If you’ve managed to look away from GACKT during his live performances, you’ve probably noticed the guys playing instruments alongside him. These men aren’t randomly hired musicians – they are GACKTJob: GACKT’s live support band. Without them, GACKT’s lives wouldn’t be as successful as they are. The band first made its appearance at the beginning of GACKT’s solo career and have become widely known throughout the GACKT fandom since. But they are more than just a support band; they are a big part of GACKT’s family. So please, read on to find out more about the guys who spend the most time with our dear GACKT, both current and former members.

Current Members


A.K.A.: Chacha, Cha, Yukihiro Fujimura, The Legendary Guitarist of Kansai
Position: Lead Guitar/Backing Vocals/Band Leader
D.O.B.: March 3rd, 1960
Blood Type: ?
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 170 cm (5’6″)
Official Sites:

Chachamaru is one of the original members of GACKTJob, serving as the lead guitarist and band leader as well as associate producer for most of GACKT’s work. He also provides backing vocals on a number of tracks & during lives, and will lead the crowd on in cheers when GACKT is drinking water or out of breath. Chachamaru is probably the easiest member to pick out on stage; aside from the fact that he’s on lead guitar and always plays on his signature “Horus” models, he’s also the shortest member of the band and is incredibly energetic, despite his age. And without a doubt, Chacha will always be smiling whenever he performs (GACKT says it’s a bad habit of his, but we certainly don’t mind~).

As the eldest member of the band, Yukihiro has quite a history within the Japanese music scene. In 1983, he co-founded the progressive rock band Gerard with Toshio Egawa and was the lead vocalist and guitarist until the band’s disbandment in 1986, when their label decided to no longer support their style of music. In 1988 Yukihiro formed the progressive/hard rock band Vienna with Shusei Tsukamoto, on vocals and guitar once more. The band released two albums and a live record before going on hiatus. Yukihiro became the guitarist for Ded Chaplin in 1989, which was created by Minoru Niihara (vocalist of heavy metal band LOUDNESS), and also participated in a reunion recording with Gerard in 1990. Unfortunately, musical differences causes Yukihiro to leave the band permanently and he continued to perform with Ded Chaplin, recording a total of 3 albums until their disbandment in 1992. From 1994 to 1995, Yukihiro played guitar and composed for Toshi of X JAPAN for his album “Grace,” and provided live support as lead guitar and backing vocals. In 1996, Yukihiro changed to his current stage name “Chachamaru” and joined the hard rock band Girl U Need, releasing their first album in the same year. During this time, Chachamaru also created one last album with Vienna before their final disbandment. Chachamaru has worked with GACKT since 2000 and it seems like their collaboration together will continue on for years to come. In 2002 Chachamaru released a solo album, “Air,” and asked his old band members and other work colleagues to come and collaborate on the album; GACKT provided the vocals for the track “Kagerou.”

He is incredibly fond of the color pink and leopard print patterns, owning a number of clothing and items that contain one or the other, or a mixture of both. He is also completely afraid of heights, refusing to go on most roller coasters or free falls. His fear is so bad that even riding a horse terrifies him! Everyone looks up to Chacha as an older brother, though he sometimes gets teased and is called the elder “sister” of the band, due to his long hair and the fact that he is quite pretty. And GACKT always defaults to Chachamaru when performing fan service at most of his lives.
Chacha’s kind, quiet, fun personality and incredible guitar skills have earned him a lot of fans – it’s hard not to love this incredibly sweet and talented man!


A.K.A.: You Kurosaki
Position: Rhythm Guitar
D.O.B.: February 10th, 1973
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius
Height: 186 cm (6’1″)
Official Sites:
OHP, Blog

YOU is the only other current member of GACKTJob that has been in the band since its beginning. He is the band’s rhythm guitarist as well as the violinist, and along with Chachamaru has become one of the band’s most beloved and recognized members among fans. Apart from the fact that YOU is always on stage left, YOU is also the tallest member of the band, just a few inches taller that GACKT, and the two are often mistaken for brothers or each other when placed together (especially when their hair color is the same). In fact, the two often end up changing their hair color or styles to what the other previously had, which can sometimes even confuse long-time fans!

