Assuming you’ve read the ‘Welcome to Camui Love!’  page, you now know who this site is dedicated to. But maybe that’s not enough for you.
“Big whoop. What makes this Gackt guy so special anyway, what’s his story?”
Well my dear friends, this is where this biography will come in handy x]

Name: Gackt Camui
A.k.a.: Gackt, Gakuto, GACKT, Gackt M.S. Camui
Birthdate: July 4th, 1973 (or 1540, haha~)
Blood Type: A
Zodiac Sign: Cancer
Height: 5’11” (182-183 cm)

Gackt Camui is one of Japan’s most recognizable and talented individuals. He is best known for his career as a solo artist, though he first gained recognition in Japan as the vocalist in the Visual Kei band Malice Mizer. He has a voice that is unique and unmatched when compared to his fellow musicians. He can play a variety of instruments and writes and composes his own songs. Although most musicians are categorized into a single genre, Gackt stands out above the rest because his music ranges from classical to pop to rock. Aside from his musical career, he has also participated in acting, voice acting, modeling, motion capturing, and writing. Besides Japanese, Gackt can speak English, Mandarin, Korean, French, and Cantonese; perhaps even more. His music has gained him fans all over the world, all of whom he calls his “Dears”

Gackt Camui was born on the island of Okinawa, Japan, on July 4th. He was born to musically inclined parents and is the middle child, having an older sister and a younger brother. At the tender age of 3, his parents decided to have Gackt take up piano lessons. As he grew into a reckless, mischevious boy, Gackt lost interest in the piano and sought ways to force himself out of taking lessons, eventually quitting at the age of 11. But after seeing a classmate perform better than him on the instrument, his competitive drive led him back to music at the age of 14.

During his high school years, Gackt switched from classical music to rock music, practicing the drums whenever he had the chance. After high school, he worked multiple jobs and practiced his drumming at a nearby studio. It was here where he first met YOU, his future best friend and band member. He first saw YOU at a live performance, but didn’t believe that the guitarist of the band was the man standing in front of him. After some arguing, Gackt admitted that he was wrong and the two decided to create their own band called CAINS:FEEL. At the time, they were short of a vocalist and as a joke, YOU suggested that Gackt should be the vocalist. Gackt was driven to prove that he could sing and after a few vocal lessons he sang in front of YOU. This was the first time that Gackt had ever sang out loud. After YOU complimented his voice, Gackt continued to improve his vocals.

Gackt continued to be the drummer and vocalist for the band until he was approached by Mana, one of the co-founders of the Visual Kei band Malize Mizer. The band had just recently lost their vocalist, and after hearing a demo tape Mana asked Gackt to fill that position. After meeting with the other band members, Gackt agreed and joined Malice Mizer in 1995. With Gackt as the vocalist, the band’s music took on a more romantic, European feel, and added more classical and electronic instruments. The band’s image also changed from dark and gothic clothing to more colorful and elaborate costumes, though the gothic theme still remained. The band also became considerably more popular in the public eye. After enjoying four years of success Gackt left Malice Mizer in 1999, taking a majority of the band’s fanbase with him, to begin his solo career. The reasons behind the split are still a mystery, but rumors speculate it was due to creative differences.

A few months after starting his solo career, Gackt released his first single “Mizerable” and has had 9 years of incredible success since then. He has released around 30 singles, 10 full-length albums and EPs, 7 concert DVDs, and more. The single “Returner ~Yami no Shuuen~” was his first song to hit #1 on the Oricon charts. Some of his works have been used in anime (New Fist of the North Star), video games (Final Fantasy VII: Dirge of Cerebus), and themes for television shows (Kamen Rider Decade). He has done voice work as well (Arthur and the Minnoys) and has provided both his voice and looks for the character Genesis Rasphodos (Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core and FFVII: DoC). He also co-wrote/produced/and starred in the 2003 film Moon Child alongside fellow artist HYDE (vocalist of L’Arc~en~Ciel) and starred in the NHK drama Furin Kazan as Uesugi Kenshin. He has also starred in numerous ads (e-ma candy commercials, Fuji Film) and has been a guest on various talk shows (Utaban, HEYx3! Music Champ).

As far as current projects go, Gackt has just finished touring Japan with his VISUALIVE Tour 2008-2009 Requiem et Reminiscence II ~再生と邂逅~. He has also released 4 “Anniversary” singles which commemorate his 10 years as a solo artist. Gackt is also starring in the upcoming film BUNRAKU with Josh Hartnett, Demi Moore, and Woody Harrelson, which is set for a 2010 release. And he is also starring in the upcoming Kamen Rider Decade Movie, which will be released this August, and is providing the theme song to the film. It is apparent that no matter what new challenge arises, Gackt will face it head on and conquer them all as he has done for more than fifteen years.

