I’m sure that you’ve all had questions like these before:
“How old is GACKT?”
“He doesn’t eat rice?!?!”
“Why won’t GACKT come to (insert country here)?!?!”

Worry not my fellow Dears – the FAQ page contains common questions about GACKT (much like the ones above) and my personal answers to them. Because these are my own answers, they may come off as a little biased; however, I tried to stick to actual facts rather than my own opinions. Hopefully this page will help you understand the man just a little more. This page also has questions pertaining to this site, so if something isn’t working right or confuses you, just put a comment here and I’ll try to fix it A.S.A.P.
Also, if you have a question that you don’t see up here, feel free to leave a comment on this page and I promise to answer it to the best of my ability.


Note: Please refer to GACKT’s autobiography, Jihaku, or translated interviews for more detailed answers to some of these questions.

Q: What is GACKT’s real name?

A: As far as the public knows, GACKT’s full name is Gackt Camui, sometimes spelled as Kamui. His name has also been seen as Gackt M.S. Camui and there have been many rumors as to what the M.S. could mean. Some claim it is the initials of his actual name, while others jokingly state that it is probably “Mobile Suit” in reference to his love for Gundam =p. Satoru Okabe is the most popular rumored name of his, along with a couple of others which elude my brain for the moment. Others state that Gackt might actually be his real name because Gackt is a real Japanese name. Despite what his real name may be, I think it’s safe to say that we would still call him GACKT regardless. After all, you don’t see many people calling “50 Cent” Curtis Jackson or “Miyavi” Ishihara Takamasa, right?

Q: I’ve heard that GACKT’s name means something. What is it?

A: As you may or may not know, GACKT has a special and amusing way of writing his name in kanji. The following was translated and written by amaiakuyume (thanks girl!):

Gakuto is a real Japanese name usually written something like “学斗”, but Gackt has his own special way of writing his name:

神 (KAMU: god, divinity)
威 (I: dignity, majesty, power)
楽 (GAKU: pleasure, fun, music)
斗 (TO: an old character meaning either an obsolete measurement for liquid, or the Chinese name for the Big Dipper, but basically now a placeholder kanji used for its sound in names)

I guess the simplest translation would be “Divine power of/through music”, but “kamui” is also the Ainu (an indigenous group native to northen Japan) word for the Gods, or more precisely, an aspect of divine power incarnated as a spiritual/physical entity (the kamui of storms, for example). So it could be more loosely interpreted as “Gackt, the incarnation of the divine power of music“.

Q: Does GACKT truly believe he can see spirits?

A: Ever since GACKT almost drowned in the Okinawa Sea when he was seven years old, he claims that he has been able to see the spirits of the departed. He has mentioned his “gift” on various talk shows and in Jihaku, as well as in blogs on occasion. Obviously I cannot tell you whether this is true or not.

Q: Does GACKT actually think he’s a 400-something-year-old vampire born in 1540? What’s his real age?

A: Nope. It was just a running gag from his Malice Mizer days and at the time it added a lot of interest and mystery to his already ambiguous persona. He also tends to make references that relate to him being a vampire, such as sucking blood or his skin melting because of the sunlight, but he only does it as a form of entertainment. In the end it’s all just a little joke and a cover-up for his real age. Speaking of his real age, there has been much speculation as to when he was born. Many believed that he was born in 1973 after the Sixth Day and Seventh Night tour, when a tombstone with his name on it had this date written on it. And others believed he may have been a few years younger, but the general consensus was that he was in his mid-thirties. It was revealed during the NEMURI x GACKT Project press conference that GACKT will be turning 37 in 2010, meaning that he is currently 36 and that the speculations about his birth year were true. GACKT himself said that he didn’t mean to hide his age, but didn’t have the time to go and correct this (a proper translation can be found here, thanks to excused_early).
I don’t know about you, but I think I’ll still keep count on his “vampire” years for fun (469 btw) ;p

Q: What instruments can GACKT play?

A: GACKT learned how to play the piano starting at the age of three. His father was good at playing the trumpet, so GACKT also learned how to play brass instruments such as the trumpet, tuba, and trombone (I wouldn’t be surprised if he learned how to play all brass instruments..). During high school, GACKT shifted his attention to percussion instruments like the drums. It was probably during his time with CAINS:FEEL that he also learned how to play string instruments like the guitar and bass. GACKT can also play the violin and traditional Japanese instruments such as the shamisen and koto. Basically, if you asked GACKT what instruments he can play, he would reply: “Anything.”

Q: Does GACKT eat anything?! He’s as skinny as a twig!!

A: Calm down; yes, GACKT does eat regular meals like you and I do. He just happens to eat very healthy, drinks vegetable juice in the mornings, and rarely eats carbohydrates because he believes he would get fatter by eating them. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t eat carbs at all; he treats himself to ramen and the like on occasion. Although his apparent obession with getting fat is questionable, his goal is to have a beautiful, yet strong body – one that can withstand his harsh training schedule and that can protect his loved ones. And eating the way he does helps to achieve that goal.

It should be noted that no matter how hard he may work out, GACKT will always have a fairly small body size due to genetics. He used to have 6% body fat but it has gone up to around 10% in 2009. Still skinny, but “healthier” looking according to fans. Also I think this question depends on what picture or video of GACKT you are looking at. If it was sometime during the beginning of his solo career (1999-2004-ish), then yes, he was much skinnier back then. GACKT states that he was always very sick as a child and this continued as he got older. You can see the effects of this during the earlier tours and especially during the Mars/Rebirth era, when he contracted pnemonia and had to be hospitalized for some time. But looking at pictures from 2005-now, I think he’s looking healthier and more beautiful with each passing day ❤

As GACKT will be performing as Nemuri Kyoshiro this year and the next, he has recently started to lose weight for the role. Don’t be alarmed though – actors do this all the time when preparing for certain roles, so naturally GACKT would follow suit. Personally though… I hope he doesn’t lose too much weight ;____;

Q: Why does GACKT faint after every single live?! Is he unhealthy or something?!

A: As surprising as this may sound, GACKT does not faint after every single live. He may need help walking around after a performance because he’s so exhausted, but that doesn’t necessarily mean he fainted. The only reason we assume that he does is because the concert footage we see is the last performance of the tour, and of course he’s going to give it his all. When he does faint, it’s usually because he performs his ass off on stage and pushes himself to the limit. Think about it: the man sings, dances, jumps around, flips, screams, and plays piano/guitar/violin/etc., all the while wearing some heavy or hot outfit under 50 bazillion stage lights. Add the fact that he pushes himself to do his best every single performance and rehersal, even if he’s tired or sick, and he’s bound to flop down once in a while (I really wish he didn’t though ><; ). But don’t worry too much guys – the staff are always around to help him out and he has a doctor standing nearby, just in case he does push himself too hard.

Q: Okay, I gotta know: Is GACKT straight? Or is he… you know?

A: GACKT has stated on more than one occasion that he likes women. In fact, the man loves women and talks about them whether it’s during an interview or a blog post. He was actually once married to a Korean woman around the time when he joined Malice Mizer, but due to some crazy rabid fangirls, his wife had a nervous breakdown and they got divorced. GACKT has also had more than one girlfriend in his lifetime and mentions certain stories with a couple of them in Jihaku.

Despite these facts, there are things that GACKT has said or done that make people think otherwise.  For instance, he has stated before that if HYDE (of L’Arc~en~Ciel and VAMPS) was a woman, he would fall for her. He has also stated things about YOU (guitarist of GACKTJob) that he would love to find in a woman – basically, the two have qualities that he likes and wishes he could find in a girl. GACKT has also stated that although he could love a man emotionally, physically he needs a woman. And GACKT is known to have performed fan service with GACKTJob on more than one occasion (i.e. the Vanilla live performance during the MARS tour, kissing Chachamaru and feeling up YOU during Marmalade on the Kagen no Tsuki tour, etc…). It should be noted, however, that other bands perform similar fan service in Japan as well. This fan service is mostly used as a way of exciting or shocking the audience and adds another element into an artist’s/band’s performance. Think of it like girls kissing each other in America – it’s exactly like that in Japan, except between men.

I would post more about this topic, but I believe reading Jihaku and interviews on his love life would answer this question more than I ever could. In the end, it all boils down to your personal opinion and whether or not you’ll take GACKT’s own words as the truth.
The one thing I ask for, however, is that you do not base his sexual preference just by the way he looks. I’ve heard and received too many comments on how he must be gay or at least bi just because he’s “pretty”/”looks like a girl”/”has feminine features” and the like. Comments like those are really immature and have no real purpose other than to provoke some kind of reaction from dedicated fans, so please refrain from making them =].

Q: I’m just getting into GACKT. What songs would you recommend I listen to?

A: First off, welcome to the fandom young Dear x3~! Going back to the question, it really depends on what type of music you listen to or what mood you are in. Lucky for you, GACKT’s songs range in style and sound so the possibilities are endless! If your looking for something in the rock category, I would recommend songs like Jesus, Redemption, Mind Forest, Speed Master, Uncontrol, Flower, Nine Spiral, and Ash. For more of his pop sounding songs, I would choose Kimi ga Oikaketa Yume, Kimi no Tame ni Dekiru Koto, U+K, Marmalade, Vanilla, Soleil, and Papa Lapped a Pap Lopped. If you feel like listening to a slow song or a romantic ballad, I would go with Saikai ~Story~, Last Song, Tsuki no Uta, Hoshi no Suna, Sayonara, Oblivious and his entire Love Letter album (the album title says it all xD). And for songs with a hint of techno-elements to them, listen to GHOST, Dispar, Noesis, Oasis, Koakuma Heaven, and Asrun Dream.

Of course, this is just one girl’s recommendation, but I hope it helps. Remember, there are a lot more GACKT songs out there than the ones I mentioned above, so you’ll have to do a little more researching if you want to hear every song the man has made *nudge*nudge*wink*wink*

Q: Okay, the Overseas Dears Questionnaire was back in April 2009- why hasn’t there been any word about an international fanclub?!

A: Be patient minna-san, it takes a long time to set up a fan club. And even if you think “Well they’ve had plenty of time to work out all the problems they need to” or something like that, I hope you do realize that GACKT and his staff are working on multiple projects at a time right? It’s hard to just sit down and focus on an international fan club while GACKT needs to meet deadlines with singles, DVDs, appearances, and his staff need to help him out as much as possible. And if you think that GACKT doesn’t care enough about his overseas fans, I implore you to think about that sentence again and think about who GACKT is – he loves all of his Dears equally, ALL OF THEM. The process of creating the fan club, along with the pros and cons of it, is better explained by amaiakuyume here, so please read on.

Q: Are the rumors true? Is GACKT going to retire in 2010?

