you all haha!

      And a Happy New Year to you as well x3

  13. lots of love from a dear in Malaysia~X3

  14. Dear camuilove, thank you very much for your blog, I have read it since several weeks, when I found it. I am so happy I can read here news about GACKT, and know what is he doing. Thank you for all this informations you gather and post here πŸ™‚

    • Miriel: Welcome to my site!
      And you’re welcome n.n

  15. what do you say to my proposition? I have sent you the email and await your response. Great job you’re doing!!

    • Sai: Waa sorry for the long wait – I’ve sent you a reply! And thank you~

  16. hi i am not sure where i should write this :p but i have just noticed the new banner on this site and it is really cool πŸ™‚ how do you make these backgrounds because i think it would be really cool if i was able to make these sorts of backgrounds πŸ™‚

    • Beth: Thanks! I’ve been working on and off on it, mostly because I wasn’t sure what to do, but finally got it done @___@;;

      Well, that’s kinda… there’s no real true way of making images, banners, icons, etc. as it really depends on what the person designing it wants to do with it n.n Apart from using an image that you’d like to mess around with, you need some type of program like PhotoShop that will allow you to edit the picture and let you add or delete things from it. I usually make the banners on this site with a program called PhotoPlus (I think you can download it for free~), but if I had the money I would use PhotoShop lol. Once you have a program like that, it just comes down to playing around with all the tools and seeing what each one does.
      There are lots of tutorials out there on how to use these programs though, so whatever you can do to an image is practically limitless~
      Erm, I hope that helped-ish n.n;;

  17. Jo, you should make an introduction page where frequent commenters can introduce each other and explain how and why the love gackt XD

    • Min: You know, I was totally thinking of doing something like that! I just wasn’t sure how to do so or what to name it. I thought about a page for just you guys…. and then I started fanticizing about a forum but in order to have a forum you need mods and stuff and I honestly don’t have free time to run it myself, so I’d have to find responsible and people who would actually be active enough to do it… And then I thought of a chatbox I could put like on that page for you guys but I need to look in on that lol.

      Aaah, all the troubles of being a webmaster LOL
      But I’ll work on that, promise =]

  18. Thank you so much for all your time and effort Jo-sama. I know my posts just pop up in every corner of your site and you tirelessly answer each of them. A forum or sumthin similar to that would really help, but just take your time coz I know you’re also busy. I just feel good knowing I have you as an expert on all my G questions, and I have at least one person who can relate to my addiction to G. As I was reading posts by other people, I really find it fascinating how G’s music has found its way globally. The past week, I have been listening to his albums and his music is really eclectic. Gackt-sama is a music genius. The artistic part of his performance package is just an added bonus, but his music is really something. I grew up listening to New Wave music, bands like Depeche Mode, ABC, The Smiths and there would be Gackt songs that kindda capture their influences. Vanilla was totally different, it would remind you of a Ricky Martin song with its latin beats. Sometimes, I wonder how many of us belong to this cult following of Gackt-sama. I’d really love to know how others got hooked on G. How I hope G would soon recognize that there are loads of non-Japan Dears out here. πŸ™‚ Btw, I also love Ju-ken-sama .. not that I don’t appreciate Chirolyn-sama and Junji-sama, but I guess I am biased over Ju-ken-sama and Ryu-sama since I got to watch Diabolos and TSDSN concerts .. I was kindda looking for them in the YFC concerts :P.

    • Teya: You’re welcome as always Teya n.n
      Oh, how I wish I could make a forum… but I’m way too busy in order to moderate and hire other people to take care of things as well, yeesh x__x; But I think a chatbox of some kind is greatly needed on this site, that’s for sure. I’ll be making big adjustments and improvements in the next couple of weeks, especially once I am on my break from school, so perhaps by then I’ll figure something out…
      Hahah well I certainly don’t believe I’m an expert or anything, but I’m glad I can help spread what I do know about Gackt onto other fans and chat with them ^__^
      I am still amazed at times at how far his music has spread. I only hope his career continues to grow even more so. And I agree, not only is his music simply fantastic but the way he is as a performer truly makes him an incredible artist.
      Oh is that so? Ive only heard one song from Depeche Mode (can’t remember what the title is at the moment) but I think I’ll look into those other songs to figure out what the similarities are lol. Hahaha Vanilla is definitely one of those songs that stands out compared to the rest of his discography.