For a more detailed account of Gackt’s life, please look at this biography from JRR:
Gackt Bio at JRR

And you can find the translation to his autobiography, Jihaku, here:
Cool Like Plastic
Eien no Yume
Note: In the links provided, Jihaku is translated by the same person. The only difference is that the first link has you reading the text in front of a white background, while in the second link the text is read in front of a black background – your preference.

And if you’d like to learn even further details about this wonderful man, please feel free to check out the other pages n.n



  1. i love gackt thanks for this short blurb on him i just discovered him lol on youtube and fell in love with his voice. He’s so funny! i am proud to become one of his dears lol

    • andrea: Well you’re welcome x] I’m planning on expanding that page a bit in order to include more details about his life up until now, but all in due time~
      Heeeey we discovered Gackt in almost the same way! xD Well let me be one of the first to say Welcome to the fandom! And I hope you just fall in love with him more >D If you have any questions about him or whatever feel free to make a comment here or just search around this site for more info about him =]

      • Jo,
        First, many thans for doing such a great job ob this site^_- I’m a newbie here but have loved Gackt for several years. Second, I’ve previously read parts of “Jihaku” and wanted to continue so I went to the 2 links you posted. They seem to be experiencing some tech problems maybe. Anyway, keep up the wonderful job here and thanks again!

      • Oh no problem! I’m always happy to know that the site is useful ^.^~
        GAH, how sad D:! Well I just checked and the Eien no Yume version seems to be working fine. Try the link below and let me know if it works or not:

      • YAY! The link works fine Jo! Thanks again! Oh, I also added you as friend on LJ. ^U^ Hope to see you there sometime too.
        Take care and May the Gackt Be With You…

      • OH! I was wondering who that might be XD thanks! I’ll make sure to add you as well :3~~
        Same to you *salutes*

      • Yep, it’s me..:p very cool thanx!

  2. I discovered him via Final Fantasy 7 – Advert Children. I loved the movie and was looking for funny clips and voice-overs and happen to see a clip from Dirge of Cerberus and wrongly thought that Square Enix had made a new movie. Thinking, that one of the characters in the clip was REALLY hot and then discovering that it was based on Gackt, I then googled him. I found a page that was about Malize Mizer – It was a chock to find out that Mana was a dude… O.o – then seeing my first picture of Gackt and then to learn that he was a rock star in Japan. I then went back to youtube and saw the video for Wa-su-re-na-i-ka-ra and I was like: OMG he’s totally H-O-T! Now I’m in his web never to be released. X) …

    Waow, that was long roundabout way to greatness…

    • lonne2: Haha but it’s a great story! Thanks for sharing it x]
      And a little off-topic, but I was afraid of Mana at first… it was just… big shock xD

  3. Oh my GACKTT!!! -yes, he is my god- ive read many biographies of him and this is by far my favorite. i introduced myself into Gackt on the television (What’s new June?) in 2008 (i know im late…:P) but ive complately fallen in LOVE with hiiimmm. and i think you should add something about “Gakupo” in here. (Gackt’s Vocaloid) i also ove him. but GACKT IS THE ULTIMATE SAMURAI!!!!

    • Erika: It is?!?! I personally don’t like it, it lacks information xDD; I just wanted to put up something for the time being and I need to refine it better to include important notes about his life up to now. Thank you for the input though, I’ll make sure to add something about that in there when I edit the page x]
      I love samurai Gackt, he’s the best~!!!
      Well… second to cannibal Gackt, because that was just an amazing performance LOL

      Aww it’s okay if you’re late, there’s no time like the present to be introduced to Gackt!
      And I officially welcome you to my site ❤

  4. Love Gackt^_^

    • Bpoochine: Same here ❤

      Also, welcome to my site =]

  5. My friend from school was gushing about Gackt, so I figured I had to check him out…I have to admit, at first, I was like..Ok, he’s sexy, and his voice sounds ok..but -shrug- …A week ago I was bored, randomly looked him up, and I fell in love with Vanilla and Last Song. He has to be one of the sexiest real life bishounen I’ve ever seen, and he has the most amazing voice. I stand proud and say ‘I, Victoria, am a fan of Gackt-kun and proud to be one of his dears ^_^’