A: This news fired up the fandom for months and still continues to do so ne? Back in 2007, GACKT stated in this interview that he may or may not retire in 2010 – it all depends on how he is feeling at the time. Please note that this is what he said at that point in time. Moving forward to 2008, GACKT stated in the July 2008 issue of the Monthly GG that he would continue to perform and make music with all his might, adding that he can already see three more years of music mapped out inside himself. Although I don’t have the link to the interview (or I can’t find it at the moment at least…), ryuik mentioned that in an interview with Pati Pati back in 2008, GACKT stated that he will at least continue for 5 more years. Lastly, in a post made by xrytalmad (who just so happened to attend the Osaka Arena Tour Live during the RRII tour), she said that during the MC portion of the live, GACKT stated that he will continue to produce music and perform on stage for the next 10, 20, 30, etc. years, until he is unable to do so or he has no more fans. So what can we conclude about this? I think it’s safe to say that GACKT is far from retiring from the music scene and will continue to do what he loves and does best for many years to come.

However, whenever the man does decide to retire I believe that we as fans should support him. Although it will be an incredibly sad day for all of us, GACKT is in fact only human. He can only do so much with the time given to him and look at all the accomplishments he has made already. I think we should support any decisions he makes concerning his career and just appreciate what he has done, what he has given up, for all of us Dears. We owe him that much, don’t you agree?

Q: I want to send a fan letter to GACKT. What is the fan mail address?

A: Thanks to amaiakuyume, the fan mail address can be found on his official site here (I’m putting the actual link up so you guys know that you’re not sending it to me or some creepy stalker). And since I’m sure a majority of us don’t know Japanese and probably couldn’t find it on that page even if we tried, here is the actual address below:

GACKTオフィシャルファンクラブDears GACKT 宛

Or in English:

GACKT Offical Fanclub Dears
Shibuya-yuubinkyoku Dome
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8681

Either one of the addresses are okay to use (the Japanese post offices can read English n.n; ).
You can also send GACKT an email to his personal email address:


Just so you know it really is his email, he posted it in this blog entry here. It recently changed to all capital letters, but I doubt that will affect the email in anyway; everything turns to lowercase anyway ne? Just don’t expect him to reply to you right away – he gets about 2000 emails everyday!

Camui Love:

Q: Why isn’t a video working properly?

A: Sometimes the person who uploaded the video makes it so that embedding is impossible, i.e. doesn’t allow other people to post the video somewhere else. If this is the case, when you try to play the video it may say “Embedding disabled. Watch on YouTube” or something like that. It’s not that big of a deal – you’ll just be re-directed to YouTube where the video should play.
It could also be that your Internet connection is lagging or YouTube is being difficult, so you’d have to come back and watch it at a different time.

If the video is no longer available, the most likely reason is that either A) The person who uploaded it has taken the video down; B) The video has been deleted due to copyright violations; or C) The user’s account has been deleted due to all the great GACKT stuff they uploaded and has caused more than one copyright violation which makes YouTube shut down their account and all videos uploaded under their username go ka-put. B and C are the most likely scenarios for the videos being taken down. Gordie Entertainment, TV Asashi, NHK, and etc. are the companies that usually file for copyright violations. This is an on-going battle between overseas fans and GACKT’s management and affiliated parties, and sadly I don’t know if it will end anytime soon. I’ll try to re-upload videos as soon as they are taken down, but again these might also become unavailable to watch =\

Q: There’s a link on this one post that leads to a different site than the one listed/doesn’t work. Why is that?

A: This is most likely my own fault and I’ve probably switched the links around or put something else I copied. No one’s perfect (well, except GACKT at times…) so – gomen nasai! Just leave a quick little comment on that post and I’ll fix it for you.

Q: Why do so many of your sources and links lead to LiveJournal? Do I have to create a LiveJournal account to view all this stuff?

A: The reason all my sources come from LiveJournal is because all the translators, video uploaders, GACKT informers, and etc. choose that site to share their information on. I have no power over what they share or where they share it – I just spread the news to those who didn’t know that all this information was being shared on LJ.

Don’t worry – all of the LJ links that I post are available to the public to view and enjoy, so you don’t have to worry about creating an account to view all this information. The only time that you will need an LJ account to view an entry is when I specifically mention in a post that you need to have an LJ account to view it.  So far, the only entries that have me mentioning this are for Eneru’s Diary entries, some information shared in the Dears Community LJ, and interview translations done by ashura_oh. Other than that, GACKT’s world is open for all to enjoy~

One thing that I feel the need to mention though: Please do not steal, use, or re-post any of these translations without the direct consent of the translator. Most of these translators do this in their spare time or for the sheer joy of translating – there’s no benefit for them other than practicing their Japanese skills and sharing their hard work with the rest of the fandom. So please, give them the respect they deserve ❤

Q: There hasn’t been any new posts on this site for over a week. Why is that?

A: This may occur for two reasons.
1) GACKT is either working hard (as usual) or he just finished a tour. Usually whenever he’s done with one project, there’s a lull in news because he just released all merchandise relating to that project or he’s working on the next one. Sometimes during the major holiday seasons he’s busy visiting friends and etc., so there’s not much else going on.

2) Due to my hectic and busy college schedule, I am forced to take a step back from the net and focus on my assignments. Especially considering I attend an art college, all my assignments usually require more than 4 hours to get done – multiply that by 5 or 6, and I have no life lol. But whenever I do get a chance to get back on the net, I update as fast as I can so that all of you are up-to-speed on whatever GACKT’s cooking up. Just be patient with me o kudasai~~!! m(_ _)m



  1. Actually, if you use the Japanese mailing address, it’s even MORE important to write “JAPAN” on it in big letters, otherwise the post office in your own country won’t know what to do with the package with the squiggly Asian thingies on it XD Once it gets to Japan, it doesn’t matter whether the address is Japanese characters or romaji.

    Also, you probably know this, but MS =”Mobile Suit” is a very NOT-serious fan made answer to the question of his middle name ^^

    • Amaiakuyume: Ah.. that makes sense. XD I haven’t used the post office to send letters in a LONG time, so all knowledge of sending letters is past me n.n; Lemme go fix that… thanks!

      And yeah I knew that, but it’s still interesting to see what kind of things people come up with xp

  2. does gackt have a shop that sells his goods in tokyo??

    • joey: Well it depends on what kind of good you’re talking about. If you mean stuff like Platinum Boxes, DVDs, CDs, and Calendars, all that stuff can be purchased at the Dears Store from his official website. Of course you can only use the Dears Store if you’re an official Dear (go figure). Luckily you can use websites like Amazon.co.jp, CDJapan.com, and etc. to buy a majority of his stuff. Platinum Boxes are a little harder to come across but if you know people you can find a way to get your hands on it (just know that Platinum Boxes are coded as Region 2 DVDs, so depending on where you are in the world it may or may not work unless you have an all-region DVD player or something).
      Stores in Japan like HMV, Tsutaya Discas, and your regular music stores also sell CDs, DVDs, and posters or tour books. The not so-known stores are a little harder to find, but wherever there’s a lot of tourism you can be sure to find one.
      Also, iTunes is also pretty up-to-date with Gackt’s discography, so you can purchase his music straight from there if you want to skip the extra costs of shipping a CD to your home.

      As for stuff like the Darts jewelry he often wears, those can be purchased in the Darkside Inhabitants store. Unfortunately I do not know where the exact location of the store is, but you can purchase their goods from their official website.
      And if you’re wondering about some of his more recent clothing, this post here mentions a store in Harakuju where they sell t-shirts and sweaters he’s been seen wearing.

      I hope that helped somehow!
      Also, any of the sites metioned are all located on the Related Sites section on your right =]

  3. his most recent tourbook is it the RRII one ?? are his tour goods still on sale?? especially the keychains…

    • joey: Yup that’s the most recent tour book, but if you wanted something older you can find those if you surf online.
      I think his tour goods are still available, but if you’re a non-Dears member you’ll have to look through eBay and any place where someone is selling his stuff.

  4. thanks alot!! you have given me great info!!

    • joey: You’re welcome, I’m glad I could help ^^!

  5. O.o I…I was just wondering to myself what Gackt’s email address was…and how happy I would be if I knew it…First I thought, ‘Oh, I’ll check camuilove~!’ and I smiled when I saw it here…but then I noticed that Gackt recently posted it on his blog himself!

    Did he read my mind? O.o Lol.

    Anyway, thank you for this FAQ…it’s really helpful!

    Also…I think I want to grow up (lol) to be one of Gackt’s bodyguards. *tough* I can look fierce! ^_^


    • Lucinda: You know, after all those people on LJ received emals from him, I started wondering about it myself. I think Gackt really did read our minds O______O!!!
      You’re welcome! It’s still a work in progress, the more questions I come up with the more I keep on adding and stuff xD;
      Hahaha that would be awesome xD!

  6. Why does Gackt always walk around w/ bodyguards (really big guys )? I mean doesn’t it makes him look unfriendly or at a distance w/ everyone esp his fans? I know that there are equally popular celebrities like him in japan but I don’t think they have an entourage of bodyguards like gackt.

    • mikaachan: That’s a really good question and to be honest I’m not so sure myself. For the most part, I think he has bodyguards because of the fans (of course). If you’ve ever seen that one clip where Gackt is walking down Takeshita Street with Tsuyoshi (another celebrity) and he has his body guards surrounding them, that’s a case where I can see why he has so many bodyguards – over 1000 people are trying to get a glimpse of him! Also, Gackt is really really famous in Japan (the extent of his fame is really wierd however, but I’ll get into that sometime later), so I think it’s a combination of his fame and the general public, media, and etc. which is why he has them around.
      It could also be because of how Gackt is portrayed by the media. They make him out to be someone who’s completely other-worldly (though sometimes the man also fans the flames himself xD; ) and perhaps the bodyguards just help amplify that.

      There’s probably other reasons why he specifically has massive guards but that’s about all I know.
      I hope that helped a little bit n.n;

  7. Thanks for the response. I’m trying to think of the reason myself like maybe so that he won’t make a fool out of himself in public. Like having scandals, like what happened to that smap member who got naked b coz he’s so drunk. I know gackt really drinks a lot. ( although I would love to see him naked!). I really have a lot of weird questions I hope you won’t mind if I ask them. I’m really a new fan.

    • mikaachan: Perhaps, but I don’t think Gackt is the type to get too “wild” in that sense in public – he’s basically established his image as an artist and celebrity, and I don’t think he’d do anything to jepoardize that.
      Yeah that’s true, and as much as I can picture him running down the streets nude, I doubt he’d do that XD;; Unless he wanted to kill thousands of fans with nosebleeding LOL

      Ask away my dear, I don’t mind them at all x]

  8. I just finished watching a clip of Blue Lagoon from his last concert and it left me wondering…am I the only person in the world (outside of my family) who thinks Gackt fondling the speared naked female torso is a little…creepy? Don’t get me wrong, I still love him, but I have to admit that it left me wondering if he’s a little more disturbed (in a cute way) than I thought he was.