      Oh there’s a whole lot I’m sure! Hmm, perhaps I could make a poll to know where everyone is around the world – it would make for interesting results after all =D
      Actually, a dear friend of mine is working on opening a site that will show how fans around the world came to know Gackt and how he has influenced them in their lives. Once the site opens, every fan around the world will be able to send in their own experiences with Gackt! Of course, I will provide a link when it’s opened~
      Trust me dear, he knows we exist. It’s just taking him a little longer than any of us would like to get his butt overseas. But I have faith that he and his staff are working on it for sure.

      Hahaha don’t worry about picking favorites, we all do it lol. Personally, my favorite bassist is Ju-ken, so my heart still longs for him lol. Not that I don’t like Chirolyn, but Ju-ken has this particular way of performing that I completely adore, so it’s hard getting used to another bassist. And as far as drummers go I love Jun-ji the most, because he brought his personality over into his performance which is something I felt that the previous drummers lacked.

  19. Waaah, I’ve just learned that YFC will be hitting Europe by July. I think my heart just burst with envy. I am so green right now :P. But I am glad that Gackt-sama is finally invading other regions, slowly but surely. I don’t think I will be able to shake this envious feeling till July though. Oh well. I can imagine it will be a totally different experience for Gackt-sama and his crew to be performing to European crowds and am sure that Europe will be excited by the different flavor of Gackt-sama’s YFC concert. YFC in Europe is truly something interesting. *Sigh* how I hope I can really see it.

    Anyway, I noticed recently that the G-sites I visit frequently are maintained by young Dears such as yourself. Amaiakuyume-sama is like 21 years young; Tenshin-sama is also about the same age while you’re even younger. I’m just amazed at your passion over G and I think at one point or another, he has influenced certain aspects of your lives. (My need to learn basic Japanese increased as I became addicted to G.) I really hope that at one point or another, Gackt-sama would be aware of all your efforts in your sites. I think Japan Dears should have some sort of foreign relations thingy dealing with non-Japan Dears. πŸ™‚ If ever I get the nerve to finally write to G, I’ll make sure I mention you guys and all the effort you have given in helping us other Dears to get to know more of our beloved Gackt-sama. πŸ™‚

    • Teya: Mine was excited and nervous, mostly because I wasn’t sure if it was a rumor at the time. But it’s not, so I’m incredibly excited for all those who can go x3
      Mhmm, I want to see it too… sadly I go back to school by that time D: I’m really happy he’s finally going overseas, but admittedly it’s a bit unexpected. There were rumors of this tour for a little while and we all thought he’d be crazy to do it within such a small window gap. But.. apparently that’s what ended up happening. XD

      Huh, I never really thought about the ages of each of the translators and etc. But when you mention it, it is pretty astounding ne?
      Oh most definitely. Amaia made a post a little while ago of how Gackt kind of inspired her (and I was surprised to find out it was just recently) and as for myself, I’ve always admired him since my freshman year of high school but it wasn’t until my senior year that he really influenced me into following my dreams too, as well as pursuing Japanese like yourself~ I know a bunch more Dears who have similar stories as well. Oh he doesn’t really have to n/n; As tiring as running a site on your own is, I find contentment in having other fans visit this place and giving the occasional comment/thank you. Besides, this site still needs much more improvement before its worthy of Gackt’s eyes seeing it, if you ask me XD
      I’m sure they’re working on the Overseas aspect of the fanclub, it’s just taking them a little while n.n;
      Aww thank you, but again you really don’t have to o/o *flustered*

  20. I am a much older GACKT fan,I only discovered him via utube but am completely hooked.I love his music and his films.I am extremely lucky as my children got me tickets to go and see him in London on the 16th of July.I am really excited and can hardly believe I am actually going to see him live!!!It will be the experience of a lifetime I am sure having watched the dvd’s of his previous concerts.It will be great to meet other GACKT fans.I try to get my friends to listen to his music it annoys me when people seem to be so close minded about anything new.I say it’s like listening to opera you don’t need to understand the words you just feel the emotions through the music and the voice and GACKT does this brilliantly.I have enjoyed reading the translations that you have put up please keep up the good work you also bring pleasure to a lot of non Japanese speaking GACKT fans.Thankyou very much.

