The Dear Behind Camui Love

Well, this page certainly isn’t about dear GACKT, but if you felt the need to know a little more about yours truly, then this page will be useful =]

My name is Joanna, but you can call me Jo or any other nickname you come up with (just not sugar-pumpkin doodle or something like that, kay? xD; ). I’m just your normal (?) nineteen-year-old who happens to love GACKT (o’ course~). I am currently in college, working my way towards a Bachelor’s Degree in Media Arts and Animation. I live in California at the moment, but who knows where life will take me? No matter what path I may walk down, I see myself involved in the arts.

When did you become a GACKT fan?

I first learned about GACKT through a friend of mine sometime around November of 2005. We were having a conversation about Japanese music and he listed all his favorite Japanese artists and bands as recommendations. One of them was GACKT and he was one of the ones that he highly recommended. Well ‘lo and behold… I forgot to listen to that list. xD;

The months rolled by and suddenly it was around Feburary 2006. Sometime during that month (curse my memory for not being able to remember the exact date ;o;!), I was surfing around pages on MySpace when I stopped at one page and listened to the music playing. When I looked at the music player, it said “Gackt – Lu:Na” Needless to say, I was incredibly impressed by the song. The voice coming out of my speakers was unlike anything I’ve ever heard up until then: deep, passionate, alluring, and just completely beautiful. And the music was refreshing and different – truly a new sound altogether. Just when I had thought that all the music on the radio was becoming a little mundane, here was someone who had put a new spin on things. I kept re-playing the song over and over, unable to get the tune out of my head – I was instantly hooked.

Soon I wanted to know who was the face behind this amazing voice. I looked up that same song on YouTube, and saw GACKT for the first time when he performed Lu:Na during the 2003 Kingdom Rock Show. Well you can imagine how surprised I was when I saw him. The first time I saw GACKT, I was shocked by his looks. “Wow… he is so.. pretty!!! Is it really possible for a man to be THAT beautiful?!” I wasn’t really sure what I was expecting the owner of that beautiful voice to look like, but it certainly was not GACKT xDDD! But after I got that thought out of my mind, I watched in awe as he danced with those masked people and then halfway through the performance he fought with them. I was impressed – I didn’t know many artists who could dance and sing at the same time, let alone choreograph a fight in the middle of a song, participate in said fight with backflips and martial arts, then continue singing as if nothing had happened!! I think I was more shocked at the fact that he didn’t even sound breathless when he continued! When it was over, I was stunned and amazed. I had to watch it again and again to make sure what I saw wasn’t fake.

And so started my inevitable obsession with GACKT-sama~ From there I looked up all the PVs, live performances, and interviews I could get a hold of and dove deeper into the world of GACKT. And soon I stumbled onto his live performance of Last Song during his 2004 Sixth Day & Seventh Night Final Tour. That performance… it was so emotional, powerful, and breath-takingly beautiful. I believe that thatwas the moment when I became the dedicated fan that I am today.

Why did you create Camui Love?

Well, like many fans I relied on fan sites such as Eien no Yume, Gackt Syndrome, Sawasdee, etc. to get all of my GACKT news. But for some reason or another the news on those sites was updated less frequently and I had to rely on word-of-mouth or forums for my news. And eventually I found out about the constant GACKT news being shared on LiveJournal and found myself incredibly up-to-speed on all his current projects. I also learned new things about him that I never dreamed I would know, thanks to translations up the wazoo of different interviews, articles, and blogs. I thought it was great that so many fans knew what was going on in his life, but I also noticed that there were still hundreds more who were (and still are) in the dark about him. I don’t really know why, but I suddenly gained an urge, a need, to share what I knew with those Dears. If we could all be on the same page… if we could all understand the man on an even deeper level than before…

With thoughts like that in mind, I set up a LiveJournal account and started posting up information on there. But it was a moot point – there were already tons of fans and translators who shared information on a regular basis and on a much more efficient scale than I was doing, plus everyone already knew which user to go to for certain things. And this didn’t really help inform the fans who were unaware of LJ.