    • Mikaela: I personally thought it was hot, albeit a disturbed hot. I think that may have been Gackt’s point though.
      It’s hard to understand why Gackt was fondling the girl in the first place – the music implies a dark sensuality, and yet the lyrics barely touch the surface of any sexual innuendo (it’s like you’d have to really dig in there to see it applied in that way). In my opinion, combined with the concept of war, cyborgs, and destruction found in RRII and the dark sensuality that I sense in the song, I think the female torso thing fit pretty well.
      If it helps, I thought it was a little wtf at first xD;

  9. I haven’t seen RRII in it’s entirety, maybe it will make better sense when I do. Like I said, I still love him and I’m looking forward to seeing RRII when it comes out on DVD. Thanks for your reply, and for not getting P.O’d at me. XD

    • Mikaela: I don’t even think seeing the whole RRII will clear it up.. XD; I mean you’ll get why it’s all mutilated and stuff, but why he decided to use a torso is beyond me. I’m just gonna assume fanservice was in his head xP
      You’re welcome and hey – everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, it doesn’t mean that that person’s crazy or we can’t discuss things without going bat-shit crazy. XD

  10. I like you. I wish everyone who had a Gackt website was as open minded!

    • Mikaela: Oh, why thank you n/n! I like you too 8D
      I’m naturally an easy-going person and I don’t like drama, so I guess that’s a plus with running this site~

  11. My brother and I were just talking about the new Wolverine movie that is going to be shot in Japan. Wouldn’t it be great if Gackt got cast as the Silver Samurai? As far as I know only Hugh Jackman as been cast. It was my brother that brought up the subject, much to my surprise. I didn’t think he liked Gackt (although he is really big into Anami related Jrock).\

    I wonder if there is any way to suggest this to someone with the right connections?

  12. sorry, typed Anime wrong…

    • Mikaela: There’s another Wolverine movie .___.;?
      The possibility does sound interesting, but.. I’m not sure who exactly the Silver Samurai is, besides the obvious fact that he’s a samurai and probably has ridiculous powers? XD

      I really don’t know any connections that could lead Gackt to landing a role in such a movie. The best bet is probably going to be if anyone in Hollywood sees his acting skills, much like Guy Moshe did. Other than that, it’s all up in the in the air ne n.n;?

  13. According to IMDB, the second Wolverine move is scheduled to be released in 1011 and the screenplay has already been written. Hugh Jackman seems to be the only actor signed to it. The Silver Samurai is a supervillan. If anyone wants more info on him, here’s the Wiki link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Silver_Samurai. I would love to see Gackt in a sure-to-be-at-hit movie like Wolverine.

    • Mikaela: Ooooh I see. I can’t imagine Gackt in that outfit, but maybe Hollywood would change that as they did with Wolverine XD;
      It would be cool to see Gackt in another villainous role though, and paired with Hugh Jackman (whom is a favorite of his).. it would be an interesting combo =p

  14. I started a new thread on IMDB called “Who Would You Like To See As The Silver Samurai?” Then I wrote a blurb about Gackt. What kind of Fan would I be if I didn’t at least put his name out there? I’m thinking about temporarily joining IMDB Pro so I might be able to find someone in Hollywood to preach to. XD.

    • Mikaela: Awesome, way to promote Gackt!!
      Well I wish you luck on that. Even if he doesn’t land that role, it could still help to get him promoted overseas =]

  15. Thank you! I’m hoping somebody Big will take notice of our very talented, and beautiful, Gackto!

  16. Ok, for what it’s worth, I sent an email to Fox Movies (the production company for Wolverine 2) suggesting Gackt for the role of the Silver Samurai. I don’t really expect anything to happen, but what the heck, emails are free and I have plenty of time. I’m not sure how to contact Gackt, so I suggested contacting Nippon Crown. I’ll check and see if there is anyone else I can email. I’m open to suggestions.

    • Mikaela: Wow that’s really cool, here’s to hoping something good happens *crosses fingers*
      Personally I’d like him to focus on music more than acting but whatever gets him noticed and as long as he’s happy to do it, I’d be happy =]
      I don’t really know of anything that could help, but for what it’s worth I think you’re doing a pretty good job yourself x]

      Oh, sure you can! I’m honored that you’d use them~

      Don’t worry you’re not a pain xD;
      Umm well there is a video where this interviewer asks him about his age that was revealed in the Nemuri Press Conference and he doesn’t deny it. The video is not subbed but I provided a translation to it. I don’t know if that would help or not though…

  17. I am in the process of adding pictures and updating his bio on IMDB. Is it okay if I use some of your Fackts? I’ll give you credit, of course.

  18. Um…I’m sorry if I’m being a pain, but I think I need your help. IMDB won’t let me correct Gackt’s date of birth. They have it as 1971 and he recently stated it was 1973. IMDB wants a copy of the first page of his passport in order to change it. Yeah, like you or I have that information. I thought if I could find a video of Gackt making that statement, they might accept that. Otherwise I’ll try to stick it in somewhere else. You seem to be great at finding out things, so I thought I’d ask you for help.

  19. Thank you. I won’t know for another week or two if IMDB will accept my changes. I hope they at least add the pictures!

    • Mikaela: Oh yes, the pictures at the very least are a must lol

  20. I am wondering if I’m the only one who is very worried about Gackt’s health? I’ve been reading about how he has so many projects in progress he (and his staff) haven’t been getting much sleep and that Gackt has been sick. We already know that his health is poor (he’s been saying so for years) and that he sometimes passes out after a show (which proves he isn’t taking care of himself). Speaking (or in this case writing) for myself, I would much rather see his various projects coming out late, than coming out posthumously. (if you’re wondering what provoked this, I just read that actresses Brittany Murphy died of cardiac arrest this morning at 8 AM. She was only 32. I think 32 is far too young to die, as is 36 or 38 or however old Gackt is.)

    • Mikaela: No, a lot of people (including myself) worry about his health. Let’s face it – staying up late working, getting less sleep than should be allowed, and pushing himself to the limit is definately not healthy. Yet even with many of his fans sending him comments or letters saying that they worry over his health, he continues to do the same thing over and over. Gackt is a pretty stubborn person, so it’s hard to imagine he’d change the way he does things after all these years.. it’s just who he is =__=;

      Yeah I heard about that when I came home today – it’s really sad. I know where you’re coming from – I don’t want to think of the possibility of that happening to Gackt either. I just hope he’s smart enough to realize that he has to take it easy once in a while, and that maybe perhaps he could learn to rest for a few minutes in his life. His fans can wait if it means him getting the rest he deserves.

  21. Sometimes I wonder if he’s trying to commit suicide by obsessive work habits (I really think he’s not all that happy…). I certainly hope that’s not the case.

    • Mikaela: I doubt that’s the case. He does tend to over-do things, and I guess working excessively is one of those things =________=;
      I think he’s happy to an extent, but I do believe he could be happier as well, especially in the love department v.v

  22. Yes I’m sure he’s just a workaholic. I’m also concerned about the people he’s working to death with him, mainly You and ChaCha. Especially ChaCha. He’s the same age as my mother, and while she’s pretty active, I can’t imagine her staying up all day and all night, repeatedly.

    Ok. Enough with the negative thoughts. I hope you (camuilove), Gackt and all of his crew, and every single Dear, has a great Christmas and a terrific New Year! I’m feeling generous, so I’ll extend my good wishes to everyone in the world!

    • Mikaela: I just hope they all get some well-deserved rest, they seriously need it and deserve it ;___;
      Haha yes, it’s the holiday season! xD;
      I wish the same onto you ❤

  23. I didn’t see this fansite on your list. I found it by accident, but I really enjoy it. It’s called Satoru Okabe’s blog. Here is the address:


    • Mikaela: Ooo new fan site~?
      I’ll make sure to check it out, thank you for that!

  24. Sorry if I’m being a pest, but I don’t have anyone else to discuss Gackt with. My family thinks I’m nuts.
    Anyway, I was watching my copy of Diabolos, which I actually bought, and noticed that it didn’t have the “Rock, Siccors, Paper” game or the band introduction I saw when I watched Diabolos on YouTube. Do you know of anyone who has that? Maybe they could put it up for download (not the whole dvd). I don’t feel like I’m stealing from Gackt since I did buy the dvd. I do feel a little cheated, though.

    • Mikaela: You’re not lol, I know how it is having no one who understands the love for Gackt n.n; If you have AIM or MSN you could always chat with me there =]
      I don’t remember the rock, paper, scissors game… would you mind enlightening me on that?
      And by the band introduction, do you mean where he introduces the band members after Mirror and where You-san starts crying a bit? If you’re missing that part, I’m afraid to say it might be a bootleg or something is wierd with the disk. All of the DIABOLOS Tour DVDs should have that band intro, and if it doesn’t then.. that’s just wierd o____o;;;

  25. Scissors is a typo that didn’t get corrected.

  26. If you go on YouTube and start with the video clip called Gackt – Diabolos Live Tour 2005 [13/22] he starts talking about it being Christmas Eve and how he and his staff worked hard to give the fans a gift. (I only know this because it’s subbed). Then he starts calling people up who’s cell numbers begin with 1224. The next clip goes through the game until there is one winner. The next clip shows the winner getting gifts from the band members, and then from Gackt himself. After that I think he indrocuces the band. I probably have that part, I haven’t watched my DVD for a while. I came across this version of Diablols while I was updating my YouTube videos (so many of them are gone now).

    I’ve been watching the Training Days Drug Party video. I love it when You sings (Bless his heart he can’t sing to save his soul) and gets the fans going, and Gackt, who is on the drums, is laughing at him. And for some reason I just love Gackt’s outfit.

    • Mikaela: Oooooh that clip! Sorry the rock-paper-scissors things threw me off lol
      That clip… you know, I really don’t know why it’s not on the DVD. Perhaps it was just broadcasted and not put on the actual DVD but that always makes me a bit sad because it was really sweet =\

      Hahaha I loooove that switch on Mirror, it’s hilarious~
      Oh yes, that outift is… a fav of mine ❤

  27. Here’s my Windows Live email address: mikaelatorres@live.com

    • Mikaela: Cool, thanks~!

  28. hey…I was wondering if I could join this conversation…thing. I’m like the only one in my family who likes Gackt. My little sister likes him, but shes phsyco…I really like him, but I’m poor, and can afford any of his stuff. ;_; Um, I was reading this thread on Gackt, and they were talking about how Gackt screamed at this girl who wanted to be a cat dancer for one of his shows, and she overslept then showed up late to the last day of rehersal. And I really want to know if anyone has it on like youtube, because I can’t find it ANYWHERE!!!