    • Victoria: Hooray for you! Ah, he’s amazing isn’t he? Believe you me, once you enter the fandom it’s an entirely different world. The more you know about Gackt, the more it feels like you’ve been a fan of his since the beginning of his career. It’s wonderful and just like the Twilight Zone. XD
      I hope this site will be useful to you and you’re friend n.n

  6. I’ve gone into a long depression ever since ive heard this news: “Gackt will be retiring in 2010.” If thats really true then Im sure my (along with international fans) Dreams are thoroughly crushed. please, keep us up to date with that D:

    • Erika: I would suggest looking at the FAQ page on this site and scrolling down to the part where I talk about his retirement in 2010. Just so you know, he is NOT retiring – not yet at least. So don’t be depressed, be happy! =D

  7. In response to Erika’s comment: …Wow, my Christmas was just ruined… D: He can’t retire! That would just…ruin everything! -sobs- I might be new to the Gackt fandom, but there’s still so much I want to know about him! It can’t be over yet.

    • Victoria: *pats back*
      Don’t fret – he’s not retiring, not yet. Go to the FAQ page on this site and read the part where I mention the retirement in 2010 =]
      Plus, if you’re new to the Gackt fandom, it shall enlighten you @.@

  8. Ah, man, gotta love Gackt. C: ♥


    • Okachii: Quite, quite.
      Welcome to my site btw~

  9. Oh, Im late on replying BUT THATS REALLY GOOD TO HEAR. My christmas was ruined as well, I started crying when my mother got me a Gackt DVD. And do you know of any tours to America…or do you know where to find out?

    • Erika: Aw I’m so sorry! Well I hope that info made up for it at least ><;
      Currently there is no information about him touring in America. The place that would mention a tour of some kind would be his official site (most likely the English portion of the site) or the English MySpace. And if there is news of a tour, you can bet I'll be posting about it with full force 8D So this site too haha!

  10. ………ew, fangirls

    • Gakuto: Oooohh every fandom has its share of fangirls. But we’re mature as well, if you look past the admiration pouring out of us =]
      Welcome to my site btw~

  11. Waah, every night is Gackt-nite. I’m just glad there’s so much information to feed my hunger. My love for Gackt also serves as a wellspring for other things such as checking out final fantasy .. I’ve already watched FF Spirits Within and Advent Children but I didn’t have an idea that Gackt-sama was the inspiration for the Dirge of Cerberus character, Genesis (So cool!). Of course, can’t help but check out Malice Mizer too (Kami and Gackt-sama performing together was awesome) along with Hyde, Miyavi .. argghh .. it’s a conspiracy .. 😛 I need a cure for this please. Do I need to mention that my hard drive is currently being filled with Gackt-related videos? 🙂 Being in this site just makes me feel that am not alone in my madness .. glad u guys are here 🙂

    • Teya: Haha yup! The more you try to look into Gackt the deeper you fall in love with him, that’s my belief lol.
      Hahaha you know that’s another reason why I’m always so grateful to Gackt. It’s because of him that I now know a lot of bands and artists in the JRock world and why I don’t think I will be leaving the scene any time soon eheh~
      You should see mine – I also have a separate USB for him too xD;
      I’m glad you can share the madness with us ^__^

  12. I started with jdoramas, then anime and manga .. then jpop (my students would ask mo to check out their crushes from NEWS, Kattun and some other johnny’s). I became curious about the jmusic scene. My first song Gackt song was Vanilla. Took me a few more months to have the time to finally dig deeper about the singer named Gackt. After listening to Mizerable and Fragrance, am in love. Gackt-sama’s voice is so addictive. My heart would skip a beat when I would hear You-sama’s violin. 🙂 Btw, since you guys are the experts, what happened to You-sama and Cains:Feel during the time of Malice Mizer? Affection and fondness is so evident between You-sama and Gackt-sama. It kindda makes me feel (this is just my opinion) that Malice Mizer was just a stepping stone. That even from the start, the end game would be Gackt, Gacktjob. Gackt-sama and You-sama together in a band. Some secret pact that they will work their way through the jrock music scene together. ..hehehe. Again, this is just my opinion, Gackt-sama wouldn’t have lasted with Malice Mizer. His creative freedom would have been curtailed with the band. I love the way Gackt-sama has evolved and You-sama, Chachamaru-sama’s loyalty with each other.