After some re-thinking I decided to create my own fansite, knowing full well that it wouldn’t start out as nice as the bigger, more well-known sites out there. Since I wasn’t sure how well this would work out and didn’t have too much knowledge about creating websites, I settled for a blog site and thus, Camui Love was born. And after only one year, this site has grown beyond my expectations and it only gets better with each passing day. ❤

What is your favorite GACKT song?

Honestly, my favorites change. I always thought that my favorite would be Last Song, but after a while I began to like some of his other songs more. And once again, it would change. It’s probably because his music ranges in such different styles and apply to different moods ne? But anyways, my current favorite GACKT song would be Flower.

Do you like other JRock bands? What about other types of music?

Currently, Japanese Rock is my main musical preference. I think the whole scene is unique and interesting, so maybe that’s why it has had a hold on me for quite some time now. I also love the community, there are such lovely people out there~
But getting back on topic; when I’m not listening to GACKT, you can find me enjoying the sounds of -MIYAVI-, Alice Nine, The GazettE, D, girugamesh, An Cafe, LM.C., D’espairsRay, Rentrer en Soi, Versailles ~Philharmonic Quintet~, Abingdon Boys School, UVERworld, DELUHI, L’Arc~en~Ciel, HYDE, GaGaalinG, Kagrra,, MUCC, High and Mighty Color, X Japan, ayabie, Maximum the Hormone, Nightmare, Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey, Asian Kung-Fu Generation, FLOW, The Candy Spooky Theater, YUI, Orange Range… and I still have a lot to look up on my list.

I’ve listened to JPop, like Ayumi Hamasaki, BoA, dream, etc., but not as much nowadays. And it’s not like I only listen to Japanese music – I still listen to music from Fall Out Boy, Sugarcult, System of a Down, My Chemical Romance, Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Ne-Yo, T-Pain, Missy Elliot, etc. etc. To sum it up, I’ll listen to anything with a good beat. But I’m not the biggest fan when it comes to country music n.n;; Lately I’ve gotten really tired about music on the radio – it makes me want to shoot my car stereo >>; It’s times like these where I’m grateful that I never get tired listening to GACKT =]

Have you ever seen or met GACKT in person?

I’ve had two incredible opportunities to see GACKT live and those days are forever burned into my memory.
The first time I saw GACKT was in Long Beach, California on June 29th, 2007 during the infamous S.K.I.N. performance at Anime Expo ’07 (told you I burned the day into my memory :p). I was on the verge of tears from just sitting and waiting for the concert to start as the excitment and nerves continued to build up in the entire arena. My hands were shaking so badly… and as soon as that curtain fell down and he appeared silhouetted against a warm yellow light, I realized for the first time that he was real, as if before that I believed that the man I’ve been watching and loving was only a figment of my imagination.

The second time I saw GACKT was in the Saitama Super Arena on July 11th, 2009 for his Requiem et Reminiscence II Arena Tour, the day before the final. GACKT… is simply amazing and fully commits to his art. I can see his true self when he performs and he’s incredibly beautiful. I’m not just saying that by the way he looks, he himself – his soul, his aura – is beautiful. Every single note he sings is full of passion. Every move he makes, whether it’s a simple turn of the head or a single note plucked on the grand piano emits thousands of feelings and is sent to every single person there. Everything he does on that stage just captivates you and lets you get a gimpse of the wonderful world that stems from his mind. I can’t even express in words exactly how amazing he is…. there are no words – it’s something you can just feel when you see him live. GACKT Magic, if you will.
I hope with all my heart that you all get to experience it one day. Being at a GACKT concert… it feels like home ❤

Why do you like love GACKT so much?
“OMG liek, what iZ there NOT to like about GACKT~~!!?!?!! <3333 blah SEXAAAAYblahblahCUTEblahblahMARRY MEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!! <3333333″