    • Nasche Askari: First off, welcome to my site 8D!
      And sure, conversation is free here =]
      LOL sorry, I laughed at the psycho thing. But at least she likes him ne?
      I hope you do get a chance to buy some merchandise from him one day soon~

      I think I know what you’re talking about. The scene that comes to mind is during the Sixth Day & Seventh Night era. There’s a clip on that DVD where a fan gets the special chance to be one of the dancers for the final, because she wants to become a dancer professionally (from my understanding). Anyway it’s like a documentary of her training – learning the dance moves, moving around with the cat suit, and etc. She trains with the dancers for the majority of the entire experience. From what I remember watching of that clip it is Yosh, the head dancer, who yells at her because he’s trying to correct her when she makes mistakes or like you mentioned, when she was late. She only directly meets Gackt at the end of the final and only sees him from time to time during rehearsals. So no yelling from Gackt, but from the other staff =]

  29. Wow thanks! I was reading the section of your website where you were talking about you self, and we have a lot in common! Well, you’re 3 years older than me, but I REALLY want to be a Manga-ka too!! I love to draw, and I think that the Universe is blessing me with good graces, cuz I just got an ipod Touch filled with Gackt goodnes!!! ^w^ I think that Gackt is the human reincarnation of God!!! (no offence intended to anyone religious) I absolutely thrive off of his music and influence. I hope I can see Bunraku! Sigh… it’s hard being poor, I need a job…TwT

    • Nasche Askari: Oooh awesome! I wish us both luck with that x3!
      A gift from his highness himself~ lol. Haha, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was a reincarnation of the god of music, Apollo, himself though @.@
      I hope it comes into theaters soon, it’s killing me waiting >.<. And yeah, Gackt really is a little pain in my pockets =.=; But it's worth it when you do get cash ❤

  30. I totally agree!!! That’s hilarious, because I was JUST watching the anime Aquarion!! I hope I can see it too! I’m gonna save up all my pennies and see it opening night!! This new year has been good to me so far, and I hope it continues through the rest of the school year! MY GRADES SUCK!!!!!! It’s hard being a sophomore! TwT

    • Nasche Askari: Ahahaha~!
      Same here, I hope there are more Gackt fans when I go see it in my theaters…
      Aaah you’ll get the hang of it sooner or later. Just don’t stress so much about schoolwork and know that you only have two more years until you go study what you really want to ;]

  31. Yeah. I hope it all works out. I’ve been really angry at my mom cuz I’ve been trying to expalin to her what fanservice was, cuz I showed her the gackt video of vanilla with fanservice, and now shes convinced that gackt is gay. And I’m like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! (Even though that would be EXTREMELY hot) I’m frustrated because shes basing that just on the way he looks, and that video.

    • Nasche Askari: Ah yeah, that always seems to happen =.=; Well, I sugest showing your mom other sides of him on occasion – that could warm her up to Gackt. The first thing I ever showed my mom of Gackt was the Vanilla live performance as well xDD; But after showing other videos and talking about him and listening to him, she came around and now loves him too~ So it could work out =]

  32. Yeah, that could work. She thinks I’m weird because I just got hooked on the Kamen Rider series, and I’m currently watching Decade. I FREAKING LOVE IT!!! IT’S LIKE THE ORIGINAL POWER RANGERS!!! I never really liked the American take of Power Rangers, but this version seems more authentic and the story is really deep. The graphics could be better, but hey. There’s fighting, hot Asians, AND GACKT IS IN THE MOVIE!! What’s not to like?? So I’m currently on youtube watching it right now. ^w^ Tsukasa is SO hot! And that weirdo guy with the Violin in the Nega world!! I want to watch the whole movie, cuz Gackt is such a good actor! Plus he’s absolutely beautiful!!!

    • Nasche Askari: Haha awesome~
      Personally, I don’t know if I could get into the series, only because there’s so much I’d have to learn about it and stuff and I don’t have the time lately =\ I’d like to try it out someday, but for now it’s on my to-do list lol
      Oh, I posted the movie on this site earlier… might have been easier for you xD;;
      Aaah I love Masahiro (Tsukasa), he’s cute and he has a great relationship with Gackt n.n
      Of course, Gackt’s scene was the best part of the movie LOL

  33. Wow! Thanx for the info!! I didn’t know Masahiro knew Gackt…(I’m kinda slow with these things) but that’s AWESOME!!!!

    • Nasche Askari: Haha yeah, thanks to Masahiro’s involvement in the first Kamen Rider song Gackt did (Journey Through the Decade), they’ve become close friends. Masahiro looks up to Gackt, which is really cool, and the two are completely dorky together xD

  34. Omigosh, I’m completely jealous!!! I WANNA KNOW A FAMOUS PERSON LIKE GACKT!!!! TwT

  35. Hey is GACKT’S name prenounced GACKT as in “ack, a mouse!” or GOCKT as in octopus?

    • Nasche Askari: To tell you the truth…I honestly don’t know n.n;;
      When talking to my friends or those who aren’t familiar with the Japanese pronounciations, I say Gackt the first way. But around those who know about them, I tend to say Gakuto. And sometimes I switch them around, so I guess I use both lol.
      Everyone has different ways of saying his name, so I don’t really know what is the real “English” way of saying it…
      I suppose you can just call him whatever you want, unless you’re right in front of him lol
      I’m sorry I couldn’t be of much help ><;

  36. That’s fine. It cleared a lot up for me. I was talking to my friends, and they were saying “NOOOOO IT’S GACKT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (LIKE ACK!!!)” And I was like “NOOOOO IT’S GOCKT!!!!!!” And we fought for like a half hour. I think that would be EXTREMELY awkward if I called GACKT the wrong name on accident!!! I think I would just lay down and DIE. It would haunt me for YEARS. I just wish I could be one of the fortunate people who will one day meet the amazing man who has changed my music life, and much more. I would love to just have a conversation with him. That would make my whole LIFE. Im not kidding. That would be EPIC.

    • Nasche Askari: Oh, I’m glad then~
      Hahaha I know the feeling >.<;; I know for a fact that in Japanese, Gackt prefers when you say Gakuto-san, but I have a feeling that if you’re a foreigner he’s more lenient into you just calling him Gackt or whatever (since a lot of foreigners usually don’t know about honorifics n.n; )
      Ooooh what I would give to just talk with him, he’s such an intelligent individual. I think the way his mind works – how he views the world, the way he speaks about things, etc. – is one of the most charming and attractive parts about him ❤

  37. I just had to comment here and say that I learned SO much more about Gackt than I ever thought possible! xD Thank you so much for making for making this site, I really love coming here to check for updates and whatnot. ^_^

    Anyway, I do have a question for you…do you have any other ways you can chat with people besides MSN and LJ, like AIM or something? I’d love to chat sometime, but I barely use MSN, and every time I do sign on you’re not on… xD If not, that’s ok…just thought I’d ask. =)

    • Victoria: Oh yaay~! That was my intention (and I still have to put more fackts up, believe it or not xp)
      And you’re welcome~
      Oh I’m so sorry! I am quite a busy bee.. xD;
      I do have AIM actually – my user is Chibi Maru95 =]

  38. I just read in an online Japanese magazine called Japan Today, that Gackt gave a concert just for men last night (the concert hadn’t happened yet when the article was written.) Apparently Gackt thinks Japanese men have become wimps (not his word), especially regarding wants to inspire them to be more manly.

    Here’s the link: http://www.japantoday.com/category/entertainment/view/gackt-to-hold-concert-just-for-men

    I love Gackt to death, but really, is he the person to preach this?

    • Mikaela: Hey good to see you around again! It’s been a while lol
      Ah yes, I just made a post about it. I was out of town with no Internet connection, so I just barely caught up with stuff today n.n;;
      Well, that all really depends on how you view it I suppose. What exactly are your thoughts on it, just so I know how to reply? Like is it his looks, the idea of telling men to be more manly, or who he is as a person that makes you a little miffed by this?

  39. I can’t wait to read more Fackts, now I’m excited haha. 😮 And thank you for your AIM sn, my sn is Xvictoria3…please IM anytime, I love chatting! ^_^

    • Victoria: Mwahaha, I like surprising people in this way 8D~
      No problem, and I will ^_^!

  40. Thank you, Jo. It’s nice to be back. Sorry, life got a hold on me for a while.

    I’m not miffed, I’m sorry I gave that impression. And I am not trying to be offensive. I’m amused. Gackt certianly does look feminine , especially with the permed hair, but that’s not why I wrote that. Gackt strikes me (please don’t get angry, this is just my opinion) as being a man who thinks women are inferior and generally doesn’t have a lot of respect for them. I feel that his primary interest in women is sex. My opinions are based on several thinks he’s written, said and done. The thought that he preached that to a group of man, many who are probably Gay, strikes me as pretty funny. Please note that I did not call Gackt gay, neither am I inferring it. But I do think he’s sexist. And the extent he went to to make sure no women got into the show is hilarious. I would have given anything to have been there! I wonder if he’ll release it on DVD? And sell it just to men . .

    I know sometime it sounds like I don’t love Gackt, but I really do. But what I love most about him, more than his looks, more than his music, is just how darn strange he is. He’s always doing something that makes me go, “wtf?”

    • Mikaela: Oh that’s fine, it keeps me away from here at times as well n.n;

      Oh no I knew you weren’t! That was the only word I could come up with, plus reading a whole bunch of well… less than pleasing comments on this Otoko Matsuri, the word kind of stuck with me eheh..
      Well I’m glad that you’re honest about your opinion. And also, I need to applaud you for phrasing it in a mature way. I don’t want to get into details, but this thing has sparked a lot of really hateful comments towards Gackt and it’s really tiresome n.n;;
      Anyway, I can see how Gackt could appear as sexist. My honest opinion though is that he’s not. In fact, I think he completely respects and cherishes women and this is also based on things he has said and done (quite interesting how two different sides of the coin are presented here ne ;p?).
      I think what Gackt was preaching about when talking about going back to traditional ways was for the guys to become mentally and physically stronger for their women. Gackt really embodies the samurai spirit of fighting and protecting those that are close to you, especially when it comes to women, and because many of the young men in Japan have become weaker, he wants to rally them up and change that. I’m also quite certain he’s not sexist considering the majority of his fan base consists of women and I doubt he would spend so much time working so hard if he didn’t truly appreciate them. Of course this is my own opinion, and in no way am I trying to force my thoughts onto you n.n;
      I know you’re not saying Gackt is gay, you’re referring to his male fans, lol. Well perhaps some are, but you’d be surprised at how many of them are completely straight yet admire Gackt. His male fan base has certainly grown over the years as well and I think it’s nice of him to make a guys-only live when most of the time the lives he has are packed with screaming hoards of girls lol.
      Yes, the measures taken to make sure it stayed a male-only live is quite funny. But that’s G for you – he goes all out with everything xD;
      I think the DVD is available to the fan club, so I’m quite positive female fans can buy it too (unless specified otherwise).