    • Teya: Heheh I started with anime/manga too xp;
      I think Vanilla was my first PV… I honestly can’t remember between that song and Redemption though n.n;; Anyway I’m glad you decided to find out more about him~!
      I wouldn’t say expert o/o; I’ve just had a longer time to surf out information hee~ But from what I know from an interview Gackt did after DIABOLOS (btw, this interview is on this site, just look up DIABOLOS 8D~), once he got the offer to be a part of Malice Mizer, the bandmates of Cains:Feel went their separate ways, knowing that Gackt had to go to Tokyo to fulfill his dreams and they didn’t want to hinder his progress. So in short, the band broke up ^^; Even though they were separated, Gackt continued to talk with You-san on the phone and stuff. You was actually depressed for a while after Gackt left for Tokyo and he started to think a lot about why he was doing music. Even though Gackt was moving on up in the music scene, he told You that one day he might call upon his strength and perform together again, so he told him to keep bettering himself until that time. And after seeing Gackt perform at one of Malice’s lives back in ’98, he started learning how to play piano and violin. And as you know, after Gackt left Malice he formed GacktJob~
      I agree, Gackt’s creative mind wouldn’t have been satisfied if he couldn’t have complete control over the musical aspects of the band. He’d always considered going solo, even back during Cains:Feel, but I think MM was the stepping stone he needed in order to become who he is today.

  13. Thank you very much for tirelessly replying to my posts. 🙂 Watching Gackt-sama in Oshareism is so fantastic. I feel like a teenager ogling over her crush. At my age, I shouldn’t even be fangirling at all, but Gackt-sama is quite overwhelming. I love Gackt-sama, am hung over You-sama, Chachamaru-sama is so cute .. i love all of Gacktjob and their music. I’d like to think am not the only one like this. Sometimes am wondering what is it about the Japanese culture that they have manga, anime, jrock .. these have sprung a cult following from all over the world. In your past posts, i came upon the topic of having Gackt-sama guesting in Ellen’s show. I really want others to know Gackt-sama and his music, and yet the selfish part of me just wants to preserve the cult following that he has. I don’t want him to be just another artist who would be at risk of overexposure. Or maybe exploited by other artists for their own benefits. Most of us non-Japan Dears have discovered him in such unique ways. We were drawn to Gackt-sama and his music. 🙂 Anyway, thanks again for answering my posts. So nice to have a place to share my Gackt-sama moments. 🙂

    • Teya: You’re welcome~
      Psh, age ain’t nothin’ but a number. Gackt has girls in their freshman year to old grannies swooning after him – I think you’re quite okay to oogle over him xD; And trust me you’re not the only one who loves JOB ❤
      That's why I love Japan so much. The amount of creativity that flows from this island country is simply astounding and I can only bow down in total worship at times, haha~!

      I understand what you mean about that. I am all for Gackt getting more exposure because I want the world to bask in his amazing talent and accomplishments. I just want the world to know how much of an amazing person he is and to love and appreciate him as I and fellow Dears do. But I often wonder that if he does indeed catch a big break, will too much overexposure change the quaint fandom we have now? It's not so much Gackt that I worry about, because he's practically everywhere in Japan. He's remained true to himself for the past ten years as a solo artist, and I believe he already has the same type of mindset back with Malice and even further with Cain's:Feel. He knows more than anyone else what to do with his career and how to handle his image, so I have faith that he wouldn't change from the person we've known for so long if the spotlight got bigger. I'm more worried about how it might affect the fandom – a lot of meaningless things tend to ripple out once in a while, and to have that on a bigger scale or to have to settle cleared-up question or facts again might be a bit of a headache. But.. I think as long as the majority of us continue to do our best as his fans, things will turn out okay. Plus if he does hit the big-time, hopefully this site will be able to clear up a lot of misconceptions about him. That's one of my main goals in having this site anyway.

      Ack, got carried away, sorry about that!
      You're welcome and always feel free to voice your feelings here ❤

  14. Hahaha.. talk away. I love hearing insights from you. No one here who can relate to my passion for Gackt-sama (though my younger sister has been taking notice of him – “he kindda grows on you,” that’s what she said ). This is actually true for me, I didn’t really pay much attention to who he was at first, but I was already falling in love with his songs which are so different and quite unique. Vanilla, Fragrance, Mizerable and Redemption. If it’s not for Gackt-sama’s familiar voice, these songs are totally different from each other .. can’t put them in just one category. Then I saw him. My reactions went from he’s so pretty, to – “is he gay?”. Then before I knew it, I was hooked. He grew on me. There’s that familiar air of mystery and confidence and that raw masculinity. Nevermind the fan service acts, Gackt-sama is a man. Once he grows on you, you will know that for sure 😀 The question is how to survive. When does the formal feeling come after the “high.”? My sister is already berating me over my “obsession with Gackt.” Pics, updates, downloads .. nah, am not obsessed right? Just catching up on the ten years I missed. 😛 So when do u get to breathe normally afterward? Just earlier this evening i was watching Gackt vs Arashi .. it was funny and refreshing. I was kindda thinking that Gackt-sama won’t be caught dead in shows like that, but goes to show how wrong I was. He was quite a sport in everything. Makes him endearing to me more. *sigh*