I bet that’s what you thought I would say >P
But in all seriousness:
I love GACKT for a number of reasons. Although he isn’t the first Japanese rock artist/band that I have listened to (that was L’Arc~en~Ciel 8D), he is the one who got me interested in this type of music and for that I am eternally grateful. If it were not for him, I would have missed out on a lot of great bands and artists. But the main reason why I love GACKT is because of the sheer power and beauty his music has; it moves me in ways that I didn’t think were possible. No other artist has brought me to tears, nor cheered me up when I was down or even expressed what I was feeling when words evaded me. When I listen to GACKT, I get lost in his music and disconnect from reality. For just a few minutes I get a glimpse into the world that he has created and shares with all of us. I don’t know if this makes sense but… the music in each of his songs sets up a scene in my mind and his voice takes me on a journey and carries me through the story he is trying to tell. His music has found it’s way into my very core, my soul, and again – no one else has ever had such a profound effect on me. His voice and compositions have captivated me completely and I don’t intend on breaking away from his world for a long time to come.

I also love GACKT because of who he is – his personality, habits, and just the little things I’ve seen him do and say. I’ve seen a lot of people claim that he’s just a big egoist who loves money and is a big media whore. Think what you want, but I see and know differently. I believe that GACKT is a strong-willed person – someone who pushes himself all the time even when he’s close to reaching his limits. He’s passionate and puts forth everything he has into every project and task that he has done. He’s a perfectionist; he doesn’t half-ass things, and he isn’t satisfied until he feels he has done his best on something. Despite his fame, GACKT has remained an incredibly humble person and doesn’t take anyone or anything for granted. He can admit when he is wrong and knows that even he isn’t perfect. He’s competitive by nature and won’t stop until he’s accomplished all his goals and dreams. Although he seems like the coolest person in the world, the truth is that he’s really down to earth and a big dork at heart. He’s comfortable in his own skin and doesn’t care what others think about him. He may act and seem serious tough, but deep down he’s really a sensitive individual. He’s been through so much in his life and I find it inspiring how he has been able to rise above all that pain and keep moving forward. His views on life are intriguing and make me reflect on how I live mine, sometimes causing me to try and do better like he always does. And lastly, I know that he truly does care about all his Dears and tries his best everyday in order to show his love for us all. It’s because of those reasons that I truly became his fan, and they are also why GACKT continues to be a huge inspiration to me.

Does it surprise you that I haven’t mentioned anything about his stunning good-looks yet? Well to be completely honest.. I was not attracted to GACKT at all when I first started listening to him (*gasp-eth!*). In fact, it took me at least six months for me to find him a least bit attractive. I don’t know why, but he just was not handsome/beautiful/good-looking/hott/sexy/etc. to me in the beginning (did I seriously think that?!?!). I believe that it was a combination of the love that I had for his music and his personality that finally got me into loving everything about him. And when I started noticing that I was beginning to completely fall for him, I tried to resist him (big mistake!). My mind was all “Nooooo don’t fall for him noooo!!!!” … alas, GACKT succeeded in making another girl fall victim to his charms~ xp;

I don’t really know many other Dears or JRock fans in general for that matter. Is there anyway we could chat sometime?

Sure thing, I’m always up for chatting with fellow Dears and JRockers x3! For those who use MSN, just add All emails can be directed to, but please know that I am slow at answering mail because I’m busy… and I forget to check mail as well. XD You can also find me on LiveJournal as camui_love.

Ever since I became a complete fangirl, I have spent endless hours on the net searching for all the information I could about GACKT. It’s been about 4 years, but I feel like I’ve been a fan of his since the beginning of his music career. And now I have decided to create this fansite for him as another way of expressing my adoration and dedication to GACKT-sama, as well as for those curious individuals who want to see what all the fuss is about.

I hope this site becomes useful to all of you. Please continue to watch over this site, for I will be updating it frequently – for all you Dears, and of course for the love of GACKT.

❤ Jo



  1. Nice to meet you 🙂

    Thank you for all of your hard work! I just recently found your page (like two months ago haha) and have been hooked ever since. It’s so hard to keep up with that man! You’re amazing!

    • Well thank you!
      Honestly, when you’ve gone way past the line of obsession and checking news has become part of your daily routine, you find out that it’s really not that difficult to update. XD

      It’s nice to meet you too x3

      • Thank you so much, how do I contact Gackt personally? An address for fans or email?