      I never doubted your love for him. I think part of being a fan is also to be able to criticize in a respectful way. I mean you don’t have to agree with everything he does or says, just as long as you have some respect for him you know? This goes for any fandom in my opinion as well.
      I love his wtf moments too. For every wonderful thing he comes up with, he also happens to make me think he is a complete dork. And I wouldn’t have it any other way xp

  41. Haha kay! ^_^;; I shall be waiting! xD

  42. I appreciate your comments and respect your opinions. Every fan site, Gackt or otherwise, should be run this way. Way to go, Jo!

    Where have you read unpleasant comments about this? All I’ve read is what was in that online magazine, which I now subscribe to because I never know when something (else) interesting will show up in it. I haven’t read anything new in it (about Gackt)

    I would never bash Gackt, or anyone who’s opinion differs from mine. Everyone has the right to express their feelings.

    I am sure that Gackt had some ulterior motive in presenting this For Men Only concert. Gackt is not an idiot, far from it. I will never dispute the man’s (above average) intelligence. He had to know that this would spark controversy. In fact, now that I think of it, he probably does a lot of things just to spark controversy. I don’t understand why, though. I don’t know what he has to gain. But, who knows what goes on in the world of Gackt’s crazy, intelligent mind? And really, my mental image of him on stage sporting his out of control perm and wearing make-up preaching masculinity to a bunch of other men made me laugh hysterically.

    Gackt is a Pretty Boy. He does look feminine (but not like a woman, unless he intends to look like one), which is the major reason why I love him so much. Then of course there’s that deep, sexy, operatic voice of his. Sigh.

    Gackt is intoxicatingly sensual and a living, breathing aphrodisiac.

    • Mikaela: Well thank you! Yeah, I think having experience from being in different forums and communities gives me a little knowledge of what is bound to happen when certain topics come up, and so I try to avoid being involved in them myself and I don’t want that negativity to run amok here. This is a loving site after all~

      Ah, well in particular this one LJ community, though I’m not sure if you want me to give you the link to it. Now I’ve never heard of it until one of my fellow Dears posted about it and the comments have been less than tasteful. There are a few light comments in there but for the most part it’s just been wank, wank, hate, hate, and it made me roll my eyes and click away. It’s not just on LJ though – I’ve seen forums (though I don’t remember where) that have the same reactions, YouTube comments, and everywhere in between. Just have to live with it I suppose.
      I agree, free speech yo. I only have a problem when it disturbs other people and is phrased in negative, immature ways.

      I think it was as simple as just doing a male-live xD; I mean when he gives reasons for doing things, it usually never goes past that. Granted, he’s also an incredibly good business man so perhaps that could have something to do with it, I dunno lol.
      Everything he does usually sparks interest and controversey from a lot of people, it must be a regular thing by now xD;
      Actually, if you look at the pictures he straightened his hair again (like in Flower)… but he was wearing this outfit that makes me laugh so effing hard – he looks like a little school boy… XD

      I admire Gackt for that though. Despite being incredibly beautiful and having that femininity, he’s still so masculine.. well, to me I guess. xD;
      I think Gackt should come with a warning label everytime he appears on screen.. just to reduce the number of fainting-related injuries from fans haha!

  43. I have no doubts about his masculinity when he’s shirtless! I’d like to have a current pic of him in that state of undress.

    • Mikaela: Hahaha oh my~!
      There’s been a couple recently, but I don’t know of any from YFC (though I do know he was shirtless *___*)

  44. I have to agree, I’d like more shirtless pics of him too. xD

    • Victoria: You sure you want that? You might die from blood loss xD

  45. I have thousands of pics of Gackt on my computer. I’m sure if I had a day or two, I could find some shirtless once. XD.

    • Mikaela: Hahah same xD

  46. oops, I meant, ones. lol

  47. Hahaha, that’s one risk I’d be willing to take. xD

    I was wondering, do you think Gackt replies to fanmail? o.o

  48. I read somewhere (could have been here, actually, lol) that when he had the school uniform contest going on he emailed some of the girls and gave them tips or his opinion on what there were wearing. I think he got angry because some of the girls were sending him inappropriate pictures. He might have enjoyed them privately, but Japan has very strict laws regarding child porn, so I doubt he wanted those on his computer. I don’t think he’s a pervert and I don’t believe he was using this to set up clandestine meetings with them (he was accused of that on several sites)

    What I wonder is did he only reply to the pretty girls? He does seem to be fixated on beautiful women. Of course the there’s nothing strange about that, most men are. XD

  49. Sorry, I don’t mean to sound like a know-it-all. It’s just that I got really annoyed at the things Gackt was being accused of.

  50. Wow… o.o I can’t believe some people accuse him of being a pervert, I really can’t picture him being like that. Do you know what the point of that contest was for though?

  51. I’m not completely sure. I think it was for a fictitious school that Gackt created (I believe that’s what started the malicious rumors). But other than that, I don’t know. It might have led to another Dears only gathering of some sort.

  52. I see. Did you know Gackt went to some high school a few years ago and talked to the graduating students? I think he was even asked to sing or write a song for them. Either way, that school was SO lucky, I wish I could go to a school/college in Japan… T_T

  53. I’d love to go to Japan. So far though, it’s only in the “Someday” stage.

  54. I’m in the same stage. Plus I’m too afraid to get on an airplane, so… ;_;

  55. I’m not afraid to fly, although being cooped up in an airplane for 15 hours doesn’t sound like fun. I’d drag my older brother with me, he likes Japan and Japanese stuff. Unfortunately that doesn’t apply to Gackt. But if I ever get the money together to go, he WILL attend a Gackt concert with me. XD

  56. Hahah I’d be willing to go by boat. And your brother would be fine for a few hours at a Gackt concert, I’d totally go with you if I could. xD

    • Holy Gackt you guys replied lots! Aww, there’s a conversation going on between people besides me and another person….
      *having a proud gooshie moment* ❤
      Now that that’s over….

      I’m just gonna reply to both of you here on something you mentioned earlier lol:
      1) Gackt replies to fanmail on occasion. It depends on how busy his schedule is and the like, and sometimes he might reply to a couple of people at random and sometimes he’ll just read through them. It’s all by chance methinks.

      2) The school uniform thing wasn’t a contest, it was the dress code for the Camui Gakuen lives. Basically everyone going to the lives had to wear school uniforms. A lot of fans weren’t sure if their uniforms were okay or not, so they sent their photos to Gackt for his opinion (’cause G’s word is LAW lol). After he got a whole bunch of the same questions the staff put up a little picture FAQ that showed what was acceptable to wear. If I remember correctly Gackt got a little angry not because the photos were inappropriate, but rather that the photos were only a portion of the fan (like a hand, the torso, the legs, an eye, etc.). He was kind of perplexed, like “If you’re asking for my help with your outfits, why send only a portion of the entire outfit?” or something like that lol.

      3) Gackt is perverted but not a pervert. There’s a difference, and lol-ing at the sites who claim he is xp;

      4) The song he sang was No ni Saku Hana no You ni, and he gave a speech similar to that of the first Gacktionary entry ^-^~

      … Okay I think I’m done. xD

  57. Thinking about him replying to an email makes me smile stupidly haha.

    Yeahh, I could see why he got upset…I mean, you can’t be of much help if you can’t see the entire picture, right?

    And I guess you’re right about there being a difference between being a pervert, or just being perverted. To be honest, I find his pervertedness kinda funny. xD

    I remember listening to No ni Saku Hana no You ni a while ago once, I forget if I liked it. u.u I’ll have to listen again. ^_^

    • Victoria: It makes me too lol

      It’s strange though isn’t it? I mean usually you’d think that being perverted and stuff would turn most people off but somehow it just makes Gackt more endearing in a way XD;

      Ah, I played that after graduating high school T^T It’s a lovely song….

  58. I know, usually people wouldn’t like men…twice their age…being perverted. xD But for Gackt It’s somehow different. I don’t think he takes it too far though, he only seems to be perverted for interviews and talk shows, like for laughs. His songs aren’t even dirty…besides Vanilla. xD;

    I’m not sure if I remember correctly, but when I saw the video for No ni Saku Hana no You ni, it seemed kinda sad?

  59. Thank you, Jo, for clearing up the uniform question.

    I did read, on another site, that he was getting inappropriate pictures, but that could have been posted by an AntiGackt. Unfortunately there seem to be alot of those floating around.

    I was going to ask what has Gackt done that’s perverted, then I remembered the bloody female mannequin torso in his last concert. . . I guess I answered my own question.

  60. What’d he do during that concert? o.o;

  61. Go to YouTube and watch the R&R II Blue Lagoon video. It’s probably better if you see if for yourself, lol.

  62. xD Alright, I’ll do that when I go up to my room tonight.

  63. Wow, he was totally feeling that mannequin up…I think he felt every inch of it… o.o; Besides the whole touchy feely part though, that was an awesome live performance, he really has some…erm…alluring moves. XD

  64. Yes, it was a great performance. XD All of the videos I’ve seen from that concert were great. However, the Blue Lagoon video was a definate wtf moment for me. For a while there I was concerned for his sanity. My first post on this blog was about that video. Personally, I’d say it definately comes under the heading of Perverted. lol.

    • Mikaela: Haha I remember that~
      Hmm, I think there’s a bit of a fanservice moment in all of Gackt’s live when you really think about it… xp

  65. I’m not a fan of the guyxguy fanservice, but I’m open to anything else…especially if he has some sexy dance moves! 😀

    • Victoria: I don’t mind the fanservice, it’s all in good fun eheh
      But sexy dance moves.. mm~~

  66. Haha I like watching him dance, I’m actually kinda surprised he can dance so well. Not saying he’s old lol, but he’s not the youngest person either, you know? =P

    • Victoria: Haha yeah I know. He’s also improved greatly from how he used to dance haha xp

  67. Hahah he has, some of his dancing was pretty funny before. 🙂

  68. LOL I loved how GACKT used to dance!! It was so hilarious! I absolutely love the fanservice, I think it really hypes the crowd up because you don’t really expect that in a concert…lol. Sorry for just jumping in the conversation. I haven’t been on the site for a while, and I thought what you guys were talking about was hilarious!