YOU is GACKT’s best friend of twenty years. They first met back when GACKT was working as a sound technician at a local studio, and YOU was a part of a band that would come and work in the studio on occasion. During that time, GACKT attended many lives at the local livehouse and was really fond of one guitarist, though he never knew who he was. In the studio, GACKT really disliked YOU and didn’t get along with him, claiming that he had a somewhat hostile attitude and didn’t express himself much. When GACKT asked him about the guitarist from the live, he was shocked to find that the man standing in front of him was that same guitarist. GACKT did not believe him and the two ended up arguing and fighting about it until YOU took GACKT to his house to show him pictures of the lives, proving him wrong. GACKT apologized and after clearing up the misunderstanding, the two became friends and made their first band together – CAINS:FEEL. YOU was on guitar and GACKT was the drummer, but their band had no vocalist. As a joke, GACKT suggested he become the vocalist until they found someone better, to which YOU laughed in disbelief. After more arguing, YOU challenged GACKT to prove he could sing and gave him songs to practice on. After a week of vocal training, GACKT sang in front of YOU for the first time, and the rest they say is history.
It’s not far-fetched to say that if it weren’t for YOU, GACKT would never have become a vocalist.

In the same way YOU was the catalyst that GACKT needed to become a vocalist, it was GACKT that prompted YOU to learn how to play the violin and piano, just a few years before GACKT left Malice Mizer to start his own solo activities. GACKT often refers to YOU as his best friend, brother, and soul mate, claiming that they spend more time together than with any family member or girl, and that YOU is the one who understands him best. Another way of describing their relationship is that GACKT is like a living toy box in charge of making messes, and YOU is in charge of putting everything back in order. Aside from music, YOU is a great photographer and has had his work featured in galleries and has taken photos of GACKT for the monthly fan club magazine. He is also a bit of an otaku and loves to tinker around with technology. YOU is also the only member of the band that hasn’t made any attempt at a solo career, choosing to fully support GACKT in all his endeavors instead. It’s due to this loyalty and brotherly relationship with GACKT that fans can’t help but love YOU too.


A.K.A.: Jun-ji Sakuma
Position: Drummer
D.O.B.: March 30th, 1973
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: ?
Official Sites:
OHP, Blog, Twitter

Jun-ji is the current drummer for GACKTJob, and the band’s third drummer overall. He joined the band back in 2007 and has performed in the DruG Party, Requiem et Reminiscence II, and the first of the YELLOW FRIED CHICKENz tours. Jun-ji is best known for being one of the members of the band Siam Shade, which had a long streak of success from the early 1990s until their disbandment in 2002. He’s a sweet and funny guy, as seen in Platinum Boxes VIII, IX, and X. He posts the most random pictures in his blogs and is a real crowd pleaser. It’s also easy to spot him from far away thanks to his signature orange and black hair.
Jun-ji first entered the music world as the drummer for the band Siam Shade, which had a long career of success from the early 1990’s until it’s disbandment in 2002. Since the band’s break-up, Jun-ji has made a career as a solo drummer, creating three albums in which he does drums, guitar, and even sings! He is well known and requested in the music scene and has also been a support drummer for various bands and artists such as T.M. Revolution, VAMPS, LM.C, Janne Da Arc, and Acid Black Cherry.
It is interesting to note that the positions of drummer and bassist are constantly changing in GACKTJob. Jun-ji is the band’s 3rd drummer overall, but hopefully he’ll stay with the band for a long time to come =]

Name: Chirolyn
Birthdate: October 14th
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Official Site:

Chirolyn is the newest member of GACKTJob, joining the band during the Arena Tour portion of the 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Tour. He is the band’s 3rd bassist overall and before he entered GACKTJob, he was a support bassist for HYDE’s band VAMPS.
Chirolyn isn’t new to the music scene; he’s been a support bassist for notable bands and artists such as HOTEI, MIYAVI, and Hide with Spread Beaver. Chirolyn is also an occasional actor and has released many solo CDs and albums where he is also a vocalist.
Since Chirolyn is the newest member, not much is known about him yet besides the fact that he’s easily distinguishable due to his bright pink mohawk. But I can tell you from personal experience, being at one of the lives this past summer, that he’s a very funny person and loves to entertain people. He makes the funniest faces and don’t let his seemingly tough image fool you – he’s really a sweet man!

Former Members

Name: Masa Shinozaki
A.K.A.: Masa
Birthdate: September 30th
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Height: 5’8″ (178 cm)
Official Site: Marmarsa-Mu

Masa was one of the original members of GACKTJob and played the guitar. Although Masa is no longer a part of the band, he still remains a favorite within the fandom.
Masa studied music over in the U.S.A. for three years and learned English while he lived in New York. After he graduated from his university he went back to Japan where he worked as a support member for Yusuke Asada. It was during this time where he met GACKT and joined him as part of his support band. It is widely believed that the two met when GACKT visited New York and asked to see Masa play.
Masa remained with the band until the end of the 2001 Requiem et Reimiscence Tour. Afterwards, he decided to work with the band Spiky as the vocalist and guitarist. Spiky disbanded in 2006 after Masa left to form his own band called DIZZY DRIVE. From there Masa has performed as a support artist and created Mamasamu which had the same band members from DIZZY DRIVE but with an entirely new concept. As of 2008 the band has disbanded and Masa is on a break from music, not sure whether to return as a vocalist, guitarist, or both.