    Mood: Drowning in Gackt-sama’s aura 🙂

    • Teya: Oh good, wouldn’t want to annoy you guys or anything xD;
      He does grow on you. Aww, I hope she ends up becoming a Dear too x3
      That’s what I love about Gackt – his music ranges from so many styles, it’s impossible to label him or fit him into one single category. He’s simply an artist, and the best in the world in my opinion (but hey, I’m biased LOL). Ah you’re reaction is perfectly normal, it almost happens in similar ways with all of us I believe lol. Oh yes, just catching up is all haha~! To be honest I don’t know if you ever return to “normal.”. If anything I think you kind of get used to the familiar feelings of excitement and stuff, but they never go away completely. You just get to know how you’re going to react to him if anything lol.

  15. I love Gackt and I wish that I could see him in person.

  16. You’re right, I don’t think I will be returning to “normal” anytime soon. Gackt-sama is now part of my daily life. I go online and I automatically check your site for updates. My ipod is filled with his songs. I would watch a clip of him or a concert just before I go to sleep. *Sigh* My mind is going crazy trying to fit things in the Gackt chronology. I would see clips in youtube and would wonder when was it filmed. Anyway, am bothering you again with random questions about our dear Gackt. He seems to interact a lot with the Japanese Dears, I was just wondering if he knows that he also has lots of non-Japan Dears. While we’re at it, do we already have Dears International or sumthin like that? It’s only quite recently that I’ve learned the importance of the fan club especially if you would want to purchase tickets for concerts and stuff. Another thing, it would seem that Gackt-sama has so many projects recently, does he even get the chance to rest? I would love to know what’s his idea of a really lazy, laid back day. Is that even possible? I just wish he won’t work too much. Lastly, have you tried sending him an email or a snail mail? I was wondering if he’s even aware of this wonderful site you have created for him. Am really toying with the idea of sending him a letter, still procrastinating though. 🙂 Thanks again for continuously updating your site and for tirelessly answering my questions 🙂

    • Teya: Yaaay you’re becoming a regular ol’ fangirl lol~
      Well you could always ask me what year a clip is from, I’ve studied him long enough to know… (The secret is to look at his hairstyle xD)

      I made a big long explanation of Gackt and overseas on the FAQ page, but it needs some tweaking o.<;;;…
      Anyways, rest assured – he knows we exist n.n As of yet, Dears does not have an international fanclub, but they're slowly making their way towards that direction. Back in April 2009, a questionnaire went out that asked us our opinion of an international fanclub and about things like what would we want from it and stuff. And though I don't remember the exact date, last year the fanclub expanded to include Korea. With rumors of a European tour, him stating that he'd go to America, and the switch to Avex, which promotes its artists overseas, I'm pretty sure that the fanclub will start up someday soon. There are other ways to get tickets to his shows if you're not in the fanclub btw, it's just more work and a little complicated if you don't know anyone who lives in Japan n.n;

      From what I've known of my time in the fandom, Gackt and resting… don't really go in the same sentence =__=; He only sleeps about 2-3 hours a day and the rest of his time is spent working or training. I don't even know if he knows what a vacation is lol. He's been like this for many years though, so it's not like it's a new habit of his. I wish he would get more rest but… that wish falls on deaf ears I'm afriad =\

      I am in the process of gathering the courage to write him a letter. xD; After that I was thinking of emailing him once in a while. I comment on his blog occasionally though, which was a big step for me. I will send him something eventually, I swore this to myself lol. But like myself, I think you should gather up the courage to send him a letter soon n.n
      Eeeeh?! I doubt he's aware of this site, and he really doesn't have to look into it, honestly. I think I'd die if I knew he knew about this place, and then your updates will cease to exist… xDD

      You're welcome as always ❤

  17. I discovered Gackt via Gakuto the Vocaloid I liked the vocaloid’s voice and heard it was made by Gackt I’d heard about him in a magazine but was never interested. Until that day, I looked him up on youtube and found Last Song’s PV and just fell for his voice. >w<
    But now that I know about his begining I think I'm going to give it a listen to his other songs.
    Btw do you know when will BUNRAKU be relased?? I'm curious about his acting.