    • Nasche Askari: Good to see you again~!
      Haha yeah, plus it’s also a bit of a guilty pleasure for many fans ;]
      And don’t worry about jumping in, everyone’s free to jump in and stuff lol

  69. Hmm, yes…it really does hype up the crowd, which is a good thing! But it could also cause poor fangirls (like myself) to have heart attacks from just seeing that. xD

    • Victoria: I haven’t fainted yet (thank goodness!), but I do get quite red in the face. XD

  70. Haha me too! Then for some reason, I sit there smiling stupidly and can’t stop just because every video of his is so darn funny or just too cute to bear. ^.^

    • Victoria: It’s the Gackt effect! xD

  71. lol! I love all of Gackts videos!!!

  72. So…I just thought of another question I feel the need to ask (even if you don’t know the answer). xD Why do you think the US iTunes store hasn’t gotten his new 2010 singles? They have his 2009 singles, but nothing higher. The 2010 songs have been out for a few months now too. =/

    As a Dear, this displeases me greatly. I feel like I should be writing a complaint letter to Apple or something lol. xD

    • Victoria: Well, the only single he created so far in 2010 was Stay the Ride Alive n.n; For some weird reason, none of the Kamen Rider singles appear on his discography .__.; I don’t know what’s up with that. If you’re talking about the singles from the RRII tour, they’re up there, but only in single form. RE:BORN hasn’t been put on there yet…

      I think you should, they need to get on this shizz. xD

  73. What about his song Setsugekka, is it up there? The RRII stuff, is that like Ghost, Koakuma Heaven, etc?

    • Victoria: Errr… I don’t know about Setsugekka, but all the RRII stuff is definitely up there (except RE:BORN). It’s just a little hard to search for the pictures of the singles – trust me, I kept skipping over Faraway and the others when looking over my iTunes XD;
      I’ll have to check Setsugekka when I get home.. unless you could do so yourself lol.

  74. I think Faraway was hard to find since GACKT isn’t on the cover lol. But you’re right, he’s got so many singles out, It’s hard to know which song is where for each CD cover he has…it took me forever to find Meguri Ai, and that wasn’t even a single. xDD

    I typed in Setsugekka on iTunes, but I just got a singer named Kikai to come up… >.>;

    • Victoria: haha yeah, you have to keep a sharp eye out. But if you know the covers by heart, it becomes easier >w>… or just use a Discography list, whatever’s easier xD;

      Yeah, I don’t think it’s up yet. Damn e.e

  75. Haha oh well, that’s ok…I’ll get this song a different way. *Shifty eyes*

  76. Just to ask about Gackt’s email. Did anyone get an actual response from him? I’m kinda doubting it. even if he did post it on his blog.

    • Min: I know of two people who got responded to this past year – amaiakuyume and I think dyan25 on LJ. =]
      Btw is this your fist time commenting on the site? I’m having trouble remembering people lately… lol

  77. yes this is my first time posting, and don’t worry about it. I have to say I love this site you put up. Everything about gackt, I bow to you =^w^=. I love him so much, and he’s the only man who I have everything of his in my itunes and that I listen to the most.

    and refering to the email. I sent one to him… so I’ll be hopeful that he response XD, especially when you said that two people got a response from him, I’

    • Min: Ah, I just wanted to make sure so I didn’t welcome you like, twice lol.
      Anyway, welcome to my site =D!!

      Oh thank you! It’s hard work, but it pays off in the end ^-^
      Haha I’m the same with my iTunes.. well, him being the most played anyway xD;

      Umm I really don’t remember how long it took them to get a reply, sorry ^^;!
      But I hope you do get a response real soon! *crosses fingers for you*

  78. oh sorry for all the spelling errors. my hands aren’t very coordinated with my hands XD. Just to ask if you know. How long did Amaiakuyume and dyan25 have to wait for his response?

  79. I have a weird question. Does anyone know how much it costs to go on a Dears outing? I’m assuming they have to pay for themselves. Not like I’m ever going to get to go on one, I was just wondering.

    • Mikaela: Heeey haven’t seen you around in a while :3
      The exact price? Er… not sure to be honest. But I’m assuming it’s a little pricey: probably the hotel, some food, and flight costs combined along with money for miscellaneous items here and there. However, if there’s about 1500 people (including Gackt and staff) going, I think the price may go down, so its somewhat reasonable. This is just my assumption though. Whenever the next fanclub trip pops up I’ll try to see how the pricing works out =]

  80. That was probably an off-the-wall question, but I’ve always wondered if the Dears who were lucky enough to go had to pay their own way. Thanks Jo!

    • Mikaela: Lol thats okay, you’re welcome!

  81. Hi,

    I was just wondering if Gackt’s email & address is still his current method to get in contact with him. I want to write/email him a letter but I’m afraid of sending it to the wrong person lol.

    By the way, great website. ^-^”

    • Lulu: Welcome to Camui Love!

      Yup, those are the current addresses for Gackt – both email and fanclub address.
      And thank you!

  82. Thank you Jo.

    Now that I think of it, it may be wise for me to send him a written letter than to e-mail him, seeing that his e-mail was for his “dears” eyes only lol [correct me if I’m wrong]. The last thing I want is to be questioned by him.

    • Lulu: Hey hey hey, don’t go thinking like that – he gave out the email specifically for the “new kids” i.e. newer fans who didn’t know what his address was. And just because you’re an overseas fan doesn’t make you any less of a Dear ;]

  83. MysteriousWoman11: Welcome to Camui Love!
    Sorry about your previous comment, it went to spam =x;;

    I don’t know if Gackt would ever check this site out (god how embarrassing, it’s not nearly as up to date as I’d like it to be >___<;; ) but scream out your love to him – it'll reach him one day or another =D

  84. Do you think Gackt would ever mail a fan something? Like, a memento? Maybe one of his bracelets or rings, or something like that? I adore him and I’d love to have a little part of him. I’d like to think that he might, if he knew how much someone really admired him, but then again, you never know. ^__^;

    • Eiha: Welcome to Camui Love!
      Well, he does mail fans who are in the Fanclub like signed photos and stuff… there’s probably more that he does but I wouldn’t know ^^;

  85. dear God, I haven’t been here in forever! ^-^” School really takes a lot outta you. I’ve been reeeaaaaalllllyyyyy wanting to write Gackt a letter for quite some time now, but I’m too embarrased to because I think I might send it to the wrong person, or he might never read it, OR he might read it and be really creeped out (I tend to let out me perviness a lot when I’m writing ^w^”), but I get really psycho when I write letters to people, and they don’t reply…and I might blow something up if he never replies…..I’m just not gonna write him anything and save myself a headache…..whew, I rantede there, my bad. ^-^’

    • Nasche Askari: Hey welcome back 8D!
      Yeah I know the feeling, I’m enjoying my last few days of freedom before going back to school myself, oi x___x; Anyways, glad to see you again ^^
      Aww, I think you should write him at least once in your life. Just gotta build up that confidence – he’s not gonna like eat up your letter/email or anything LOL

  86. Ha ha, its good to be back! Yeah, I’m thinking about it…I just hope I don’t say anything embarrasing, or I mite die. Sigh, I get so much anxiety…(Is that how you spell it?? ^^”) when I talk to people long distance…

    • Nasche Askari: Haha very true very true. Well as Gackt says, just do it!! You won’t know until you try ne ;]?

  87. Yeah, that’s true… okay! I’m gonna do it!! lol

    • Nasche Askari: That’s the spirit 8D~!

  88. lol, yup! X3

  89. Hi! I live in England but I really want a copy of the Diabolos tour dvd. I’ve looked at the web sites that you’ve linked and they have the stuff I want, just that the shipping is gonna cripple me.

    I was wondering if anyone else in the UK has ordered stuff from HVM japan, Yes Asia, Amazon jp? If i’m gonna kill my bank acount from shipping costs I at least want to know if the goods will arrive. If anyone has any info I would really appriciate it 🙂

    • Nicola: Welcome to Camui Love~!

      Well I don’t know about those buying in the UK, but I’ve used CD Japan and the like several times and they ship things quite smoothly. I hope that helps, if only just a little bit n.n;

  90. Thanks for the info, Jo. I ordered the dvd from YesAsia.com as there was no international delivery costs. I can’t wait! Probably be a few weeks before it comes but it will be well worth the wait. I also pre-ordered his new single with the dvd hehe XD

    Also, thank you for posting his email further up on this page. I dunno if he’ll get it but I sent him one saying how much I enjoyed the show at London and that it was great he came to England. I really hope he comes again in the future 😀

    • Nicola: You’re welcome~!
      Haha yeah it’ll be a little while but it will come in due time. Oh lucky, have fun watching that ne 8D?

      No problem and I hope it reaches him ❤

  91. Pardon my Time Warp question, but do you know of anyone who has an English subbed version of the interview Gackt did where he talked about his father and got a little a bit weepy? It was way back when he still had blond hair. I don’t remember what show it was on. I’m sure that helps alot (sarcasm)

    • Mikaela: I didn’t even know there was a clip of that o.o;;;
      Considering it’s in the old days it might be a little hard to find… hmm, right now I’m not sure, but I’ll try to look into it for ya.

  92. Speaking of old clips, does anyone remember the ones where’s he’s on a TV show called… Utaban I think? Please correct me if I’m wrong.

    He’s talking about pork belly blocks in the supermarket and how it takes him 4 days to cook a meal. And that he somestimes cooks naked (something I wouldn’t mind seeing XD). That really made me laugh. I can never really tell if he’s serious or joking lol. I love his honesty and sense of humor hehe. Sometimes he’s funny when he doesn’t mean to be. He also talks about how he’s a ‘magnum’ and that after the show fans starting shouting ‘magnum’ at him LOL.

    Is it obvious that I have no one to talk to about Gackt? ^.^ I need to unload my admiration for the man somewhere lol 🙂

    • Nicola: Ah the infamous Butabara episode lol
      Seriously, those early shows have haunted him for years – Magnum is still used today XD

      That’s okay dear, unload all you want xD

  93. My goods from YesAsia have been shipped! Yay! *ahem* Sorry, no one else is home at the moment for me to unload my joy at lol XD

    Jo, you mentioned on another post somewhere, don’t remember which one, about one of his visualives being the best. Was it “GACKT Visualive Arena Tour 2009 Requiem Et Reminiscence II” you were talking about?

    • Nicola: Hooray! Scream, shout, and fangirl all you want, I insist lol

      Ah yes, the latest one. When comparing all of his lives across the years, RRII is the one that comes the closest to his vision of a VISUALIVE. The rest are amazing in their own right of course, but RRII really stands out :3

  94. That one is going on my xmas list hehe ^.^

    • Nicola: Oh cool~! Of course, you should look into the other lives too and see if you like ’em ;D

  95. I was just wondering.. how do you pronounce G’s last name?

    I assume from the spelling that it’s something along the lines of /kamu/ but is there an /ee/ sound from the ‘i’ at the end?