    • ann: Welcome to Camui Love!
      That’s really sweet of your kids to have gotten you tickets, I hope you have a great time! And thank goodness for YouTube ne ;]?
      Ah trust me, I’m sure all of us go through that with most people when we try to share Gackt’s art. For me, usually people just can’t get over his looks. Seriously? I don’t think people listen to music just to find out if a person is good-looking or not, you listen to music for the sheer joy of listening to it or to escape into the world the artist has created. Gackt is so much more than a pretty face, and I really wish people could see that or at least be more open-minded towards him and any music that’s different from mainstream stuff. I completely agree about the comparision to opera, well said!
      Thank you so much, and you’re very welcome =D

  21. I am a much older GACKT fan who really enjoys reading the translations on your site as I do not understand Japanese.With GACKTS music understanding the language is not that important because the emotions come through his gorgeous voice and music.Itry to get my friends to listen by saying it’s the same as opera really you don’t understand the words but you enjoy the music anyway!I am very lucky my children bought me tickets to see GACKT inLondon on the 16th of July,I’m so excited I never thought I would ever get to see him live outside of Japan.It’s so good he’s coming to Europe as he does have a lot of European fans who probably found him the same way I did through utube.Thank God for utube and sites like yours.Thanks for all your hard work.

  22. Thankyou for being so friendly it’s nice to have someone who understands how wonderful GACKT is in every way.I agree about him being so much more than a pretty face,the first thing my family and friends all said was that he looked like a beautiful woman!I have managed to get one or two to listen and appreciate his music though that’s a start!I find English groups and music quite boring and all sound the same to me now since discovering not only GACKT but other J.Rock groups like X.Japan ,Hyde in L’Arc en Ciel and Vamps.Also like Tohoshinki and other Korean and Chinese musicians.Asian music rocks!!!!Maybe from a 59 year old this opinion holds little weight but it’s how I feel.Well I think I’ll now go back to wandering around your site some more and see if there’s anything I’ve missed!!Thankyou again for all your hard work it’s greatly appreciated!!

    • ann: Of course! I want this site to be friendly for everyone ^___^~
      Oh at least you made a start! I still have trouble getting my friends to listen to him, but I have gotten my family to like him and his music, so it’s just one baby step at a time ❀
      I know what you mean. Although I do enjoy some artists and music that plays on the radio today, I don't feel that connection to songs or artists the way I used to. Gackt and the entire JRock world of music have managed to fill that emptiness, so I'm grateful to be reminded that music can still be truly beautiful and remain an art form.
      Your opinion does indeed matter – age ain’t nothing but a number right >w<?!
      You're very welcome ❀

  23. I would like to applaud all the mum GACKT fans, coz I too am one and at the recent concert in London was asked if I liked GACKT or had just been dragged along by my daughter! It’s assumed I couldn’t possibly be a GACKT fan as I’m in my forties! I adore everything about GACKT and he has changed my life dramatically. I also love meeting the younger GACKT fans and talking with them as very few people I know seem to get it, but I do sometimes feel a little out of place with the age gap. I was given rather bemused looks when I dressed up for a visual kei concert in London too. I must mention how grateful I am to this wonderful website, Jo and all the great people who take the time to translate for the ‘Japanese-illiterate’ people ( shame on us). You are a true lifeline constantly feeding a thirst that desperately needs to be quenched. I am pretty computer illiterate too (useless huh!) and access this site on my phone, so I don’t think I am able to get to all areas, but I check it every morning and every night just to see if any one has posted and to get my needed GACKT ‘fix’. It’s fantastic that this site provides the opportunity to connect with other GACKT fans and to share in the love and adoration of this amazing man!

    • Shazzer: Yay mama G fans~! My mom is one as well xD
      Oh I’m so happy this site has done wonders for you, your daughter (I assume anyway lol), and many other fans~~~!! Really, that’s all I could ever ask for ^__^

  24. Shazzer hi,my name is Ann and I’m 59 and a great GACKT fan.I was also at his concert on Friday wasn’t it absolutely fantastic!! My children bought my ticket for me and made a friend of mine go with me tokeep an eye on me as I tend to be an 18 year old in a 59 year old body where GACKT is concerned!!!! I have also found younger GACKT fans to be really friendly as we’re all united in our love of him!! Jo here on Camui Love was very welcoming when I first visited her!