Name: Ren Aoba
A.K.A.: Ren
Birthdate: April 12th
Blood Type: O
Zodiac Sign: Aries
Height: 5’4″ (165 cm)

Ren was one of the original members of GACKTJob and played the bass. He is also the shortest member overall (even more so than Chacha!) and is still very much loved by the fandom today.
Ren is GACKT’s childhood friend (note that this doesn’t necessarily mean they spent every day together, they just know each other from way back then) and spent a lot of time with GACKT while recording in L.A. back in 1999. He was also a part of CAINS:FEEL alongside YOU and GACKT. You can also hear Ren’s voice in U+K as he is the one making the adorable “nya nya” sounds! Ren left the band after the 2003 Jougen no Tsuki Tour and went on to be the bassist of the band LiN CLOVER. The band has disbanded as of 2008 and I’m not exactly sure what has become of Ren, though he is most likely still in the music business.

Name: Toshiyugi Sugino
A.K.A.: Toshi
Birthdate: Feburary 21st
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Height: 5’8″ (177 cm)

Toshi is one of the original members of GACKTJob and was on drums. Before joining GACKTJob, he had played in bands such as SHEEN and LA-PISH. Toshi left the band after the 2001 Requiem et Reminiscence Tour and went on to assist Masa with his band Spiky on drums. Although he left GACKTJob, Toshi continued to provide drum recordings for many of GACKT’s later songs.

Name: Igarashi Junichi
A.K.A.: Igao
Birthdate: April 27th
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Taurus

Igao was one of the original members of GACKTJob, but is the only member whom has never been seen performing on stage. He provided all the keyboard sounds for GACKT’s lives. It is unknown whether he has left the band or not as there isn’t much known about him.

Name: Ryuichi Nishida
A.K.A.: Ryu
Birthdate: Feburary 28th, 1964
Zodiac Sign: Pisces
Site: Ryu Dragon

Ryu joined GACKTJob during the Kagen no Tsuki Tour as the drummer for the band, the 2nd one overall. He has also been a support drummer for other bands such as Dope HEADz and for Vienna when Chachamaru was with them. Ryu left the band after the 2005 DIABOLOS Tour and has since worked with other bands such as Janne Da Arc and VERTICAL SKOOL.

Name: Ju-ken
A.K.A.: Ju-ken the Bass
Birthdate: June 27th, 1971
Blood Type: B
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 6’0″ (183 cm)
Official Site: Ju-ken the Bass

Ju-ken joined GACKTJob during the 2004 Sixth Day and Seventh Night Tour as the bassist for the band, 2nd overall. He is one of Japan’s most requested bassists and has performed with notable acts such as Anna Tsuchiya, Day After Tomorrow, FAKE?, HYDE, VAMPS, S.K.I.N. and more.
Out of all the GACKTJob members, Ju-ken is the one who uploads his blog the most frequently. There’s a new entry everyday – sometimes more than 3 entries at a time! He loves motorcycles and collecting boots. He’s a real crowd pleaser and loves to throw his own style into every performance he gives.
Ju-ken is a really funny guy (it seems like all the GACKTJob boys are ne?) and this can be seen in Platinum Boxes VII, VIII, and IX.
Ju-ken was with GACKTJob up until the end of the Hall Tour portion of the 2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II Tour, but was unable to perform the Arena portion because he was performing with VAMPS. It is unclear whether or not Ju-ken will come back to perform with GACKTJob or if he has left the band for good, but it is assumed that Chirolyn has since taken his place.

Support Members When Needed

Name: Minami
Birthday: September 13th
Blood Type: B
Zodiac: Virgo
Official Site: Minami-Drums

Minami is GACKTJob’s support drummer when the current member of GACKTJob is unable to perform.

Name: Nell
Birthday: December 25th

Nell is GACKTJob’s support bassist when the current member of GACKTJob is unable to perform.

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  1. Great Job! I really love the fact that you uploaded really good pics. Chacha looks so classy. I miss Ju ken he looks so kakoii and of course my ichiban Yuu.

    • mikaachan: Thanks! It kind of annoys me when I find older pics of the members. Not that that’s a bad thing, I just want to know what they look like now you know?
      I miss Ju-ken too, he was my favorite bassist ;___;…

  2. thanks, u gave infoes i never known…like Ju-ken going for Vamps o.O Its suprising…..