    • Alex: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Aaah everyone is always attracted to that song~! It’s beautiful ne?
      I think you should. If you need any recommendations i’d be more than happy to help as well as the rest of the fandom ^.^
      The release date as of now is 2011. This may or may not be the official year, since they’ve pushed it back several times already due to post-production and distribution licensing n.n;

  18. Thanks for answering!!
    “Last Song” it’s really beautiful kinda sad though.
    I hope the movie doesn’t get pushed back again! I really want to see it!! :3
    And please give me some recommendations!

    • Alex: No problem~
      Ah yes, it’s quite an emotional song T^T….
      Me too, fingers crossed!

      Oh er… shizz-nat. XD Well, do you want like a specific genre (i.e. rock, ballad, pop) or should I just lay out whatever comes to mind lol?

  19. Anything that comes to your mind will be fine.
    I dont have fav genres so anything’s fine.

    • Alex: Oh where to begin?…
      White Eyes, Flower, Tsuki no Uta, Setsugekka -The end of silence-, No Reason, In Flames, Hoshi no Suna, Rain, Lust for Blood, Ash, Lu:Na, Fragrance, Kalmia, Seven, Birdcage, Suddenly, Returner, Redemption, Oasis, Mizerable and Uncertain Memory… for starters. XD

  20. Looking back~ i was watching Heyx3 interview on kattun on youtube and than i saw a vid on Heyx3 celebration.. while watching the video i spotted someone wearing a cool suit or clothes. i tink that person was wearing glasses and he looked super cool but he was looking at the front so i couldn’t really see him.. and than i scrolled down to the comments and saw ppl commenting “GACKT<333" or something abt Gackt.. and i was like hmm who's Gackt?.. than i saw another comment "the guy beside (forgot name) is Gackt. "and i was like hey tats the guy i spotted lOl..

  21. and right after that i saw a vid which was Gackt rain Pv.. i immediately clicked in and listen.. IT. WAS . AWESOME! i love it!! and i started researching abt Gackt , his lovely songs, biography and wiki him .. the whole month i was doing that haha and even rereading he’s biography and wiki hahah. i couldn’t stop and the next month, my phone was filled with Gackt’s songs.. The songs which i love is hmm well most of them lOls i’ll list my most fav 😀 Rain~ Vanilla ~ redemption~jesus~Last song!!~Ghost ~love letter~lost angels!!!~Flower and more hehehe After hearing abt Gackt gonna retire on 2010 i was of course super shocked and started researching whether it was true.. if its true of course i will be sad but its his choice:) we fans can’t force him to not retire its kind of selfish >< so yeah GACKT <3333 ^________^

  22. Gackt is awasome why can’t we have guys like him in the states
    They should clone sho everyone can have there own personal Gackt

  23. I found Gackt through FF7: Crisis Core. I love Genesis Rhapsodos, who’s seiyuu can apparently also compose and perform amazing music. First song I heard by him was Redemption, as it was related to Dirge of Cerberus. Then I heard Vanilla and Lost Angels. Lost Angels absolutely blew my mind. Such passionate rawness, overwhelming grief. It really just rends into your heart. And Vanilla… Vanilla just oozes sexy…

  24. Hmm…Jo, your ‘Cool like Plastic” link doesn’t work. I get a blank page with “Fatal Error” written across it. The second one however, works perfectly, and I am now reading Gackt’s awesome autobiography. It’s late now but…I’ve almost lost control of myself at the moment

    • Sorry about that – the site is apparently going through some funky errors, so until they get that sorted out no one will be able to see it ^^;

      • Don’t worry about it. There’s still a readable version up, right? Eien no Yume is perfect.

  25. I ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Gakuto Camui!!!!!

  26. Gakuto is totally sweet.

  27. I first Gackt on the film Bunraku, i wanted to know more about him from the first glance. He is a very colourful and charismatic person, a good example of what people can do when they are determined.

    • Oh, welcome then!
      What did you think of the film? And I think that’s cool how the film made you curious about him, most people I know already knew about him beforehand lol
      Haha that’s a very good description of him! If you have any questions about him or his work I’ll be more than happy to answer them ^^

      Please enjoy the site!

  28. […] Biography « Camui LoveGackt biography, music artist band biography, Gackt songs lyrics. […]

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