      • His personal email address is (I’ve also posted this in the FAQ page~). He also has a Twitter account now, so if you have that you can send him a tweet @GACKT

        In both cases, he does reply to fans but it’s really a luck of the draw or if you caught him at the right time you know? ;]

  2. Thank you so much for this! I’ve been searching for so long for Gackt’s blogsite, even though I knew it was in Japanese. Now not only can I see the words he’s writing, I can actually understand them thanks to you and all the wonderful people who are translating it!! The whole site is really awesome and I totally feel what your saying in your reasons for loving Gackt and his work. Thanks for putting all the effort in and getting info like this to fans around the world 🙂 x

    • Well thank you, I’m glad to see you’re enjoying this site so much n.n!
      And it’s my pleasure to do so x]

  3. I really felt like we’re the same on how we became “obsessed” with Gackt! and thanks for creating this site it’s really nice =D… I would like to share to you that I REALLY don’t like him at first but I guess he really possessed some kind of charm to make us love him!haha so glad to know you! By the way I’ll share a little secret to you and to others who might read this…I call the awesome Gackt “my Daddy” (laughs)since he’s nineteen years older than me… That’s it thanks for this site again! _ Dyan _

    • No problem, glad you enjoy it n.n!

      Rawr it’s the Gackt charm, it’s how he lures his prey in and keeps them near him xD
      Your Daddy?.. xDDD I have never heard that term used to describe Gackt before, how funny! He’s about 15 or more years older than me as well (or a bazillion more, if you go by vampire years >D) lol

  4. Thanks for this website!! =) I’ve been a Gackt fan for probably almost as long as you! But I got a bit out of touch last year…X__X [School and all.. Argh.] Thanks for helping me catch up! ^_^ After watching his concert, and falling in love with this new songs, it’s been a battle to find out everything that I missed out on! [Not too much but still.] =D Thank you!!

    • witchstone: No problem, that’s what I’m here for >D And thank you for finding my site and enjoying it, it’s always nice to see a new face around here x]

  5. Ive just added you ^^ Hope you dont mind. Im from Argentina , Buenos Aires. And Im A Big Fan of Gackt and i loved your Site.

    Sincerely yours.


    • KaiZo: Sweet, thanks for telling me! And nope I don’t mind at all n.n Argentina, that’s cool~ I took a couple of years of Spanish, though it’s rusty.. xD; But if you say something in Spanish I can try to reply as best I can x]
      I’m glad you like this site, see you around =D!

  6. I love Gackt, one of his fans :p
    i heard he may be touring world wide by dec.


    we should talk sometimes ❤


    • Michiru: Yay another fan~!
      Really, this December?! Well I heard that he has a surprise for his fans coming around September, so if it relates to that and Overseas Dears I will be extremely happy x] Of course it’s a wild guess but still exciting lmao xD
      Yes we should, just make sure you say who you are when chatting with me lol xD See you around!

  7. I totally agree with you, gack is definitly the most handsome man ever! Whenever I show him to my friends they say he looks like a girl xD
    When he was younger he did have some girlish features…but now because of his age it’s getting a bit less.

    So maybe I’ll show him of some more and gather some fellow fans^0^

    • Selvinas: Most definately~! Yeah the same goes with my friends, but whatever. I mean, a man doesn’t have to necessarily be bulging with muscles and have hair everywhere you know xDDD?!?! I’m perfectly fine with my slim, strong Gakuto who’s beauty defies all genders >]

      You should! Convert more Dears >D!

  8. Maybe I can convert one friend^^ She listens to well, mostly anime music…but it could be possible

    • Selvinas: I think it’s possible. That’s how I started out =o

  9. i live in cali too ^-^

    • Chris: Sweet : D

  10. Omg! you’ve explained it COMPLETELY the same as I would have on becoming a GACKT fangirl!! except my 1st GACKT song was Love Letter! amazing!

    I often ask myself whether I would still be his fan if he didn’t have a pretty face, I think it’s a definite YES! for his music, performance and personality! XD


    • Yan: Omg Love Letter is amazing <333~! And did I? I was hoping people would get what I meant, I wasn't sure if they would… but it looks like they do haha xD!
      Definately, the beauty is just an extra – everything else is the real reason we all love him x]~
      *hugs back*

  11. This is the best, most compressive Gackt site I have ever seen! I just found it today and I’m so glad I did! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into this!