    • Tiril: You’re welcome n.n!
      I know, it’s strange right?
      Also, welcome to my site.. officially xD

  3. what, no pic for Jun ji?!?

    I think they all were HILARIOUS during the Koakuma Heaven Performance in the R&R II!!!
    (specially ChaCha… dancing… … … >_<!!!)

    Were you there??? Oh my… I wish I can see them live one day!

    ~ kay dalle ~

    PS OHHH thanks!!! I felt much better after reading your FACKTS… because I read somewhere Gackt wanted to quit on 2010!!! T_T
    but no! I still have some time! YAY!
    (If he doesn’t kill himself form sleep depravation or some such… T_T)

    I’m sucha pessimist!

    • kay dalle: Eh? Is Jun-ji’s pic not showing o.o;;?
      Oh wait.. nvm, yay XD;

      They're just a big bunch of goofballs, I love them ❤
      I went to the live the day before, so one short of the final. Still, it was just as amazing @O@…
      I hope you get to see them too!

      Heh yeah that's a really big rumor, so I'm glad to have it cleared up x] I'll post about his upcoming plans for the new year some other day, when I'm not busy lol.
      And yes, he needs to slow down a bit T-T;

  4. my mistake, my mistake!!
    the page just reloaded and there’s Jun-Ji picture!

    Jaja… he was very funny to watch during Koakuma Heaven performance, too!


    ~ kay dalle ~

  5. hello dear !!

    for information Nell-san is born on december, 25 =) kisuuu ❤

    • moon: Hello!
      Oh thank you so much! You know I found a picture of him once but now I don’t know where it went T^T..
      Anyways I’ll go edit this, thanks again!

  6. hello !!

    no problem my Dear =) I have many pictures of Nell-san if you are interresting ^^

    take care to you , kisuuuu ❤

    • moon: Oh that would be swell x3! Thanks you!

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  10. oups , sumimasen dear T_____T okay I send you pictures of Nell-san ❤

    • moon: That’s okay n.n!
      And thank you~ ❤

  11. I like YOU very much. He must be a good person with a great patience and love for GACKT. I am glad that GACKT has such a very good friend.

    • Miriel: Me too, he’s my favorite out of the GACKTJob boys, though they each hold a special place in my heart x3
      And welcome to my site!

  12. I have only recently discovered about this wonderful singer Gackt and his great band Gacktjob. While reading all the materials I can find about them, I became quite captivated by You-sama’s character. He seems quite funny, simple, fun-loving, and very loyal to Gackt-sama. I love the way he plays the violin with so much passion. I am thankful to have found this site, as I am able to learn more about Gackt and Gacktjob. I have a lot of catching up to do. 🙂 Thanks.

    • Teya: Welcome to my site!
      Haha you described You-san very well ^___^! Did you know that it was due to Gackt’s encouragement that he learned the violin? I had always thought he learned it since a young age, but it turns out he learned when he was in his early twenties! Crazy @___@…

      I hope this site gives you all the information you need. If you ever have a question about Gackt or Job, don’t hesitate to ask okay? x3

  13. Thanks for replying to my post Jo-sama. It’s so nice to know of other people appreciating and loving Gackt and Gacktjob. If it’s not much of a bother, I would like to know if there are sites which translate You-sama’s blog. I’d really like to know updates about him, but then I only know very little Japanese. I would really appreciate it if I can read about what’s happening to You-sama recently. I guess I am really fascinated by him. 🙂 I find You-sama and Gackt-sama’s friendship so endearing. Their loyalty to each other goes both ways and it is on a very personal level. I really hope that no major fight would shatter their very good friendship. 🙂

    • Teya: Waaa you don’t have to call me -sama… *embarassed, but grateful* n//n;;
      Indeed it is, especially when you happen to find others in your same living area~
      Actually there is, and you’re in luck – I post the links to You-san’s blog translations on this site ^___^! The last translated entry was for March 7th, so now I’m just waiting for the regular translator to post the more recent ones~

      I could also direct you to one fansite dedicated to him; it’s a personal favorite of mine because it mentions a couple of incidents with their relationship. Also, some of Gackt’s older blogs and interview translations that I posted on this site mention You, so if I can find the exact link or if you search around long enough, you could enjoy those as well =]
      Lastly, I know that they’ve fought really badly… perhaps twice, when they were younger. But obviously their bond is way too strong for some measly fight!