  25. Hi Ann, great to meet you, and yes I know exactly what you mean about becoming an 18 year old where GACKT is concerned. I’ve had therapists in the past tell me I need to find my ‘inner child’. GACKT has managed to release it! – well inner twenty year old at least. I’m lucky I have my daughter to share the experience with. She introduced me to the world of GACKT. We even went to Japan together, something I NEVER in my wildest dreams thought I would do. I only plucked up the courage to accompany my daughter because I knew GACKT would be there at the same time, and am so glad I did. The whole experience was amazing! GACKT has opened up my world. Then to come back and see him again in London – wow! I agree with you – the concert was INCREDIBLE! My dream was to see and hear him on real life and I managed it twice in the space of two weeks. I am a very very happy 20 year old in a 40 year old body!

  26. Oh you are so lucky that your daughter shares your love of GACKT my family think I’m alittle odd but they accept and are very tolerant when I start going on about him!!Going to Japan and seeing GACKT there must have been an incredible experience!! I’ll never be able to go to Japan as I can’t afford it so I am so lucky he came here so I could see him!

  27. hi everybody, I’m from italy, and I’m really gratefull to this site and the good people who work at it! camui love really contain all the news about my favourite musician GACKT! ^w^ *kisses*

    • whitehana: Welcome to Camui Love!
      I’m really glad that you like this site, thank you~! x3

  28. did you ever make the chat area for introduction if not i might be able to help you set it up im in going to school to get my degree in game design so making a room like that is easy

    • ceely09: Oh thank you for your help! I’m in the process of working on that, so at the moment I think we’re okay. But if I do need help I will certainly ask you for it, thank you again for offering to help ^^~!

  29. hi, lovely page first of all!
    i am the one who makes the masa site and i’ve seen you still have it under the old url, the url has changed to http://www.knuddelbau.de, just to let you know.
    other than that, keep up the good work!

  30. I am writing this to ask if everyone is allright again in japan. i just put on the news and heard this just minutes ago:

    The metereorological agency issued tsunami warnings and advisories for a stretch of more than 300 miles of the northeastern coast from Aomori prefecture in the north to Ibaraki prefecture in central Japan, just north of Tokyo.

    I just wanted everyone to know that my prayers are with you.

  31. hi, i cannot seem to find another way to contact you but here (^_^;) i am the one who runs the masa fansite that’s in your links, i just wanted to tell you that the domain changed (again, but for the last time i hope) the address is now http://masas-projects.de just for the record! otherwise, keep up the good work πŸ˜€

    • Oh thank you for telling me, i’ll make sure to change that right away!

  32. You’re awfully silly Jo. My first thought when stumbling onto your website was a mixture of the three you put up.

    “What the heck is this damn interesting fansite? What is there to see here?”

    Honestly, I was slightly dissapointed in myself, with underestimating it…damn interesting doesn’t even begin to cover what Camui Love has become for me.

    • Me? Silly? You’re the one who reacted like I knew you would :P~~~

      Wow, I’m really honored that you think of this site so highly n//n;
      Really, it’s not even near the level that I want it to be… but still, hooray!

      • XD Then you know me well.

        You know, I find it wonderful that you feel your website isn’t near the level you want it to be. There are people who do a (in Gackt terms) half-assed job of something, and feel it’s perfect. This isn’t because they’ve done a good job, but because they’ve set low standards and are too lazy to do better.

        You on the other hand have an amazing website, yet you’re still not satisfied. That shows a strive, a strive not for perfection, but to better yourself and your work. And it’s in no way selfish, as you’re doing it for all of us as well ^_^ Thank you for that Jo.

  33. good site, i’ll be around, take care for now.. πŸ™‚

  34. Thank you so much for your hard work.
    I wanted to ask if you are continuing to post Gacktionary translations.
    Many thanks for this again πŸ™‚

    • I am, no worries~
      Sometimes due to my RL schedule I can’t make my usual Monday postings, but I do the best I can >w<. And sometimes I will stop for a while because I want to give the translator, Val-san, a chance to get further ahead with her translations ^^~

  35. … i hate to say it, but the fansite for masa had to change the address again =/ it is now http://fansite-masa.onlinewebshop.net/ sorry…

    as for your page, it is nice to see it grow and stay active, good good job! you really put a lot of work in it (^.^)b

    • Haha thank you for telling me! Why does it have to change so often though o.o?

      Thank you, really. It’s a lot of work and I’m actually really behind ^^;; but, I think I’ll catch up real soon (I hope at least haha!)

  36. i`ve been unplugged, way out in the forest, working on my manuscripts, this is june 2012!!!! great goodness, glad to see the site is working..is it…i`m in the city visiting my brother,so…i`m using his internet..wishing health and rays of hope to all……cloudswithwings

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