    • Mikaela: Aww thank you! I try to keep it as imformative and up-to date as possible, so I guess I’m doing a good job x]
      I hope you ejoy my site for a long time to come!

  12. Thank you much for the site!!! I only became a Gackt fan very recently, around July-August…and your site has helped me know him so much!!!! It’s funny how one of the fans here, Dyan, calls him her “daddy”. One of my best friends calls him the same thing!!! And yes, that is because he is 19 years older to us…but that still doesn’t make me call him “daddy”…-perverted smirk-

    Do you mind me adding you on MSN?

    • Shweta: Welcome to my site new Dear 8D! I’m glad the site helped you loads, that makes me happy x]
      Ah yes Dyan.. she’s funny xD Talk about coincidences ne?
      *le gasp* I saw that smirk! >.> <.<

      Not at all, add away~
      If you have any questions about Gackt or anything in general, feel free to ask on the FAQ page or just message me ❤

  13. thnks for a great site Jo! ❤ ❤ ❤

    Take care!

    ~ kay dalle ~

    • kay dalle: You’re welcome, and thank you for visiting ❤

  14. Hello Joanna!

    I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year and may all your wishes come true! Thank you for this wonderful site and for sharing everything with us!

    Take care!

    • Irina:Aw thank you! A Happy New Year to you as well~!
      Also, welcome to my site =]!

  15. Hey, you will know me as nightangel_jai on LJ. I was going through my bookmarks when I saw this site listed and then I realized it was you, who I just friended so recently and I’ve had this site bookmarked for over a year at least. This is a really nice website by the way, I don’t visit as much as I’d like too, I always end up forgetting about most of the sites I have bookmarked, but every time I do visit I find something interesting. I’ll try to visit more often now. Take care:)

    • Christina: Oh yes, hello!
      Thank you so much, I’m glad that you enjoy my site!
      You take care as well =]

  16. I freaked out when i read this because I was like, finally, someone potentially close to who I am 😀
    but the main reason I’m bothering you again is because I wanted to thank you (SOOO~ MUCH) for making this site available for people like me, it helps, alot.

    • Erika: Well you know what they say: Great minds think alike ne? xP
      You’re welcome x] ❤

  17. Warm hello to all,
    It was by accident I found this site but it seems a refreshing change from most fansites for Gaktuo. I’d love to see him live just once so I envy you that honour web mistress!…I also love visual kei, j rock, etc including Miyavi, the GazettE, Alice Nine, and Deluhi. Please , I’d love to hear from anyone who shares my enthusiasm!
    Take care tomodachi ga!

    • Amai: Welcome to my site!
      Well perhaps it was not by accident, but by fate instead 8D~ *lame I know lol*
      I really hope you get to someday, he’s amazing ❤
      Oh how awesome! Well whenever you feel like chatting, my chat info is up there as you can see n.n
      You take care too, and thank you for visiting my site!

  18. Hello~ Nice to meet you! ^__^
    well since your a die-hard-fan! was wondering if you would be interested in this?

    and if you would help me spread the word. through your journal or anything. please and thank you~
    oh and please contact me here: =D

    and this is for any other Gackt Fanatic as well >.>

    • Narola: Welcome to my site!
      It’s nice to meet you as well x3

      Oh that sounds like a really cute project! I’d be more than happy to participate and help spread the word!
      Thank you for informing me about this, I’ll get to it right away~

  19. hi joanna!
    I love this site you made!
    rly I’M A GACKT FAN TOO!! >wv<
    my LJ : riinn_veey

    • rin veey: Aw thank you so much!
      You’re like the first person to address me by my actual full name instead of camuilove, it’s kind of funny xD;
      Yaay Gackt fans 8D!
      And I promise to do that right away~
      Btw, an official welcome to my site ❤

  20. Love your site so much, I use it for all my Gackt needs haha 😀
    No one i know seems to appreciate him though… so hard to find jrock fans 😦

    Keep up the good work XD

    • un[Beautiful]: Welcome to my site!
      Aw thanks, and you’re welcome x3
      I don’t really understand why so many people put him down ;___;… Well, hopefully this site and others help to change that ne?