  14. Waah. Am drowning in your site. You should be posting something like “Warning: Don’t start reading if you want to sleep tonight!” 🙂 Thank you, thank you for sharing all these stuff. I have already seen You-sama’s blog translations. Thanks again. I was also reading your profile, and can I just say how envious I am that you’ve already seen Gackt-sama perform live. (Turning green here! Hahaha) Oh and I agree with you that Gackt-sama is not gay. I find him creative to the point of eccentricity and he knows how to play it just right to elicit reactions from fans and even haters. If that’s not enough for speculations, Gackt-sama is also very vocal in his appreciation of the important people in his life, even though they are guys. I was able to watch a small interview portion, (it was from nine.nine I think) where Gackt-sama was talking to You-sama on the phone. One can sense how these two are truly in tuned with each other. Very casual, yet with so much respect and fondness. Gackt-sama maybe joking with You-sama, yet the way he expressed how they have been together for about 17 years, it was with awe and respect. It was so cool. 🙂 *Sigh* I love hearing Gackt-sama’s low-toned voice. He can talk the night away, and I’ll just listen to him. 🙂 Anyway, enough of my Gackt “high” moments. Can’t thank you enough for your wonderful site. Keep it up.

    • Teya: Oh gosh, sorry! xD;;
      You’re most welcome n.n

      Hahaha, I yeah I’ve been pretty lucky ^^~ But someday you’ll see him too, have faith =D!
      Mhmm, I’m glad you agree! To be honest, I don’t really mind if people think he is or not, it’s just that when they state he is just because of how he looks – then we have a problem.
      Oh I love that section with those two! Actually anytime they’re together, their relationship just makes me smile a lot~
      His voice is really soothing ne? Like a lullaby…. *daydreams*
      Hahaha okay, there will be plenty more times for it I assure you xD;
      Thank you ❤

  15. Am here again to ask a question. (You did say I can ask any about Gackt and Gacktjob, am afraid am taking u up on your offer. :)) Since am doing a Gackt overload on songs, i’d like to ask if all the violin accompaniments on all of his songs were by You-sama? The music that these guys make is absolutely magical. Am going crazy with my fascination over Gackt and Gacktjob especially Gackt-sama and You-sama. Tell me there is a cure for this. *Sigh* Catching up on ten years of Gackt is no easy thing to do. Anyway, thanks again for this site and thank you for your patience in answering our questions about our beloved Gackt.

    • Teya: Hahah well that’s my punishment then lol!
      That’s a really good question actually~ Well, looking through the credits for his albums (No, I did not just look through them 5 minutes ago >o>;;; *cough*), sometimes You is credited as doing both guitar and violin. However, most of the time the credit is given to a man by the name of Ittetsu Gen. There are other names sometimes credited under “Strings” or “Violin” but Ittetsu-san’s name is the one that keeps popping up. So, I guess sometimes You-san does the violin parts, but more often than not he only records the guitar parts and someone else handles the violin. Of course when it comes to lives, it’s definitely You-san playing~

      A cure?… if there ever was one, I am 4 years too late of finding one XD!!! It doesn’t get any easier, lemme tell ya – I still find new things about him x___x;
      And you’re most welcome =]

  16. Woo, I just read this whole page~ and omg Chacha is almost 50?! Wow… o.o;;
    I’m not sure who my favorite is though, they all sound like interesting guys. >.< By the way, the picture for Chirolyn doesn't work, just so you know.

    • Victoria: I think I have to clean up some parts but wow, that’s intense studying of you! lol
      Yush he is. Beautiful for his age ne?
      Oop, thanks for the notice o.<!

  17. Yeahh, he looks amazing for almost being 50! I mean seriously, I would have NEVER in a million years guessed that number. o.o I also think Masa looks cute, too bad he left… T_T He’s not nearing 50 either, is he…? xD

    • Victoria: No, he’s much younger than 50 lol. I don’t really know much about him though, since I joined the fandom around the DIABOLOS era =x

  18. I like your description of the Jobbies, but it needs a little update ;D And Chiro totally deserves a pic, I saw him live too and you’re right, he’s such a clown XD

    • Chris: Yes I know, it’s on a very long to-do list x___x;;
      He actually did have a picture, but apparently it disappeared .___.;;;

  19. wow… Gackt Job Gret,,, I Love Gackt,,, He’s Handsome.,,,, I like You-sama…. Luph,,,

  20. Gackt is my all time favorite singer Ever.

  21. Is there gonna be a page for Yellow Fried Chickenz or are they gonna be listed under here? (or even listed at all :o) I’m pretty sure everyone knows the guys in YFC by now. Haha

    • There will be, just give me some time to make sure it’s decent enough to post lol

  22. I love this site! ^^ So much good information about GACKT ❤

  23. Ren can be found as the one of singers of the band W.O.R.L.D.
    Official Website:
    Their official site links to their Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, and Ameba blog.

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