    I know this is a bit of a weird question but I realised I don’t know lol ^.^

    • Nicola: It’s a perfectly fine question 8D~!
      I believe it’s just like you said, that’s how you would pronounce it in Japanese anyway:

  96. Cool, thank you Jo! XD

    • Nicola: Welcooooommmme~~

  97. *squeals with delight while jumping up and down with copy of Diabolos dvd and Ever dvd single clutched to chest*

    Yay they’re finally here!! I’m gonna go watch now *grins* I’ll let you know what I think. If I recover from the awesomeness and possible heart failure that may occur while watching Gackt LOL ^.^

    • Nicola: Hooraay~!!!
      Enjoy your fangirling 8D

  98. The other day I was perusing eBay Japan (or it might have been Yahoo.Japan, I’m not sure) and they had a book that I thought was interesting. It was called “Gackt: Yes or No” From what I gathered it was about the pros and cons of being a Gackt fan or the pros and cons of Gackt himself, again, not sure. Unfortunately, I don’t have the money to buy it, and even if it did, I can’t read Japanese. So, I was wondering if any of the Dears on this site have it and can decipher it.

    • Mikaela: I’ve never heard of a book like that before. It doesn’t sound like something Gackt and his management/staff would produce, more like a fan-made thing. Still, interesting to know something like that exists. Huh o-o;

  99. Hi.
    I have watched RRii vid. It’s great. But it’s no English sub. I want to know what he said in MC section. Especially when YOU shouting to the audience. It made GACKT n JOB laugh. Anyone know what he said ??

    • rumixou: Welcome to Camui Love!
      There actually are English subtitles – they only appear during the beginning/middle/ending movies, parts where Gackt is acting as Zero, and in the Tour Documentary on Disc 3~

      Sadly I have no idea what was being said – I wish that part was subtitled too, it was a bit lame on their part to not sub it =\
      If I find anything I’ll let you know ASAP

  100. I thought of a question that you might want to ask everyone. The question is: “How would you feel if GACKT suddenly got married and had a family?” I know he always says he doesn’t want either, but people have been known to change their minds. The question came to me when I read that Miyavi and Melody are having another baby. I know when he first announced his marriage, and then the birth of their daughter, Lovlie, last year, his fans were SHOCKED. But from what I’ve read they seem to be very supportive.

    • Mikaela: That’s a really good question, thank you!
      As a fan of Miyavi I can tell you from a fan’s POV that yeah, we were aaaalll shocked to hear about that news. Well, I’m not so sure if it was more worry than shock. He was really depressed and struggling with personal problems and what he wanted to do with his career at that point in time, and must have been under a lot of stress… well, I digress. Some fans were hurt but overall I think the fanbase is incredibly happy and supports him and his family =]
      I only wish the same could be done for Gackt too…

  101. I have watched Diabolos… Oh. My. God. WOW! My heart was thudding as I put in the dvd as I was so exicted LOL!

    It was amazing! Just everything. From Gackt, to the members, the costumes, the dancers. When he came in on horseback I was like ‘oh shut up’ lol. And then later he came out in a coffin. Bit disappointed he dicthed the red leather hehe ^.^

    One of the things I love about G is that he sounds amazing live. Seriously some western artists should take note. I loved Dispar, that was so awesome; his dancing *squee* ^.^

    One of my fave parts was Misty, when he’s on the piano and You on violin. That was so beautiful and actually better than the album version I thought. I was a bit disappointed he didn’t do Last Song unplugged cos that’s my fave but that’s a minor gripe.

    *sighs* What I would have given to have been there. I wanted to launch myself at the TV lol.

    • Nicola: Awww yaaaay, I’m so happy for you ^____^~!
      Hahaha, Diabolos is truly a masterpiece ne? Everything in that live is just… *sigh*
      Again, glad you finally got a chance to watch it all x3

  102. Hehe yeah it was totally awesome. I’m hoping to get Requiem Et Reminiscence II on dvd for xmas.

    I would like to get some others at some point in the future too, such as Kagen no Tsuki (2002). LOVE that YesAsia have his dvds and that’s it’s free international shipping.

    I was absolutely gutted that Sixth Day and Seventh Night live tour is no longer available though. I would have loved to have had that, as it has that breathtaking performanc of Last Song unplugged.

  103. Hey Everybody! Forgive me, this is going to be one long post! I have embarked on what will probably be an impossible task, but I have all the time in the world and I’m really bored, so here goes: The Task is finding as many magazine pics of Gackt as possible (example: 2005.01 – UV, #110 complete with all 20 pics). They don’t need to be listed that way, that’s just the way I’m doing it so it’s easier for me to manage. I’ve gleaned everything I can from Live Journal Jrock Scans and the magazine covers listed by vanilla_girl_09, but those stop at 2006. If anyone has a list of magazines or knows of any place where I can find a list of the magazines Gackt has been in (He doesn’t have to be on the cover), I will be eternally grateful. I have searched for them on my own, but I still haven’t found what I was looking (isn’t that a song?). If I (we) manage to accomplish this massive undertaking, I want to post the pictures on PhotoBucket (with the appropriate credits, of course), so the pictures will be easily available for others.

  104. Hi Jo, I have a question I’m hoping you can answer.

    I’ve been browsing on YesAsia (RRII have just arrived – whoo! – and I’m looking for my next dvd buy lol) and I spotted in the books section a piano sheet music book. http://www.yesasia.com/global/piano-solo-gackt/1020325732-0-0-0-en/info.html

    I didn’t know his sheet music was available to buy! I’ve played the piano for just over 10 years (how I would love to be as amazing as G ^.^) and I can’t believe I never thought of that lol.

    What I was wondering is if you knew if this was the only available piano music book? Last Song and No ni Saku Hana no You ni are in this particular book, but I’m not sure if they are the unplugged piano versions. I would love to have those versions in sheet music for piano, but I’m unsure whether they’re available to buy.

    • Nicola: Oh wow you’re on a roll with the DVD buying LOL sweeet~~~

      To be honest, I’m not too sure about the sheet music…. It’s always rare to find and I rarely hear anything about it. I’m sorry I can’t be of much help in this department >w<;;;;!!!
      But, considering you play piano I think it would be an interesting and useful thing to buy ne?
      I'm sure somewhere on the net someone's got them though @.@….

  105. Thanks, Jo. I’ll have a browse on the net. Ohh I am definetly going to buy it *grins* Another piece of Gackt to add to my ever-growing Gackt Xmas list lol. The 2011 calendar is on there too, but that’s on pre-order so it hasn’t arrived yet. Can’t wait to get my hands on that come xmas morn hehe ^.^

    RRII is going away for xmas so I won’t be able to watch it til then *pouts* I’ll let you know what I think when I’ve seen it XD

  106. Hi, just chanced upon your site a few months back & love it so thank you for setting up this wonderful site 🙂

    Sorry to bother you but as I’m thinking of sending over something for GACKT for X’mas for the 1st time, so I’m just wondering if you would know if the DEARS official fan club mailing address accepts parcels by courier?
    (Well basically the only reason I send courier is for the speedy delivery :p)
    As the official fan club mailing address looks just like a post office box address, I’m worried that the courier-ed package just get sent back to me sigh…

    Thanks much 🙂

    • rei: An official welcome and thank you, I’m glad you enjoy it ^___^~!!

      I’m really not sure about any other addresses besides the fanclub one, I’m sorry to say D:
      But I’m quite sure it would make it’s way to him one way or another… sorry I couldn’t be of much help ><;;

  107. Hi! It`s my first time posting here, but I`ve been watching this site for some time now and I just want to thank you for creating it and putting so much effort to keep fellow GACKT fans updated.
    Honestly, this site has become one of my favourite GACKT-related info sources.
    Keep up the wonderful work:)

    • blackines: Welcome to the site!
      Oh thank you v//v It still needs much improvement but I’m glad to see it’s being enjoyed and useful~
      Thanks again!

  108. Hi Jo,

    No worries 🙂
    Yeah I’m sure it’ll get to him somehow haha…
    Thanks! 🙂

  109. Hi Jo,

    You know how Japanese dvds are Region 2? Well I was wondering if you knew if micro SD cards (like the one you get from the SE version of the YFC Tour dvd) are the same and only work on phones and computers from Japan?

    I’m sorry, I know this is such a technical question lol. You always seem to be clued-in on stuff so I thought I’d ask. No worries if you don’t know – just ignore my stupid question lol ^_^ If anyone else knows either I would be so grateful. Could possibly save me about £20 and stop me from ordering the SE version of YFC dvd if the SD card doesn’t work in the UK. Boo if it doesn’t *pulls face*

    • Nicola: Oh no problem hun, you are right in assuming I know the details of things lol XD;
      Yeah the micro SD card will only work in Japan. I believe it’s for a phone that they only sell there or it’s a type of phone that they’re giving away with the purchase of the DVD, but still – will only work in Japan ^__^;;
      I would just go for the regular version or the condom one LOL

  110. Thank you, Jo! Ah, well regular version it is then. Still so awesome XD Glad I didn’t order it and then realise that. I would not have been amused lol.

  111. I have a question regarding Gackt’s twitter page. I’ve created a twitter account, for the sole puporse of following G lol ^_^

    I want to send him a tweet (or whatever they’re called) to show my support, but I haven’t a bloody clue what I’m doing lol. Any help?

    • Ahahah welcome to the world of Twitter XD;
      Umm in order to send him a tweet, just write whatever you want to say and make sure to have @GACKT in the tweet.

      @GACKT Thanks so much for everything that you do ^__^~!

      Or whatever lol

      • Thanks, Jo! ^_^

  112. Quick question about DVDs. Is there any difference between the Taiwan version of a live DVD (e.g. Requiem et reminiscence) compared to a Japan version, other than it’s from a Taiwan manufacturer?

    Bit of a silly question I know, but I want to make sure before I buy this DVD.

  113. Hey Jo! I love your site – I stumbled upon it and found it’s info really useful 🙂 I have a question about emailing Gackt though … I know he knows some english … but do you think he knows enough to actually read a letter I write to him in english. (on offense ment to Gackt-san) My Japanese skills are rusty and the last thing I want to do is make a mistake … I think I’d die of embarrassment!

    • Welcome to Camui Love~!
      I’m glad it’s been useful for you x3

      I think Gackt is pretty good at reading and understanding English. Judging by his English comments on his Twitter account, he makes cute typos and incomplete sentences from time to time, but overall his English is actually very good for your typical foreigner :3
      The best I can suggest is don’t use incredibly long and heavy words, but don’t act like he’s a 3rd grader either lol. Talk to him like you would a friend, I guess is what I’m getting at~
      Good luck with your letter and I hope that helped >3<~!