  21. ZOMG~~~ i love GACKT just like u
    whee~~~ *seriously banging the wall with my head*

    • lynn: Welcome to Camui Love!

      Oh dear don’t do that, youll cause a headache for yourself!!… Or blood on the site walls, nuuuu!! *gives you a nice pillow instead* =D;;
      Thank you, and hooray for loving Gackt x3

  22. BTW i like your web 🙂

  23. Hey you! There are still rumors about a Europe tour for Gackt. Do you have any news on that? I can’t seem to find it anywhere. I checked for a tour list for the new tour begining 10 of june but can’t find it. Maybe you can help? And if you find any news about and Eu tour, please post it asap!:D Thank you thank you:D

    • Dex|ter: Yes I’ve heard about it. Apparently a lot of the European concert organizers sent out emails to a couple of their members saying that he will be touring Europe, along with the supposed dates, venues, and when you can start purchasing tickets. I’m crossing my fingers that this news is true, but because nothing has been mentioned on any of Gackt’s official sites, I’m going to keep my eyes on it and regard it as a rumor-ish type of thing. Once the news appears on the OHP I promise you’ll see me posting about it =]

  24. Thank you! You are the best:D:D:D

    • Dex|ter: You’re welcome ^-^

  25. WOW. This site is amazing. You are amazing! I’m so glad that G has a fan like you (unlike me, I just sit on my ass and talk about him nonstop to everyone, whether they want to listen or no, lol)! And what you wrote on this page is so similar to my experiences with G, it’s REALLY weird! O.o;;

    It was also Last Song that me a goner. First time I heard it, I burst into tears, despite not having a single clue what the lyrics meant, cuz I was THAT moved! hahaha f(^_^); The first time I saw a picture of him, (which was months after the first time I heard his songs), I also thought “wtf?! THIS is what he looks like?!” and it took quite a while before he became my definition of sexy! XD

    Ah, SKIN, such an awesome concert! Definitely unforgettable! I just wish they had stayed together long enough to release an album so I’m not stuck listening to the poor quality live recording my friends & I took. Ah well, better poor quality than nothing, right? 😉

    And Saitama July 11th! “Final’s Eve” as he called it! He was such a dork, Mr. “oops, I let the MC go for 45 mins longer than planned because I’m so happy that the youtube people who changed my life actually came to my concert” XD It’s weird that out of the 50-some RRII concerts he did, we were both at the same one! XD

    • L.Redemption: Wow, I totally skipped over this comment by accident. So glad I just remembered it, gomen nasai ne!!
      Oh thank you so much, I’m really glad you like it~
      Hahahaha well hey I’m basically doing the same as you – I just made a website so I can justify my rambling >o>.. XDDD;;

      Oh wow, you weren’t kidding when you said our experiences were similar o____o;;…
      Not only at the same RRII concert, but attended S.K.I.N. as well WTF?! That’s just oh so cool @____@!!!
      *hugs my new almost twin* XD

  26. Hey, Jo, I found a site on Vox that has pics of GACKT that I’ve never seen before; pictures of a Nemuri rehearsal for example. I took copies of the pics for my personal collection, but I didn’t want to reupload them anywhere. I have the site owner’s permission to put her link here. This is the link to her first photo page:

    • Mikaela: Thanks for the tip!
      Hmm… I think I’ve posted links to similar pictures of these before: Nemuri Pics and the Cast Pics

      I’m only assuming because they look familiar to me, lol

  27. Ah, yes. My bad. I was in the hospital when those were upload. I guess I neglected to look at previous entries when I got back home. Sorry. XD

    • Mikaela: Oh don’t worry about that, you were in the hospital for pete’s sake – you’re totally excused xD
      I hope you’re doing better though =]

  28. I’m doing much better now, thank you. I’ll have to go through all of the older posts and see what else I missed. 🙂

    • Mikaela: Good to hear x3
      Erm… I hope it wasn’t too much eheh ^^;;

  29. Heh, it’s cool hearing about other people’s experiences of how they discovered Gackt.

    For me if was FFVII Dirge of Cerberus (and Crisis Core). It was only really this year in the past several months that I heard my first Gackt song. I heard Redemption from the game and liked the song despite not being able to understand the lyrics. Then I found out that Genesis was based on Gackt’s look. So I was like ‘hmm I wonder what he looks like’. When I first saw him I did think he looked feminine but not in an unplesant way.

    So I listened to a few more of his songs, Jesus and Lost Angels, and again I really liked the music, so I bought his albums. I love iTunes for having his music to buy since it’s hard to get hold of his albums here in England. It was after watching YouTube videos (seeing his humor and charming personality ^.^) and listening to more of his music that I started to think ‘wow this man is beautifully sexy’ XD

    I know those who’ve never heard of or listened to Gackt can’t understand why we like his music (my parents included lol), cos the lyrics are Japanese, but it’s about the quality of music. I think it takes real musical genius to convert thousands of non-Japanese fans to love your music, even though they can’t understand the lyrics. He puts so much emotion in his music you don’t need to understand the lyrics 🙂

    Wow, sorry, that was a really long comment lol. I just wanted to share ^.^

    • Nicola: It is~
      Oh goodie, that’s what I thought too xD!
      Ah, you gotta love YT and iTunes ne?

      Exactly. I try to explain that to others but they just don’t seem to get it *le sigh*
      Oh well, more Gackt for me I guess lol

      No worries about the length, I’ve seen longer xD

  30. I’m sorry this is in a random place but wasn’t really sure where to post it..has any one seen the new issue of Arena37 yet? Is the YFC concert been reviewed in there? Lol thanks for putting up with my stupidness 😛

    • Puffy: It’s fine – next time aim for the FAQ page lol
      Errr… I don’t believe so x___x; I haven’t seen scans anywhere yet…

  31. ”Wow… he is so.. pretty!!!” Is exactly what I say all the time now. ^_^ I don’t really like saying “handsome” and sure he’s hot, but “pretty” fits so much better. Not in a feminine way, but he’s just so…. pretty! And he is so magical. Seriously. O_O It’s hard to explain, but I’m sure you know what I mean. Ah, but seeing how he lives and does everything at 100%, or rather, 150%, makes me feel like my life is so insignificant and small. T__T Oh gosh, how I love this website. Thanks billions, Jo. ❤

  32. Wow really can express it in words. I’m very amazed. 🙂 I like Gackt since Nov’04. In 2002, I knew Gackt from magazine and had bad impression about his looks, really not recommended. 😀 Moreover my friend said he’s weird, scary, etc, since he was vocalist malice mizer. After I watched Moon Child and heard oranji no taiyo, I begin to search about him. The last struck, when I watch his 2004’s concert (SDSN), it’s really captivated me and makes me head over heels of him until now. (^_^) The more I listen his music and more I know about him, the more I luv him. And you already describe it well from your comment above. If someone ask me, Is it because Gackt’s looks that make me like him, of course not because for me he’s not handsome but your right Jo.. his aura that make him different from others artist.
    Every Japanese people that I’ve met, always surprise that I’m Gackt fan, the words that came out from their mouth was “He is the most narcissist artist in Japan”. Wakakakaka…

    Btw Jo, you are amazing and fantastic fan cause you can make this blog alive.. (^_^)v

    • pbonk: To be honest I think I can try to explain it even better than that.. oh words, you fail at describing exactly what Gackt is to me and the rest of the world T^T….
      It’s strange isn’t it? He’s kind of an outsider even in his own country, but still remains very cool to others and is still pretty famous. I guess the only way others will really understand is if they go into the fandom themselves and get a taste of what we see, you know? Something like that.

      Oh, thank you v//v..

  33. Hi! I just discovered your site. Phew. At last. Some place I can get juicy bits of Gackt.

    • EmpressXenix: Oh, welcome =D~!
      I hope you find all the info you need and more on this site – it’s still in a work of progress of course ;]

  34. Just stumbled upon your wonderful site. Thanks for putting this one up as it is one of the most updated sites on GACKT-cherie (that’s my personal endearment for him. n_n) that I came across.