  114. It did thanks – and I’ve seen his tweets … actually the back and forth between him and Miyavi was kind of funny. “Sup Bro” … got to love them! I’m about to send my letter – I know he’s really busy but I hope he can read it – a reply would be nice but knowing he read it would be enough for me! I’m really amazed at all he’s been trying to do to help Japan – and I’ve been blogging about it to get information out to as many people as I can. Along with info about other Japanese Musicians as well. It’s inportant to get the world out there … at least I think it is.

    Thanks again 🙂

    • Lol I love it when those two are together, their brotherly relationship is really cute ❤
      Oh, good for you spreading the word, that's really a great way to show your heart :D~! Yeah, I've been really proud to be GACKT's fan this past month, even more so y'know ^^?
      No prob~

  115. Hey! I need to be upfront, I don’t really consider myself a fan of Gackt (more into X-Japan, Miyavi, and Dir en Grey), although I do like some of his songs. Anyway, I was just browsing around, and I just want to say, that your site is pretty cool! I am sure that he would be pleased!

    • Oh, thank you! That means a lot~
      Haha no worries, I’m just happy you’re not bashing him harshly like some people tend to do ^^;

      Since you mention it, I like Meev and Diru as well – really great music from them ♥
      X… I’m not a really big fan of theirs but I do like some of their stuff. I figure I need to spend a few more hours on them to see if I really like them lol

  116. You’re welcome! Glad to see that you like other Japanese bands and artists, too! As for my thoughts on Gackt, I think he is good at what he does, and that’s as far as it goes for me, besides some of his songs that I like to listen to. Who knows, maybe one day, he’ll win me over.

    I actually don’t like it when people bash Gackt. I’ve read some comments on other sites, and they are so rude! How can people say those things when they don’t even know him? It’s one thing to have an opinion, but it’s a whole other story when they just tear him apart.

    • Hahaha oh yeah, I’m pretty into the VK scene. That’s not to say that I won’t listen to some Japanese pop or the non-VK rock artists, but I like learning about the scene and discovering new and older bands every once in a while~
      Well if he ever does, you can always come here to look for news 😀 *shameless self-promotion lol*

      Ugh, THANK YOU. Agreed 100% and honestly that goes out for all the other artists too. People think that they have so much power to do and say what they want on the net becuse you can’t see their face, it really makes me angry and disappointed >|

  117. Though I promised myself not to comment on this website until work gets done, I thought I’ll comment unoficially by asking if


    Is a missing character (as it shows up like a little box with an x in it for me) or an actual kanji.

    Just before I forget ^_^
    Tomorrow, I’ll praise you and your website properly.

  118. My speculation was incorrect. It was a kanji ^^; (Just in case I scared someone)

    Jo, thank you so much for creating this wonderful website! It’s the first time I’ve seen so much different information about Gackt in one place, in a language I can understand! Like I’ve told you, I’m a relatively new fan, however your website (and Gackt’s awesome pull on me) most deffinatelly helped me get up to date, and from information, learn to love and respect him much, much more.

    And thank you for the e-mail and mailing adress!
    I’ll start writing a letter for his birthday soon, and hopefully will be able to mail it out by the end of June.
    I’m a little nervous about sending e-mails as of yet <.<

    • Again, you’re very welcome ❤

      You can do it! Like Gackt always says, don't think, just move! Just write the letter or email without any worries or nerves and you'll feel really great about it afterwards! (so says the girl who still cannot write to him after all these years LOL)

      • Hehe, well if Gackt said so ❤

        And Jo, I think you should write to him. He'd certainly appreciate a letter from someone like you. Do like me if you like, wish him a happy birthday ^^ Don't think, just write! We can do it together, if we can't do it alone! We will sneeze confidence unto each other!

  119. I’m not sure if this is where I should ask this, but here goes: Do you know where I can find a list of GACKT graced magazine covers from 2007-2011?
    Vanilla_Girl has a comprehensive list from 1998-2006 but nothing after that. I am grateful for any help you can give.

    • Here is fine lol
      Are you looking for scans or for just a list of the magazines he was featured on?
      The official website lists all of the magazines he was in from December 2008 until today, but if you can’t read Japanese xD; if you type “magazines” in the search box, I have compiled all of GACKT’s magazine released from February 2009 to today. I don’t know who will have 2007-2008 though, maybe look around the Dears LJ?
      I hope that helped some!

  120. I’m primarily looking for a list (or lists) of magazines He’s been in, but scans would be great too. I’m trying to collect the actual magazines, but since I havent won the lotto yet, I’m also collecting scans. Thank you for your help!

  121. I don’t want to seem like an idiot, but I went to GACKT’s Official Site, but even when I had Google translate it, I couldn’t find a search box anywhere. 😦

    • OH I’m so sorry, perhaps I didn’t make myself clear?
      I meant the search box on THIS site, under the calendar on the right side Dx;
      I’m so sorry LOL m(_ _)m

  122. Derp. My bad. LOL. Thanks for clearing that up and all the help. 🙂

  123. Hey Jo, I want to send Gackt a letter, but I just wanted to check the mail address above is still the correct one? 🙂

    • It should be, I haven’t heard of it changing so you should be okay =]

      • Brill. Thank you 😀

  124. Apparently Bunraku is being released straight to DVD. 😦 I am sad, but not surprised. At least we’ll finally get to see the darn movie.

    • Yeah I’m gutted it’s not getting a UK cinema release *cries* I wanted to see Gackt on the big screen. But the DVD and blu-ray is out October 3rd, so not too long to wait for that *clicks pre-order button* XD

    • Where’d you hear that? Do you mean for another country?

      • I’m not sure if this is true for the US (has it been released there yet?) and other countries. But I’ve read on the net it’s not getting a UK cinema release. It’s already there to pre-order from Play.com and Amazon. Such a shame really. I think it would have done well.

      • I’m quite sure it’s not true for the U.S. (since we have an official trailer and movie posters lol).
        But yeah, I heard about the U.K. getting a DVD release on October 3rd I believe (not sure where the official source is but it was mentioned on bunraku_blog)
        Me too, but ah well I suppose =\

      • I’m just glad I’m FINALLY gonna be able to see it lol ^_^

        Fingers crossed it still gets a cinema release in the US 🙂

  125. IMDB is currently showing the Bunraku trailer on it’s frong page!

    • I know x3! I was going to make a post about it in a few minutes, sit tight!

  126. frong page? I’m too excited to type! lol

  127. Hello again! I was wondering, does Gackt have room for another fan, a.k.a. me? 🙂

  128. do you know where i could get gackt jewelery. ebay is not showing much of it. basicly where is the best place to get the jewelery?

  129. Um. Does anybody know what happened to Jo?

  130. I’m glad to know you’re all right. I was concerned.

  131. Hi ya all! Is there space for another fan on the Camui Love wagon… errr, I meant website? 😛 I really have almost no one to talk to about Gaku-sama, my husband starts rolling his eyes even before I’ve finished saying the word “Gackt” and even though I managed to convert one of my closest friends, I think she’s not quite as obsessed as I am, so I try not to put her off (I know I tend to do that when I go on about artists I like) by talking too much about him, sooooo basically, I need an outlet for all that love and admiration, or I might just burst, lol!

    By the way, do you know if Gacchan is still replying people’s emails? I’m not bothered how long it takes, but just wonder if he still has time to do that with all his projects.

    • Welcome to Camui Love!
      Feel free to fangirl all you want, we don’t mind at all 8DDD~

      Gackt replies to a few emails here and there, no matter if he’s busy or not (honestly when is he NOT busy? lol). I think it just depends on what he feels like replying to at the time. He reads all of them though ^.^~

  132. Haha, indeed, when is he not busy? I do worry about him (as you all do as well, I’m sure). I think Gacchan has developed selective hearing when the word ‘rest’ is involved :/ And yet, seeing his example makes me feel I really should get a lot more out of my own life. Now I just need to stick to my resolution, instead of being glued to the PC screen, lol!

    A question – does it annoy you when you see all the randy comments on YouTube? I know he’s quite possibly the most stunning man on this planet, but really, sometimes I feel that people obsess too much with his looks and his personality takes the back seat, even though he’s even more beautiful on the inside :/

    I’m glad to hear that he reads all emails (no wonder he gets so little sleep! j/k). It means there’s a slight possibility he’ll reply to mine 🙂

    Okay, another question – has there been any news on the international fanclub at all? It was bugging me that we don’t have one, then I read the FAQ and it gave me hope but is there any progress, do you know?

    • Ah yes I do, but I’ve learned to trust him enough by now to have faith in the fact that he knows his limits and won’t push himself too hard, even if he does end up fainting.
      Of course, I wish he would sit still for some manner of time at least D8__<

      Ugh yes, yes it does.
      Well, the fangirling comments not so much, because we all do it from time to time, but I do wish there were more general comments about his music more (and some videos are lush with them, so I’m thankful for that ^^)
      The comments that are full of spite and intentionally there to rile up fans I despise the most though >___<+

      You just have to catch him at the right time ^^~ I hope you get a reply back soon
      I really have to update that page, so much has changed and etc. lol
      Since that poll back in 2008 I haven't heard or seen any news about expanding the fanclub, so I don't really know. But in my opinion, I don't think that's his focus at the moment and he'd rather spend his time performing for his fans overseas than setting up an international branch. Of course I know that it's the staff that probably handles most of the fanclub stuff but I'm sure he's got a big part to play in the way it works as well, and whatever G's doing at the moment the staff is probably also focused on that too.
      That's not to say that there couldn't be an international fanclub someday, after all this is just my opinion xD;
      I hoped that helped some :3

  133. Hi! SO if I write a letter to Gackt, does it arrive in the fans club or at his home?

    • Sorry for the late reply!
      I believe it will be sent to his fan club office, and then his home or wherever he may be staying at the moment (in case he’s moving around a lot).

  134. hello dear jo nice to meet you love your site by the way ^^ i’m a GACKT fan from Egypt i want him to come to Egypt do you think he’ll come?? thanks 🙂

    • Nice to meet you too, and welcome to Camui Love ^^~!
      I have honestly no idea when or where he will go overseas again, only time will tell!

  135. Hello 🙂
    May I ask you is that true about the fan mail address??

    GACKTオフィシャルファンクラブDears GACKT 宛

    Or in English:

    GACKT Offical Fanclub Dears
    Shibuya-yuubinkyoku Dome
    Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8681

    • Hello there!
      Yes, this is the correct address to send fan mail to GACKT ^^

      • Hallo, can I have some questions? I´m quite new in everything about Gackt. I´m not sure, fi I understand well, that Gackt sang himself and in 2010 he made a new band YFC, where he sings with Jon. SO now he has band and also his own projects? I read a lots of negative comments form fans about YFC and now, that they broke up. AM I right? thank you

  136. Porque Gackt usa lentes de contacto y de que color son.

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