    Reading your history of GACKT fandom-ism *;P* I was reminded of my very own experience. It was pretty nostalgic for me. I was just like you. I get drowned in a world where nothing and nobody else exist – just me and GACKT-cherie – whenever I listen to his songs. Since 2002, I don’t anymore remember the exact date, until now, his effect on me hasn’t changed a bit. *sigh*

    Anyway, let’s just continue keeping the flame of our love for GACKT alive. n_n

    Take care and thanks a lot again.

  35. hi joanna, just want to tell u how much i appreciate your site! i discovered gackt when i went to hokkaido in oct n saw his yellow fried chickenz tour on tv- he blew me away! when i got back home i googled for him n yours is the 1st fansite i came across, i learned so much from u about him, then of cos thru your links i went on to more n more, haha, i read n watched everything i can find about him. the amazing thing about him is that he can look different in so many ways, so cool n yet so adorable n cute n silly sometimes. i haven’t found a single song that i don’t like, most of them just grow on me immediately. so keep up the good work n thanks again.

    • kamuizhen: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Oh wow that’s so cool! Did you happen to go to the live or no?
      Haha so true, he is a man of many looks but still remains the same on the inside :3
      Thank you so much and I’m glad it was useful to you! ^^

  36. thanks for the welcome, joanne! no, i didnt catch him live, just saw him on tv. actually a few years ago, a net friend sent me his song MIZERABLE n i like it immediately, just that i didn’t go further, i saw his picture n thought he looked like billy idol, u know the platinum blond look. so when i saw him on tv this year, i thought he’s so cool n everything. so now i’m like totally in love with him when i see n hear more of him.
    hey joanne, i feel like i can come back to u for more info or just to talk about gackt n stuff, u r so warm n sweet… ^_^

    • kamuizhen: Oh, well at least you get to see him on the tv ya? I practically screamed when I learned Furin Kazan (the drama he starred in) was showing here in America XDDDD and I’m glad you gave him a second chance too~
      Oh why thank you .///. but yes, feel free to ask questions or talk about Gackt as much as you like, everyone here is quite friendly =D!!! And you can call me either Joanna or Jo, I’ll let you decide lol

  37. hey jo! i’m watching fuurin kazan now, guess where i found the downloads? in a russian site! so many different people from all over the world love him!
    our gacchan must be the most beautiful daimyo lord in all fimdom, that’s why i use the name kamuizhen, cos the lords gave their retainers a part of their own name, so there were so many nobu this n nobu that, kinda confusing haha.
    well, not that he gave me his name, i just shamelessly took it cos he’s my oyakata-sama, haha. maybe all his dears should do this.

  38. dear,gackt please,please come to ireland i am your biggest fan i am 15 years old and i live in galway i have been waching your vidoes sines i was little and i would love if you would come to ireland love from shauna clancy^^

  39. I love GACKT like u…
    he’s make me fall ….
    i’m from indonesia …

    • Welcome from the USA XD

  40. First time I heard of Gackt when I was 13 years old. My friend mentioned Malice Mizer and Gackt. I was intrigued but wasn’t interested enough. Then I purchased my copy of Final fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerberus (I’m a game nut haha) and two of Gackt’s songs, Redemption and Longing were inserts.
    I fell in love with the music and voice and found out that it was exactly what I was looking for.
    I started looking him up and loved him even more when I listened to RETURNER, which was newly released.
    Now turning 18, I’m still a fan (:

    Oh my favourite songs definately have to be RETURNER, Redemption and Mind Forest and favourite concert is Diablos~

  41. I am very much a fan of Gackt.
    And I jusr bought his CD MooN Yesterday.

  42. I Looovvveeee Gakuto Camui!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Thank you for your site. I am glad that a young person is so dedicated to this artistic genius that is GACKT !!! I have been listening since Malice days and got him immediately though all theglitz. His transformation has nothing but a miracle to watch. His latest incarnation with YFC is going to be interesting with the addition of the other members. What do you think? I also saw him live here in Cali, it has been my only opportunity but it was a shining one as you described.

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